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Not everyone can afford a reading with me, and as you probably know, my schedule is jam-packed — so I decided to create a way for you to get the Silverman honest approach by training other astrologers who are either certified or endorsed by me. Each of your charts will be considered with me and your astrologer. Make no mistake — this list below is filled with well-trained, insightful seers who are here to give you the gift of yourself.

Kiki Erickson

Seattle, WA

Kiki Erickson is a Seattle-based Integrative Psychotherapist who adeptly blends psychotherapy and astrology to help you experience deep transformation. With her compassionate skill, she hones in on seeing you for who you really are and non-judgmentally reflects the truth. Using the chart as your blueprint, she will guide you on a journey to deeper understanding of why you are here at this time and what you can do to live your life to it’s fullest potential.

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Kris Rowse

Steamboat, CO

Kris Rowse. Astrologer. Teacher. Life Coach. Sound Vibration Healer.  With humor, she helps you see your strengths and conflicting parts within and gives permission to just be YOU!  After a reading with her, you will walk away with a better understanding of who you are, why you are here, what is playing for you right now and tools to help you navigate it all!

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Hokulani Beale

San Francisco, CA + Honolulu, HI

Hokulani’s name was dreamt by a Hawaiian Kapuna (elder) in her family and given to her at birth in the ancient Hawaiian tradition. “Hokulani” means Heavenly Star. If you’re of Hawaiian descent, your “Inoa” (name) is your most prized possession. Traditionally, Hawaiians believed that an ancestral god will mystically send a name to a member of the unborn child’s family. They look for this name in signs, visions, and dreams, and the name becomes a type of prophecy of the child’s future. So you could say that Hokulani is fulfilling her divine calling as an interpreter of the stars.
Her reading style is deep and compassionate. One client recently described her reading with Hokulani as “a lovely, warm soul hug.”

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