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Not everyone can afford a reading with me, and as you probably know, my schedule is jam-packed — so I decided to create a way for you to get the Silverman honest approach by training other astrologers who are either certified or endorsed by me. Each of your charts will be considered with me and your astrologer. Make no mistake — this list below is filled with well-trained, insightful seers who are here to give you the gift of yourself.

Kiki Erickson

Seattle, Washington, USA

Kiki Erickson is a Seattle-based Integrative Psychotherapist who adeptly blends psychotherapy and astrology to help you experience deep transformation. With her compassionate skill, she hones in on seeing you for who you really are and non-judgmentally reflects the truth. Using the chart as your blueprint, she will guide you on a journey to deeper understanding of why you are here at this time and what you can do to live your life to it’s fullest potential.

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Dr. Gail Cloud

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Dr. Gail Cloud is a St. Louis based practicing chiropractic physician and astrologer who blends into her work the knowledge of how our family dynamics impact us, as well as the effects of trauma on us, our lives, our health and our wholeness. With gentleness, love and intuitiveness, she actively engages with her clients and patients to help them to know who they are, give them the confidence to be who they are, and guides them to adjust their souls to be aligned with their true selves so they can live vital, whole and healthy lives. She intertwines medical astrology through the health aspects shown in her clients’ natal charts and guides them to more vibrant health as well as a greater understanding of their selves in general.

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Habiba Kabir

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Habiba Kabir guides a spiritual community in Boulder, Colorado. She is passionate about helping beloved beings to unveil the uniquely exquisite beauty of their soul. She combines her long years of work on the inner planes with a broad range of study and her love of astrology to help you see deeply into your Self. Habiba’s warm loving heart comes through her readings and after the reading you may find yourself, for the very first time, in deep gratitude for who you are.

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Sara Elise

Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Sara’s love for astrology began 20 years ago when she fortunately met and trained with Debra! After a decade in corporate marketing, she returned to her passion and runs a private astrological practice in Toronto. Sara loves to go deep – her astrology is Soul-focused, examining evolutionary cycles and the reasons we are here. It is her mission to remind us of our beauty and to connect us to the light within, as she believes that when we are in alignment with our truth, we contribute to the betterment of our world. “Sara is insightful, perceptive, precise, positive, practical, and amazingly accurate. We found it profoundly moving to have had someone see us so clearly, affirming the deepest part of who we are. It was a game-changing experience for us.”

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Louise Bauer Davoli

Portland, Oregon, USA

Louise is a high energy Aquarian with a background in social work, university teaching, leadership coaching with individuals and groups, and is a certified yoga instructor. As a “workplace therapist” consulting on the challenges of being human while earning a living, Louise utilizes astrology to help folks dial into career issues and life purpose. Her perspective is empowering, affirming, transformational and fun. Understanding self and others through astrology can help you navigate life’s teachings and learn valuable lessons about why you are here.

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Malika Semper

Talent, Oregon, USA

Malika lives in beautiful Southern Oregon with her two sons. She is a Certified Intuitive Counselor and Astrologer. Her love for astrology started 24 years ago, and she has been studying it ever since. Within her readings, she finds connection with her client and weaves compassion and practical tools through-out the session. Malika is passionate about waking you up to the possibilities this life holds for you, and sharing tools to take those first steps to start your journey. Her greatest joys come from laughter, her children, and sharing insights with people through the eyes of the stars.

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Malena Metz

Bozeman, Montana, USA

Malena lives in beautiful Bozeman with her husband Tanner and her beloved German Shepherd Kahn. Malena has worked with Debra on an intimate level for almost a decade, allowing her to truly soak up all Debra had to teach. Through self work, discovery and the love of Debra’s practice, Malena grew to be an avid astrologer. She worked as Debra’s Scheduling Coordinator for 2 years and was lucky enough to be one of the first students to go through the Applied Astrology program. As a mentor and teacher for the program, Malena has been frequently referred to as Debra’s “mini me.” She has a way of bringing compassion and wisdom to every reading. Whether you have one session or many, you are guaranteed to walk away with a clear knowledge of your purpose and direction in life.

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Hokulani Beale

Boulder, Colorado + Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Hokulani’s name was dreamt by a Hawaiian Kapuna (elder) in her family and given to her at birth in the ancient Hawaiian tradition. “Hokulani” means Heavenly Star. If you’re of Hawaiian descent, your “Inoa” (name) is your most prized possession. Traditionally, Hawaiians believed that an ancestral god will mystically send a name to a member of the unborn child’s family. They look for this name in signs, visions, and dreams, and the name becomes a type of prophecy of the child’s future. So you could say that Hokulani is fulfilling her divine calling as an interpreter of the stars.
Her reading style is deep and compassionate. One client recently described her reading with Hokulani as “a lovely, warm soul hug.”

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Kris Rowse

Steamboat, Colorado, USA

Kris Rowse is a Certified Life Coach who passionately weaves your astrology chart and her coaching tools to help you truly live in your highest potential. With nurturing, love and enthusiasm, she supports you to understand and appreciate yourself at a deep level. That awareness is the platform from which you can stand in your brightest light and purpose of who you are and what you want to do in the world. You will leave the reading with tangible steps of which direction to point your personal compass based on what is happening for you now in the chart.

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