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Astronomer and author Carl Sagan wrote, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” This truth is especially apparent in children; they arrive in our lives open to and curious about all possibilities in the universe, including astrology. Too often, societal norms cloud their minds and may even close their hearts, but many return to astrology as adults.

Think about the infinite possibilities if parents and teachers were just as open to astrology as kids were. What would our homes and schools look and feel like? Children don’t come with a manual, but parents could look to astrology to guide how they raise and educate their children.

The Planets and Parenting

No matter how many children are in a family, chances are good that each child is completely unique, even if they’re born under the same astrological sign. The way of the future is to have parents understand their children when they’re born by learning about each kids’ astrological profile. Imagine learning how to listen to your child and hear what they really mean versus what they may be saying. Consider understanding your child’s nature – and your own – well enough to figure out how to work together and how and when to have difficult conversations. What parent wouldn’t jump at the chance?

Astrology and kids go hand-in-hand because children are so open to the ideas that many adults have closed their minds to. Astrology is such a powerful parenting tool because it looks at each kid individually. Debra Silverman has spent 40 years as an astrologer and more than 25 years as a mother, so she can offer helpful insights on kids and astrology.

Children are the Future

Children are the doorway to the future, so understanding them will help us prepare for whatever the future holds. As parents, if you can learn your own astrological make-up and understands your children’s, you can honor the differences while staying true to yourself.  Astrology can also give children permission to be themselves rather than just miniature copies of their parents.

If understanding kids and astrology could make us better, more compassionate parents, imagine how magical schools could be with this same knowledge! Instead of being set up according to ability or geography, what if educational systems built classrooms around what’s best for kids based on their astrological signs? Schools have so much data about their students, maybe in the future, they’ll ask for children’s astrological charts, too.

Just imagine classrooms with a healthy mix of the emotional and sensitive Water signs balanced with dynamic and passionate Fire signs, like Sagittarius and Leo. The Air signs like Gemini and Libra are social creatures and love philosophical discussions just as much as the Water signs like Pisces and Scorpio do. The Earth signs such as Capricorn and Taurus would keep all the students grounded and on task. When it comes to group work, teachers could ask students from each of the four elements to work together. Students would learn the astrological profile of their classmates to better understand how to work with them and how to resolve conflicts in productive ways that honors each other’s differences. There’s a lot more information about the Four Elements and the personality traits of each.

Children and Astrology

Being a parent is the most rewarding and challenging job there is, so don’t we owe it to ourselves and our children to be as prepared as possible? Kids and astrology is such a natural pairing. Hear Debra discuss a course she offered for parents…and then consider getting trained yourself to move your family to a powerful new level. Contact Debra Silverman today to learn more about how to help our little stars shine as brightly as possible. Set up a free consultation via email.

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