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  • Elutes@hotmail.com' El says:

    Good morning,
    Would you please explain how the birth chart works? I was confused because there wasn’t a request of the birth name. My name on the chart has Elsan Miguel. Which El is my nick name for Elizabeth and San Miguel is my married name. My birth name is Elizabeth Marie Brady, this is not needed for the birth chart? Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards El

    • reann@debrasilvermanastrology.com' reannadmin says:

      Hello El! To pull a natal chart you need the birthdate, birth time and birth city. The name will make no difference. We use astro.com – a free site where you can put in your birth information and it will show you your natal chart. Hope this helps! FYI, we are enrolling in our Applied Astrology school right now and in Level 1 we learn all about our own charts and how to understand them! If you’re interested in digging deeper, here is the link! http://appliedastrology.me

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