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Being The Observer: The Missing Element

There is a missing element in all our lives at times, and that is being “The Observer.” Being the observer, turning on that part of your mind, is just like working out any other muscle—it takes continual practice and repetition, to create muscle memory.

So, I wrote a book, I’m actually really proud of it, I think it’s awesome. It’s called The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion For The Human Condition. The Missing Element provides practical tools for everyone to connect with their authentic self. It can help you figure out how to make a difference in the world through your communities, families, or on a global level.

When you read my book you’ll see, there are actually two parts to the book: the first part is where you’ll take a personality test and you’ll figure out what the missing element in your life is. It will be a really concrete, practical approach; you’ll take the test, figure out your lower element, and then poof, we’re on a roll!

The second part is about another missing element, which is not obvious, but it’s what I like to call “The Observer.”

When you step out of the “movie called life” as an astrologer would say, and stand in the distance to look back at yourself from the eyes of compassion and genuine concern, you are igniting your observer.

The observer in you inspires concern for the human condition. How? Well, we’re all a little bit screwed up. Everyone has a little bit of “crazy,” but if the observer is turned on and it’s interested and fascinated and curious—it’s not as troublesome as when we’re in our heads, worried… and stuck about our own crazy.

Get Unstuck: How To Turn On The Observer

The observer is a Buddhist and spiritual practice, really. But it’s also like a muscle; you have to use it to strengthen it.

There’s no time like the present as they say (boy isn’t that true?) so, do it right now, go ahead and get unstuck, turn on your observer right now! Here’s how:

Keep your eyes open, see the room that you’re in, wherever you are right now, as if there were a camera looking at you, and take the camera outside of yourself. Step away from the internal experience you’re living in to become the observer.

Have you ever been in a dream and watching yourself from a distance? Well, that is the stance of the observer and it frees up your story! You have to cultivate your observer, that’s why I say it’s like a muscle. You go to the gym or take the Pilates class to strengthen your abdominal muscles—it’s the same thing with learning to use your observer. Exercise it, practice with it.

Want to laugh? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Get out of “the critic” side of yourself and get into the kindness and compassion of an elder. Here’s a clue that the observer in you is on: you start to laugh out loud. Or laugh quietly to yourself. The humor of the observer is part of how and why it works!

Okay, let’s look at a real person and how the observer would work for them:

I know a person, as an example, who is moody and in their water element and totally depressed—without their observer on they are swamped!

When this person turned on their observer, with a raw acknowledgement of truth without judgment they gained some freedom, and little wiggle room…so they could get unstuck! The way that I work, in my world, there is a difference between “perception” and “judgment.” Perceptions are just cold hard fact truths. When you are practicing being the observer you are not in the land of “judgment” because that is not a good place to be.

Learn About Being The Observer: Work With Me

Working with families, individuals, and couples over the past 40 plus years of professional experience and private practice, I have specialized in helping thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements of: water, air earth, and fire.

I am a clinical psychologist and astrologer and have worked with all kinds individuals from all walks of life. If you have ever wanted to know about the elements of astrology, or would like to learn how being the observer can help you, I offer many choices of getting in touch with me. Learn how to understand the elements of astrology and the planets, signs, and houses, and how to read a birth chart. You will see every relationship in your life improve—especially the one with yourself. This is my greatest calling.

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