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Debra will be talking all about her book “The Missing Element” on the air

THE MISSING ELEMENT was written for all of us who have ever felt that something was “wrong” with us, that we are odd and outside the norm. Drawing on her profound spiritual knowledge and sensitivity, Debra Silverman seeks to help you see beyond your perceived flaws – to find your ‘true’ self, your gifts and your place in this world.

Debra will be on the airwaves talking all about her book and how it could help you.

We’ve provided a list of radio shows, dates and links to tune in, below. As soon as the show is live, we will be providing a link for all of you to be able to listen in on the show at any time.

The Missing Element
By Debra Silverman
Available on Amazon



  • Friday, January 15th
  • Thursday, February 4th
  • Wednesday, February 23rd
  • Wednesday, February 23rd
  • Friday, February 26th
  • Saturday, February 27th
  • Tuesday, March 1st
  • Wednesday, March 2nd
  • Thursday, March 3rd
  • Tuesday, March 8th
  • Wednesday, March 9th 1PM PST
  • Monday, March 14th 8AM PST (Live)
  • Tuesday, March 15th 10AM PST (Live)
  • Tuesday, March 15th 12PM PST (Pre-Record)
  • Wednesday, March 16th 10AM MST TV (Live)
  • Wednesday, March 16th 11AM PST (Pre-Record)
  • Wednesday, March 23rd 12PM CST (Live)
  • Monday, April 4th 4PM EST (Pre-Record)
  • Wednesday, April 13th TBD (Live)
  • Monday, April 18th 5PM PST (Live)
  • Wednesday, April 20th 11AM EST
  • Wednesday, April 27th 4PM EST (Pre-Record)
  • Thursday, April 28th 5PM PST (Pre-Record)

                 Radio Show

  • Aware Show – Lisa Garr – Listen
  • Radio Interview with Sandra Malhorta – Listen
  • Synchonicity with Marie Benard
  • Tributaries Radio
  • Virtual Light Broadcast – Listen
  • Nancy Ferrari Show – Listen
  • New Dimensions Radio – Justine Toms – Listen
  • Hypno Healing Network – Debbie Papadakis – Listen
  • CJ Liu Show
  • Brenda Michaels Show
  • Dr. Pat
  • Laws of Attraction Radio
  • Everyday Show Mary Latsis (Producer)
  • Miriam Knight
  • Wendy Garrett
  • Sheryl Glick
  • Wendy Garrett
  • Auracolors
  • Beyond Heaven and Earth
  • Beyond Heaven and Earth – Lisa K
  • Conversations on the Cutting Edge Radio

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