Deb’s Picks

The list below is a collection of products, friends and teachers I enjoy and recommend.

Use them when you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom, or tranquility.


The Suburban Monk
“Syd” Buddha statue
Kauai Juice Co
Favorite drink: “the Skinny Bitch”
Moon Body Soul
Apothecary Brand
Kersin Florian Intl (Skincare)
Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Creme
Blue Pearl
Cedarwood incense
Christiane Northrup
“A Daily Dose of Women’s Wisdom”
Eat Like a Yogi
Mindful Recipies
Biddy Tarot
Tarot Cards
Kevin Murphy
Angel.Wash Shampoo
Lotus Wei
Favorite: Inner peace

Birth Chart Magnets

One of our students from Level 3 came to sit in on a class and showed us these crazy chart magnets she makes. I now have one on my fridge, and so does everybody on my team. They are the coolest toy I’ve found in years.

What an amazing way to continually review your chart: to have it on the fridge where you go every day, 8 times a day. Instead of eating food, you can chew on stars.

If you’re interested in purchasing a magnet of your own for $18 USD (which includes shipping to the U.S., with international shipping available for a higher cost), write to Gina Vivona at, with your:

  • Birthday
  • Birth time
  • Birth place
  • Mailing address