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Moon in Cancer, Sun in Cancer

The invitation under this open-hearted sky is for us to touch our heart while reading this newsletter. Here is a chance to run past the door of the “mind only.” This double Cancer sky asks for your inner, vulnerable self to surface. Spoiler alert: I may have you in tears by the end of this. Open the door called feelings – live here and let go.

I am such a sensitive soul. I have realized that all the knowledge or spirituality in the world will not subdue my sadness – this planet does not protect those who have so much less than we do. The injustice in our world is simply painful, beyond painful – it is insanely unfair – period. Not to mention death and how much it hurts when those we love leave before it’s their turn.

Too often I hold in my sadness. I do not want to be Debbie Downer. Spiritual work demands that we stay positive. Stay focused, people say – on what is right – and that’s true! It works! However, what I love about the sign of Cancer is the ability to be real, to cry, to care, to touch pain and be affected.

Well, not all Cancers – there are those whose shell has hardened to the point of numbness. Their Water has been frozen. That’s a different kind of Cancer energy. I am not in the category.

Speaking of Cancer, here we go. You may have seen on social media that my dear friend, Rae Ann, passed recently. Of course, I went to honor her life. She is a hero of mine. A mom to four – all of whom adored her, the oldest sister to five – all of whom called her their everything, and she was the secret hero to so many.

She took care of the homeless; she was a caretaker for those less able. That was her profession. She was the partner to the man in my book, Kenny, who spent 27 years in San Quentin Prison in California. He was freed and, luckily, shortly after a year of being home, met Rae Ann.

She took him into her family. They fell in love, and as you can imagine having a woman like her as his partner, his whole world opened up. All at once he had grandkids that called him Papa, a family where she made Thanksgiving dinners and holidays open for everyone who needed a place to go. To so many people, she was – everything. I knew this, but I was in shock at the funeral when so many more than I had known spoke to their adoration. You can bet I was surprised when Kenny turned to me and said, “This is only half of what she did.”

Under this sky, we have the invitation to touch the tale of a woman who embodied the high road of the caretaker. Then life took her from our world – too soon if you ask any of us who knew her. She was only 62.

Ok, so now you are feeling my heart. Welcome to New Moon in Cancer. May we all know those who have us feeling so sad when they leave? People we know who made our lives meaningful by loving us. Those that are the teachers remind us never to give up. Never close your heart. Honor those who you have seen as examples of true love. This has nothing to do with romance; it could be your grandmother, your sister, your neighbor who you just adore. Ask them how you can help.

My role in Rae Ann’s life was to give to her. I had no idea how much she was actually the giver. Lucky me – I got to give to her. You can imagine how much more meaningful that was when I saw how deeply her faith and love went to others.

Under this New Moon, may I suggest a prayer:

Let me know that feelings remind me of how much I care.
Love, stay close to me, allow my heart to be tender – even if it hurts to love.
Remind me to open again, even if I have memories to not do so.

Hurt and love go hand in hand. I worship both flavors. I accept the depth of love as my purpose here. Thank you Rae Ann, for showing me LOVE in ways I didn’t really get until you left. The tears that keep falling are just clues of how much I feel love.

May LOVE follow you around all through time. We will see her again, I just know it.

She is watching me now as I write this newsletter. She has always been with us. As the Hawaiians say – she just changed her address.

So much love is available during this double Cancer sky. To Rae Ann and her new address – watch over those that loved you, we are loving you from a distance but no less than when you were here.


  • Robboclan@msn.com' Chris says:

    Just Beautiful. 🤗🤗

  • laylo722@optonline.net' LLR says:

    So beautifully said, of course I am crying….said a 29* 56min Cancer Sun in the 8th house ♥️

  • Dear Professor Silverman,

    The love that emanates from your newsletters and the great light of your wisdom is a true gift in these chaotic times. My cancer ascendent is feeling this new moon presently approaching and my scorpio moon makes it feel even more intense.

    As a Libra ( 9-24-71 philadelphia., 12:o4 am ) my work as a performing artist and actor has always served as a catalyst for my emotional life, grounding and teaching and allowing me freedom to share my most human qualities with our world. Thanks to you I now see this is my journey here in this lifetime and your work is so deeply gratifying ; I know I am on the right path when I read your gorgeous sincere translations of the cosmos above.

    I am truly sorry for your loss but as you know nobody truly ever leaves us. My Gemini father changed his address 5 years ago May 21 and I think he is just directly above me now.

    Crown Chakra.

    With love,

    Matthew Raymond Francis Coyle

  • Jv220140@gmail.com' Jeremy says:

    So much admiration for Rae Ann and the Debra Silverman ❤️

  • Jv220140@gmail.com' Jeremy says:

    So much admiration for Rae Ann and the Debra Silverman. ❤️

  • diwilmot@yahoo.com' Diane Wilmot says:

    Thank you for sharing her with us. I lost my husband eight years ago. He was only 60 when he died of a sudden heart attack while backpacking with his best friend. He was a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a son, husband, and father. The church told me it was the largest funeral they ever had! Yesterday would have been our 38th anniversary. He died one month after our 30th. My son is Cancer, and just turned 33 this month. I didn’t even get to celebrate with him. Feelings can be tough!

  • spiderkitty65@yahoo.com' Autumn says:

    I love the part about changing her address. My uncle passed away suddenly last weekend, and I’m going to his memorial in a couple hours. I was trying not to be emotional all week until yesterday. Then I gave in to feeling the sadness, as it only means I love him.

  • vickie.a.green@icloud.com' Vickie Green says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m so sorry for your loss. And I truly understand your heartfelt pain,.
    Allowing ourselves to feel and be who we are (even when we feel so extremely vulnerable), is an honest way of finding balance and understanding within ourselves. Yes, it hurts, but you’re allowed to be in touch with your feelings. It doesn’t mean you don’t have control, because you do. You’re human. Be kind to yourself.
    You’re a beautiful soul inside and out and I love what you share and what you provide for so many people in this journey that we’re all trying to find balance with.
    Your friend will always be with you, and so will your support system. Remember you are loved by many.
    Love and light (hugs and prayers)

  • szaszleslie@gmail.com' Leslie says:

    Thank you, Roe Ann, Kenny and Debra for sharing with us the way of the heart.

  • ninascene@gmail.com' Nina Taylor says:

    Thank You

  • eskie1962@gmail.com' Deborah says:

    Double Cancer here 😭
    Debra you were right…..I was crying so hard I had to read this twice 💖
    I am evolving into the high road of my watery world and very happy to be so emotional
    Hugely grateful to you Debra and your DSA school for showing me the way! 💖✨🙏

  • prosperousldy@yahoo.com' Sharon Young says:

    So beautiful and an honor that Rae Ann was in so many lives by living and giving as Jesus taught.
    While her physical form will be missed her love and energy will live on.

    Thank you, Debra Silverman for sharing your friend with your community.
    God bless,
    Sharon Young 💜💜

  • trishmaureen725@yahoo.com' Patricia says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I have a Cancer, 4 other planets in Cancer….lots of water. This beautiful story reminded me that its ok to be me, i pull back feeling insecure or silly
    I am capable of taking care of others and I. have I want and am looking forward to immersing myself into Debarah’s classes and learn everything. As soon as I am able to……
    Iam so grateful for the daily videos, I have learned a little bit.

    thank you I appreciate you and your beautiful Spirit.
    Sent with Love

  • Akajette@gmail.com' Janette says:

    Love this message and the current sky. Im a Cancer and right now I feel comforted by the emotional universe. Im so sorry that your dear friend has left this realm. Your kind words about her are meaningful and touching. Ive also recently experienced the loss of a friend far too soon, and she is missed here by so many! Thank you for sharing your insights here publicly!.

  • inwardspirit@yahoo.com' Laura Lou says:

    Want a beautiful story. This Pisces Empath loves your tears and embraces your sadness.
    The greater the sadness, the deeper the love.
    Thank you.

  • Mimig1276@gmail.com' Maryanne says:

    I am feeling the depths of complete and unconditional – maybe transparent love that crosses and connects souls to the moon and back and through eternity

  • amwillie@bluewin.ch' Ann Marie says:

    That’s a beautiful story…

  • qi4all@aol.com' Kathryn says:

    Lovely. A beautiful soul. Yes I was crying. Cancer Sun; Scorpio Moon. Lots of tears lately but I am learning to accept that as OK and not as being a baby. Thank you.

  • cjcollins77@gmail.com' Cathy Colllins says:

    I cried all the way thru this. I’m a Cancer Sun. Such an amazing story.

  • lundynorma@gmail.com' Norma Lundy says:

    It was beautiful that you shared her story and your friendship. Thank you 😍

  • Debra,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Rea Ann. Thanks you for sharing a bit about her spirit 🙏.

    We are all walking each other home ” Ram Dass”

  • ceceat219@aol.com' cecilia fasano says:

    Oh, dear one! You have so described how i’m feeling right now! I’m struggling right now … my husband just died, and I might loose my house! Thank you, once again, for validating me! xx’s

  • leva0748@pacificu.edu' Christina says:

    Oh Debra, I first met you through your beautiful conversation with Blu. I am so sorry for your loss. Rae Ann, sounds like an incredible soul. Your words touched my cancer moon and venus heart so much. I love everything that you said. May we all be held by this moon and your prayer. Love to you. Thank you.

  • glennarand@gmail.com' Glenna says:

    Such a touching story. With 6 planets in water I feel emotion and love so deeply. I am currently sharing my love with my Mom in Canada who is biding the time till her heart valve stops. I so don’t want to leave her incase I don’t see her again. Loving those who have been there for us is so important to me. I just wish they could fix her heart and I could have more time. Sending love and light.

  • Jjwiltse@gmail.com' Jen says:

    Well you definitely have me crying. I am so sorry for your loss, and thank you for the beautiful prayer. A reminder to always tell those we love…I Love you! As I write this a hummingbird just visited. Love and comfort to you and all the lives she touched!! Aloha

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