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Sun in Gemini, Moon in Gemini

Double Gemini vibes brought to you by my friend, Ash Ruiz.

This is a newsletter about a person that embodies the essence of double Gemini SKY — in a way I could only have imagined. A life of giggles, transcendence and enlightenment – three words that follow him around. Never missing a beat, he sees life through rose-tinted glasses that include truths — spontaneously revealed inside rap tunes delivered on the spot (Gemini is so fast with their words) laced with wisdom sourced from a far off place. To be honest, he is so enlightened that sometimes I am like, “Wait, can you repeat that?”

We met at a funeral. How funny is that sentence? We were both asked to speak — as soon as he sang the tender song of “Amazing Grace” with such a great voice (he was once in Menudo, a boy band, as a young man) and recited his poem called “Human Beautiful,” written for the woman who had passed — I cried, I was touched, I was moved. From the moment after hearing his voice I was different,  so I handed him my phone and said, “Please put your telephone number in this.” And he did.

Less than a few weeks later, he came to spend several weeks with me in Kauai, and then we had a second visit, where we began to discover ways to work together. I was learning so much. His Gemini matched mine and then some. What does that mean?

He is clear. Easy. No human-nature drama. No need to speak too much — we are telepathic, but boy, do I love to listen to him. His stories are so easy to listen to, in fact, I can listen over and over again. I suddenly realized his sense of humor was a bit nuts. Non-sequiturs. Making up words that I have no idea what they meant, nor does he? He sees people with such clarity yet with no judgment. I am so myself with him.

Welcome to this sky: an invitation for each of us to just be ourselves. Turn off the critic. Turn up the humor system. Everything is funny to Ash. He repeats: you are so innocent, we are all so innocent believing the rumors that someone told us. “Question everything,” he says, “and do not forget to stay positive.” Honestly, when he answers the phone even before we speak, we just start to laugh, except nothing funny has been said. That doesn’t last long. He is funny.

He taught me that: this moment is all we have. It takes courage and honesty with the clearing up of your fear/pain/anxiety/denial to get to the land where Ash lives. Maybe that’s why I threw up when we first met. We met, I cried – so strange that a man I just met freed me up to share my depth and then I let go. Nothing was the same after meeting Ash.

He is a double Gemini, born under this sky. The Sun and Moon screaming, Have FUN!

Be like Ash, learn from Ash. I am including our podcast episode we did together (titled Everything is Medicine and Everything Serves) and his website. If you feel stuck, if you feel burdened, if you’ve lost your humor – go to his Instagram (@illusionslicer) and see a wild example of a human who is free.

This sky invites us all to be free. Not a natural state. It’s one we have to learn to become good at it. The sky is trying to remind us of our childlike nature that is NOT taking this whole crazy game called “life” so seriously. All while at the same time honoring the Indigenous wisdom (did I tell you he was trained in Peru to serve plant medicine) that lives just beneath the surface, inviting us to find our way back home – once we strip ourselves of our shield, conditioning, stupid stories.

This New Moon prayer:

Let me be me.
Allow me to remember how much I truly love who I am.
I am free to rewrite the drama/trauma/fear that I live with.
Let me be honest enough to say: I am not free
But I sure would like to be.
I am willing to do what it takes to be free.

If you don’t meet Ash, come study Astrology. I just want to help you find the gem in you so you can meet the real you. The doors to our school open in AugustCOME join us, and please go listen to Ash and his IG…sending my love.


  • Prescy7@aol.com' Priscilla says:

    We should all be so lucky to have a friend that makes us laugh all the time 😂 I am on a journey to find one; in the meantime, I’ll laugh because you’re laughing 😂

  • dangelmace@hotmail.com' Rachel Benz says:

    Thank you so much for this it made me smile the whole time reading it. I would love to be more like Ash and meet more souls like that too!

  • cmlewis@shaw.ca' CharyLewis says:

    I absolutely love these stories Debra. Thank you for always being real and baring your soul.

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