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Moon in Leo, Sun in Leo

We are under a double Leo sky. This combination is often misunderstood – one, because people have stereotypes of Leo that they are such big personalities and that their ego leads, and two, we forget that during a New Moon, no matter what sign – an introverted personality arrives, even if it is double Leo. So, let’s take a new look at it.

A new point of view is presented by Esoteric Astrology. Leo is still the same positive energetic, associated with fun and joy. Yes, Leo is known to be the gregarious personality type who loves to hold center stage and runs at a high voltage. However, this is the quality that Alice Bailey cautions us about.

Esoteric Astrology warns excited Leo to not get lost in the outer world and the need for attention. Quite the opposite: it is suggested that Leo remembers – you are one of many and while you are full of Fire, it’s not for you, alone, to take up all the attention in the room. Be cautious about the ego distracting you. Esoteric Astrology is about encouraging the soul to run the show. So rather than judging Leo as the best sign, or as egocentric – let’s name it as the sign that addresses awareness to avoid being full of itself.

There are examples where personal love is present that allows a full expression of passion and Leo Fire. For example, think of how a mother loves her child, how a pet owner loves their four-legged side kick, a response to a favorite flower, or a perfect sunset. This is where we cannot help but celebrate out loud, to take up a lot of room – the full expression of enthusiasm, love affairs that need to be shared – and so you ask us to look at the photos of your baby, grand child or favorite pet, or your family. It is how we rightly tell our love stories. Leo is all about love.

I learned so much about Leo at a young age: presented to me by my first love. A professor that had been voted (in true Leo fashion) as one of the best teachers in America. He stood on the desk when he taught. He encouraged 18-year-olds, before graduating high school, to write a bucket list in order to create futuristic dream material for his students. Then ten years later he would send the list to their parents’ homes.

He stood out by his absolute passion for life. He taught with an uninhibited drama.  Yes, it could be seen that his ego was at work; however it was in service to his students.

This double Leo sky provides the awareness to realize we’re all here to serve our Universal family, to be in love with this life, not just what we own, our children, our pets. When double Leo accepts this Universal sense of family – then it goes past the old definition to an updated spiritual perspective that inspires Leo to be of service in our Aquarian age.

The right use of this New Moon is to ask yourself: am I utilizing the passion within me to really care, and to whom do I serve? My needs or the other’s? I love this sign under the influence of the Esoteric conversation – which is to always ask: who am I serving?


  • Debra .. this was so good for me to read .. although I took that intense course last year and I learned about myself more, l was also still upset about my mom dying .. ugh .. did I learn anything that stuck ? .. I am forever questioning myself .. this little Aquarian may need to get an astrology reading from a professional… still unmoored in Ontario .. big love from me to you .. Lisa Francis, Lisa By-Grace-Go-i, Lisa Starr Francis

  • noelle@noellenadeaukhoo.ca' Noëlle says:

    Word! This reasonates so fully with me Debra. Thank you for sharing this Leo perspective that my soul so needed to have validated! 🙏🏼♥️✨🌞
    My 11th house Cancer Sun and Leo rising,, moon in Libra has known this esoteric truth. I’m happiest when giving and most fulfilled when my giving serves the collective. All I’ve ever wanted is Peace on Earth and 20 years ago, blessed by having an opportunity to have my question answered by the Dalai Lama, I realized ‘Peace begins with me.’ His answer to my question How can I help create World Peace?, was start with yourself, then your immediate family, next your close community then the larger community then expanding larger to your country then the world. ♥️✨
    Up til then in my quest to ‘make things better, I forgot myself in the equation and became a human giver – striving almost compulsively -from an adaptive child place – to get it right. Once I put myself into the equation and realized I could reach the final goal by including myself in that love and little by little expanding out, that’s when life really began to change for the better. Like anything, if I’m doing what I’m doing for the ego’s gratifications, the result falls short of the ultimate goal but when love is at the centre of my reason for action, miracles can happen. I believe this is true for everyone ♥️✨🌟🌞
    Keep shining beautiful soul sister 🙏🏼♥️🌟✨ Thank you for continuing to illuminate truth through the magic and mystery of the stars.

  • linda.w.hanratty@gmail.com' Linda Hanratty says:

    We are all better as a part of the whole, fuller, richer, more fulfilled.

  • Greetings, so glad to see Alice Baileys ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY referenced here. Makes for a much more complete picture. Thanks
    Love and light

  • Rukmanikaur@protonmail.com' Rukmani says:

    Totally what I have been experiencing lately. I am a Sun Leo and yearned for attention. Then I realized, it is not just about me. It is about life and all of US. So, meow I serve others holding space for them as they go through their spiritual awakening. It is such a humbling work and full of joy!

  • 55Fourman@gmail.com' Sheri Foreman says:

    Thanks for this insight from a person with lots of LEO

  • kikcind@yahoo.com' Cindy says:

    This is very interesting. I don’t know if this is true, but I have heard that this month is a negative month? So, I completely relate to who am I serving. As a Virgo, I get caught up in the perfection of life, and when it’s sloppy, I find myself very emotional. This woke me up today to realize that it’s all good. I can change what I’m thinking, and this moon will pass! My mind speeds up about what bad can happen, when I should look at what is good that will happen!

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