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website maker Sun in Taurus, New Moon in Taurus

If planets could talk…they wouldn’t during this New Moon. Someone with four planets in Taurus learns as time goes by to listen deeply and to accept their inner world as their priority. Think of the ancient voice of the trees or mountains, even of your dog…words are not needed. It’s all in the eyes of your pet, the silence of the mountains. I adore this energy.

I just found out that a past life ally of mine, who I fully recognize in this life, has been diagnosed with cancer. What a shock. Even though he feels great. No way would he ever have known what was happening to his body without going for his annual check-up. He is in his 70’s, happily married for over 50 years, with kids and grandkids…and now, with the C word arriving, he is reviewing his whole life.

My heart fell open upon hearing the news. WHAT? He is a double Taurus. Funny, we had just spent time on Kauai last month. On a walk, he said, “I am quieter these days. I have less to say. I am listening.” I could see in his eyes that he was deeply settled into himself. What a blessing – the wisdom that comes with age and no need to let the ego have its way.

Welcome to this New Moon. To be quiet while listening to your own inner voice with the intent to hear spirit – this is the quest of every spiritual being. Especially the Buddhists. Buddha was a Taurus who offered us this great wisdom: “All suffering comes from attachment”. So simple and pretty much impossible to accept.

You try telling Richie’s family to let go. Try telling this man for whom loyalty is everything. Taurus is the sign of the tree/rock/gold/solid earth – never moving. So to say “let go” is a theory at best. Herein lies the wisdom of the question. To know how to let go. I am not sure any of us can really do that. If you are human (and you are if you are reading this), the essence of our gift is to love with devotion to another. To do so with total loyalty is the gift of gifts.

Past life connections return again and again without notice. Usually, we do not really know. How do I know Richie and I have been friends forever? It’s in the energy. It’s in the field. It’s a hard rock truth that both of us know.

Shown to us during a ceremony, under the influence of powerful medicine, as I touched his hand suddenly there was a mild dew scent, as though we were in a chamber or a cave. It was so real. I could see it; I could feel it. He saw the same.

That’s all I know. It doesn’t surprise me. However, in true Taurus fashion, that loyalty was rekindled in our field. Sadly, in this life, we have not had the time to fully engage the memory. It did, however, bring up the question: who else do I know that I do not know that carries deep family-like ties? Who else is invisible who is devoted to my soul?

Under this dark sky, ask yourself: do I feel loved? Does it require attachment as it shows up here on Earth? Could it be true that there are ancestors and old friends who watch over you? I think so.

If you experience loneliness or feeling separate or unloved – think again. And let’s send prayers to Richie. Let’s send prayers to Richie and all those who are suffering with the fear of life and death. Anywise, one knows that death is just the changing of your address. However, the human part of us can barely remember that as our love walks into the next world. Richie is not ready to go. Let’s see what life has in mind. There is no arguing with what life has in mind, and so we surrender.


  • arunabliss8413@gmail.com' Olga says:

    Debra, I know you do a lot of writing….but I feel this is the most beautiful writing of yours that I have read to date! SO deep….and SO Beautiful. Thank you

  • dianerane1@gmail.com' Diane Rane says:

    I find I see souls I haven’t seen in awhile when I pass a baby in a shopping cart or I look into a stranger’s eyes. My soul recognizes them and I am blessed that my brain does as well. Death, to me, is an oxymoron. My brain knows they’re “dead”, but my soul knows they still exist. I have never been able to reconcile these two things, my heart and my mind. I’m a Gemini with Pisces moon, so intelligent and so emotional. Death reflects myself back to me, the contradictions. I hope you are able to make new memories with him. Love, hugs and strength sending your way. Diane Rane

  • jcmagick@yahoo.com' Jacki Shaw says:


  • raethomas2746@gmail.com' Rae Thomas says:

    Many deep blessings & heartfelt love to Richie, that he may face whatever this Life has to show him, give him the courage to believe the ability of his body to search deep within to heal the challenges sent to him at this time or the wisdom to accept gently that which is his future. Prayers, love & caring

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose Regan says:

    Thank you Debra, it is so true, we never know what life has in stone for us.
    In my metaphysical study I found that Cancer is caused by deeply stored resentment. Depending on what part of the body it affects.
    I myself had Cancer of the Bladder. It makes me remember how much I “get passed off
    I get checked again next week to see if it has returned or left for good.
    Definitely have to be quiet and reflective these days.

  • erinawright@icloud.com' Erina Wright says:

    Sending love and prayers


    Heartfelt prayers for Richie, his family, and for you, Debra.

  • Mimig1276@gmail.com' Maryanne says:

    Love is transparent it transcends heaven and earth and many lifetimes. We are so blessed to have felt and to share these connections . Positive energy and lots of love….

  • byeargin22@sbcglobal.net' Barbara says:

    So beautifully said – thank you

  • nagroskopf@gmail.com' Nekea says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Kjk1129@sbcglobal.net' Kathleen Kramer says:

    Beautifully written. Prayers for Ritchie..

  • eskie1962@gmail.com' Deborah says:

    Love and Light to you Debra and your family 🙏✨💖

  • vmarksdfoxii@aol.com' Victoria says:

    Prayers sent to Richie for healing and to support his friends and family during this time.

  • bharmyk@aol.com' bernice harmyk says:

    so beautiful……….Prayers for Ritchie and his family.

  • dottieadams62@gmail.com' Dottie Adams says:

    You are such a powerful energy too all who surround your inner and outer being. Every new day is a fresh start. By spreading your wisdom and love, you continue to help heal all of us. Richie is apart of you. Thank you is never enough to express peace in the ( heart, mind, soul) Faith and Prayers are Spiritual Hugs for Richie❤️

  • mdhawkwoman@gmail.com' Marlana Bolger says:

    By the grace of God May Arch Angel Micheal, ArchAngel Raphael and Mother Mary be with Richie and all who suffer from Cancer

  • raquelpena27@yahoo.com' Raquel Pena says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful message. Sending Prayers and Devine light to all of us that are suffering.

  • jowhitfort@gmail.com' Ziggy says:

    Solid as a rock. Yes Deborah thats perfect. I also very much relate to the dog soul. Older than time itself. I look at my two beasties this morning with Taurean eyes! I’m sending healing prayers to your dear friend. Herbal helper ESSIAC from Canadian Indians has cemetery dissolved my 87yr old Mothers Cancer. Doctors here (in New Zealand) are perplexed! Bless You and Yours. Ziggy.x

  • Frankendoll4@gmail.com' Patti says:

    Prayers for Richie….🙏🏻✌️💜✨️

  • Jilldubick@gmail.com' Jill says:

    Prayers and positive energy to Richie🔥🌊💨🌎💫🌞🌙

  • Jilldubick@gmail.com' Jill says:

    Prayers and positive energy to Richie🔥🌊💨🌎💫🌞🌙

  • Merumzie@outlook.com' Mary says:

    Prayers & love to young& Richie. Thank you for reminding us of our connections to each other.

  • danny511mob@gmail.com' Daniel says:

    I’m a double Taurus and exactly one year ago my mom died from brain cancer and it’s tearing me apart, my heart can’t scream any louder, I never experienced this level of heartbreak, my mom just retired from working her whole life and never got to relax and enjoy, i wish it was me not her.

  • fmanley50@gmail.com' Frances says:

    Thank you. For the beautiful readings,vessel you and richie,I to just found a soul in my past,I am a Taurus also.

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