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Moon in Virgo, Sun in Virgo

Since we are under the influence of double Virgo, it seems like the time to talk about my perfect world…In that world, everyone would listen deeply to one another. After some serious consideration, each would provide a reasonable answer, coming to a peaceful understanding. Conflict is always solved with ease.

It’s a world where money is shared within a fair structure. Those who came with extraordinary skills like being a doctor, an artist, a highly-skilled technician, or even an Astrologer (just to mention a few) would be remunerated handsomely, in exchange for their willingness to then teach and share their wisdom and expertise to those next in line.

Education would be free. People would know their calling and begin studying with their mentors, teachers, and artisans from a very young age. Every parent would know the destiny of their child and their natural interests before the age of 4, because the elders – the wise ones – could read the signs. They’d carry the responsibility to discern the interests of each child, revealed to them after knowing their charts and years of observing them play. Leadership and skill sets would be known and revealed, allowing the posturing and shared leadership in each community to show up without struggle.

In school, everyone would learn the basics. Children would learn according to their various learning styles, at different paces. Each student would grow up knowing their chart and how to be their unique self, from their point of view. Freedom of thought is encouraged and supported. Individuality is celebrated.

The government would be an unveiling of power that occurred organically. We would know who the leaders were going to be from a very young age, so they could be trained and manicured to fit their natural roles.

Under this Virgo New Moon, in my perfect world, the Earth is worshiped. There is a natural law in place that says to give thanks for all that we are provided for. Everywhere there is abundant foliage, as described by the climates. We know how to produce gorgeous organic fruits, seeds, and vegetables that fall from the trees. It is obvious who was born to care for the world of agriculture; those same people know how to evolve, constantly evolving technology making us users of free energy, keeping in mind the balancing of the Earth herself.

We would be trained at a young age to heal. Healing the heart is as easy as brushing your teeth. We all would know how and when to end an era with someone – it’s obvious – we learned that way back in elementary school.

Emotionally, people are trained at a young age how to argue, how to forgive, and most of all, how to accept the partners (relationships) that were meant for them. They can discern who is serving their growth and maturity. Even if a hard relationship arises (that you needed to go through), it would never end with abuse, abandonment or deception, because we all know that relationship is the greatest and most difficult facet of being human.

Everyone would grow up knowing that relationships have a shelf life – that is established right from the start of the relationship. Of course, if the time comes that the contract is to end, if need be, you can renegotiate. It can continue – if you both agree there is more to learn and grow into. If you both don’t agree, it is called complete. No one feels sad when that time arrives. It is factual that everything is growing and shifting – we know that relationships change. Relationships end with consciousness and kindness. No one ever leaves a love affair with less love than what they came in with.

Love is always growing in this world. In fact, time ages love, just like a good wine. No matter what shape it turns into over time: intimate partners, friends, family, business, there is no jealousy or resistance.

Each year, your elders assess you. Until you become an elder (which is not determined by age – instead by wisdom), then you won’t need their feedback. Until then, they tell you: “Yes, you have had a great year, good job. You responded well to your assignments, with full commitment to all the destiny lines that were put in your wake.” Or if that is not true, they would provide the wisdom to change. Follow through and consistency are the hallmarks of a life well lived. To stay the course is what Earth begs of humans.

The coolest thing is that the elders would teach that boredom – once at the level of mastery – does not exist. Nor does comparison. As you reach the highest realms of humanity, developed by your mentors, you can then smile, rest, and ultimately relax – enjoying a life that has produced meaning and fulfillment.

For those who were still struggling with the commitment to serve at the refined level they were seeking but couldn’t find yet, they would just keep moving on the karmic wheel, turning the corner toward higher and higher frequencies, guided by their elders. This story occurs in my perfect life, where I live alone, inside my imagination. I have yet to find the address to this land of Utopia.

Do not let anyone tell you that refined Virgo does not have an active imagination. Inside every sign is its opposite, waiting in the wings. Virgo meets and dances with Pisces. That was what inspired this post: my imagination (Pisces) plus my ideas of perfection (Virgo).

During this New Moon, stop time and go inside: What would a perfect (double Virgo) world mean to you? Use your imagination!


  • bjdurham@icloud.com' Barbara Durham says:

    You are always inspiring and excites me to go beyond in my own imagination as well as I continue to grow and evolve. Thank you

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose says:

    Wow, Debra love your imagination.
    Just like John Lennon song we could all.live in peace and harmony

  • m.a.golinvaux@gmail.com' Mary Ann says:

    I’m a double Virgo too, both Sun & Moon in Virgo in 12th House (as well as Mercury & Saturn- also in Virgo & !2 House). I also have a huge imagination, but do not realize why (Pisces ?). Note-In addition, my Ascendant is Libra in 1st House.
    Your Double Virgo perfect world is “just right.” If only we would treat each other with love.

  • Just beautiful world and one where AGE is truly just a number 😍👍👌👏

  • elena1973.ec@gmail.com' Elena says:

    Thank You, I wished I had that kind of help when i was growing up. My life would out be lest stresses lol, but we are here to learn no matter how old we are.Sometimes, I feel lost, i have gifts that i don’t even know how to pronounce lol, or tap on them, spirits sometimes pop up, I had dreams of situations with people, and the next thing I know it happen, I feel everybody emotions, message pop up in my head only when somebody need to hear it I guess lol , and then when I try to tell them, they looked at me like I loose my marbles jajaja and they don’t want a hear the message that i had for them, I don’t know. sometimes i don’t understand why some people refused at least to listened because it could safe your life. But anyways. Blessings

  • Barbara@pureastrology.ca' Barbara says:

    Great post! I love your version of the world… i agree… astrology is a gift, a blueprint, a way to navigate ourselves through this crazy world. From helping people fall in love with themselves, plan the best time to be successful, and find out our purpose in life instead of spending our lives searching, trying to figure shit out… My moon is in virgo in my 4th house… you better believe my house will be spotless by the end of the day… lol…

  • adriana.ka2020@gmail.com' Adriana Kauffmann says:

    Great ! I am a 5-planets in Virgo person but not Sun Moon nor Rising. But I can relate to that ( also I had A Virgo-Virgo partner and this is a good reading of his mind)

  • Shawnaetee051085@gmail.com' Shawna says:

    This really does sound like the perfect world. One I’d love to be a part of, thanks for sharing Debra ❤️

  • gnoccigoca@yahoo.de' Gordana says:

    It has been Utopia for a long long time

  • Patriciaturrell135@gmail.com' Patricia says:

    Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your columns. And learning more about your research.

  • so beautiful to read Debra thank you. A lot resonates this evening, in particular about relationships and people’s perceptions of us. We are changing and shifting so much internally yet others do not comprehend and are at different stages of their journey. thank you, shared with my Virgo pal Gemma and others with love and appreciation Jude

  • teresamcgrath648@gmail.com' Teresa says:

    Amazing. Loved this post. Inspirational and a game changer for me today. Really got me going in the right direction. Thank you🙏

  • knowlts@sympatico.ca' E. Knowlton says:

    Dear Debra,
    I almost never post publicly, but your recent post about your “Perfect World” touched something so deeply inside me, I am called to respond.

    The perfect world you aspire to reach, echoes mine…and I truly believe that those of us who are willing to step into this call for something better, something richer, something more authentic, something more aligned with balancing the masculine and feminine, something more aligned with our own individual soul’s callings, something that is different from the current consensus, something in which we’re willing to step into the unknown. That is where the magic happens…and that is where true change happens and evolution begins.

    Please keep going.
    The work you’re doing is brilliant, insightful, and ground-breaking.

    You are clearly one of the light workers who will help invite us into…usher us into…the next octave of healing.

    I thank you for all that you bring to the world.

  • marylyn_rands@comcast.net' Marylyn says:

    What a perfect guideline for a human lifetime this would be. We would find our way early without so much stumbling. We would love and leave others without experiencing a sense of loss and hurt. We could fulfill what we came for or plan to come back around to try again. I absolutely love it and would go on this search with you! I am not too long from leaving this time around, and I will come in next time hoping to find the perfect Virgoan-Piscean perfection plan you have dreamed. Would it all seem rushed to have this kind of help from elders using our own divine map and a society that supported it? It seems it would feel like happier music speeded up. It would feel like magic! Thank you for sharing your dream!

  • onespark70@gmail.com' Paul Cobb says:

    Enjoyed reading your imagined world; choose to participate in the new 5th dimensional vibrations and frequencies with the new GAIA in this NOW!

  • Ahoranpo@gmail.com' Andie H says:

    I love this – and I would make an adjustment to the part about the elders. I don’t think we ever stop growing and learning and cultivating new experiences. Receiving feedback from our peers and mentors can be a beautiful way to cultivate perspective shifts or confirmations of self expression.

  • mollyniffen@gmail.com' Molly Niffen says:

    Debra, bless your heart, love; DSA, you rock, thank you! 💋

  • Michelletramirez@gmail.com' Michelle says:


  • creativeladyplus@gmail.com' Yvonne Harvey says:

    Lovely world you would create!!! Would love to live there, too. Let’s keep this vision as a hope & possibility for the incoming generations. We are on that road now, Things they are a changing👍😁😘

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