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The Eleventh House in Astrology


What Is The 11Th House In Astrology?

In Astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses, each with their own qualities and attributes.

The 11th house contains the very essence of true astrology.

It emphasizes the differences between us that make us all unique individuals, whilst tying us all together as part of an interconnected unity.

To fulfil their true life purpose, each person must learn to celebrate the facets of their personality, the dark and the light. You must find your own voice and learn how to sing with it.

In learning to accept yourself, you also learn to accept those around you. The 11th house governs friendship and connections between people. It celebrates our unique psychological make-up and teaches the value of true friendship.

The 11th house also rules technology and connections made using this science. The internet is a great example of something that is ruled by the 11th house. Using technology, we can connect with people from all around the globe at the blink of an eye. We can become friends with people we have never met in person and find our place in the world and our value as part of a connected people.

Finding our place in this crazy world is not an easy task. Finding our friends is just as hard.

Life is a dance with fate, and when we are are lucky, we find our people. When we are open, friends arrive in the nick of time.

True friendship is a real-life blessing from the Gods. The greatest gifts in life — your lover, your kid, your parents, even your dog — are our friends. We go to our BFFs for solace, to be understood, to be seen, to simply rest. A true friend is the best mirror we can have — your reflection comes back to you without the flaws you see.

A real friend focuses on the good news: who you are as a soul. Regardless of the drama or the story you are steeped in, you are still seen for your heart.

Friendship is holy land. When my soul is weary, when some amazing news rocks my world, when I’m scared…I call my BFF. She is the first person I run toward to cry with and to celebrate with.

Astrology has 12 flavors — 12 signs and 12 houses. The house that addresses the word friendship is the 11th. The indicator of a healthy 11th house says volumes about the likelihood of you finding your friends. Our Applied Astrology community is such a good example of this quality of friendship.

We have come together regardless of our differences. We meet online (the 11th house is also the house of technology and cyberspace) and then in person at Level 3, and I watch people fall in love — with the stars first, and then with their new group of astro-friends. It’s one of the highlights of our school.

The 11th house is colorblind. Color, age, culture…everyone becomes a friend when the heart is open. In our school, we celebrate individuality — an Aquarian and 11th house specialty — speaking to and addressing how different each of us are, based on your chart and the distinctions therein.

We are firm and proud in our uniqueness.

Recently one of our star members in our tribe was about to enter surgery. It was so sweet when so many members of the tribe stepped up to support and love her. Another member had financial problems…surprisingly, someone reached out to her and helped. This is what friends do. This is the way of the future. When we will understand how to share?

I have always wanted to start a community called The 11th House, where you feel the kinship that allows you to be you — while celebrating all the differences of others, far away from judgement or expectations that you should be like them. Wouldn’t that be an example of the future? Coming soon to your neighborhood.

Only then can we find the strength to bring unconditional love to our tribes. We will be in the Aquarian age, next door to the 11th house. This is already happening in our community and you’re invited to join us — with your personality exactly as you are.

Debra Silverman believes that the quickest path to falling in love with your fate is through learning astrology. Join her in her online astrology program, Applied Astrology, where you’ll learn what your birth chart has to say about your mind, your purpose, and your destiny. Be the first to hear when registration opens again by visiting https://de192.isrefer.com/go/blogappliedastrology/blog/.

Debra Silverman combines her love of astrology with her clinical background in therapy to help her clients fall in love with their fate and understand what they signed up for in this lifetime. In her online course, Applied Astrology, she will teach you the language of astrology while also inviting you to go deep into the lessons your own birth chart has to offer. Learn more about the course and put your name on the list to be one of the first to hear when registration opens again by visiting: https://de192.isrefer.com/go/blogappliedastrology/blog/.


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    Hi Debra , firstly I must say I just love you and so look forward to your posts. 2ndly I would like to know how it would work doing your course and belonging to your group as I live in Australia and the time difference is quite substantial . Look forward to hearing from you. Love and light. Wendy

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