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According to the Bible the “Wise Men” followed a star to find Jesus and that bright star was apparently the North Star.

There really is a North Star to this day that guides ships and has remained a dependable reference in the heavens for many cultures. The North Star, also known as Polaris points North (surprise!). While Polaris may not be the brightest star, it is the most well-known and recognized because it stays in relatively the same spot in the sky.

Like the Magi who followed a bright light in the sky seeking the deepest understanding, so do we seek our own north star and wisdom. Do you know how to seek understanding and stay true to your inner knowing? Before GPS and Maps and Google Maps, Polaris was a tool for guidance. Even now, aren’t we all looking for guidance on the inside?

To find your true north according to your soul’s directives you need to be yourself and, more importantly, be willing to ask for help. Whether asking for help looks like getting advice from friends or praying in a holy place of worship or looking to the planets (for those of us who LOVE astrology)—we all have a deep inner urge for discovering answers.

This year there is an optimal time to begin or continue a deep inner gaze at your life during a shift in the heavens that will occur around Christmas when Saturn enters Capricorn.

The Wisdom of the Magi

On December 25th, 2017, four planets will be in Capricorn. When three or more planets are in one sign or house, it’s known as a stellium. A stellium signals there is intense influence from a single astrological flavor that will make a powerful impact in the world. Capricorn is about honorable leadership, laced in wisdom and truth (a rare pastiche of qualities).

Christmas and astrology, a real connection

Christmas and astrology, a real connection

The Magi followed a similar conjunction of planets a millennia ago and now we’ll get a chance to do the same this December 25th when Christmas and astrology intersect in a big way. To learn more about what’s happening on and around Christmas this year, check out my video horoscopes.

Look Up and Look Ahead

In just a few days on December 25th, 2017, Pluto, the Sun, Saturn and Venus will all be in Capricorn. (The Sun moving into Capricorn right after Saturn hasn’t happened since 1664!) When it rains, it pours, and Capricorn will be filled with planets this Christmas. We are being asked to look at the words: government, honesty and change. Those truths are coming to your neighborhood with a long lease to stay. This focus on government, honesty and change are my astrological predictions for the next year.

Because of this meditative-worthy trifecta of words to focus on in 2018, this Christmas Day will be a great time to set some goals for the coming year. Who said Christmas and astrology can’t go together? Focus on setting CLEAR goals, which stands for the following:

  • Collaborative: Ask your family, friends and colleagues for help to reach your goals.
  • Limited: Give yourself a deadline for reaching your goals and make sure the scope is well defined.
  • Emotional: How honest can you be on your side of the street to be transparent and share your heart.
  • Appreciable: Be grateful for ALL things.
  • Refinable: Have clear objectives but give yourself room to modify your goals along the way.

I’m living proof that when you follow where your soul leads, you can do anything. Listen to your spirit’s whispers and live in to your heart. Contact me, Debra Silverman, today to learn more about the deep relationship between Christmas and astrology and how to find and follow your own Polaris.

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