The Future is 60 Miles East of Here — and I have a map!

A LIVE Private Workshop Just for Alumni of My Online School
Discover What’s Next For Your Studies of the Stars While Getting a Closer Look at the Progressed Moon
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

  • 12:30pm Pacific
  • 1:30pm Mountain
  • 2:30pm Central
  • 3:30pm Eastern

Presented by:


Astrologer, Psychotherapist, Author of The Missing Element, and Founder of Applied Astrology

During this workshop, you will:

Understand the current cycle you’re in, based on your Progressed Moon, while also looking backward to see how your previous Progressed Moon cycles related to your life.

Discover if the Universe is supporting you at this current moment to further your studies in Level 2 of Applied Astrology.

Learn how to take what you’ve learned in Level 1 and build on it — by the end of this workshop, you’ll know what your next right step is.

Have a chance to get all of your Level 2 questions answered, including learning more about who’s right for this program and when you can start giving paid readings to earn the money back you paid for the course!

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Save My Seat!