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This week’s full moon (with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini) has such a bouncy, kid-like quality to it.

The sign Sagittarius inspires our ability to laugh at ourselves, to ask the really hard questions concerning the philosophy of life, never letting go of an endless curiosity. This is the part in all of us that lives to learn. You have to be young at heart to never tire of starting again, opening the mind once more.

The kid in me is alive and kicking. For some reason, every time I see the color blue—brought to us by the tropical ocean or a very clear sky—my kid shows up. When the soft winds pick up and I’m on the lanai, it feels like it’s happening for the very first time. I get so excited.

For a long time, I was unaware that was unusual—then I realized it was instinctual and natural to me. Over time I found that I think it endears me to others, because my kid can’t contain its enthusiasm. I make it safe to be real and childish in the best of ways.

This quality is not so good in business meetings or when I am being introduced to bankers or lawyers. “Act like a grown up,” I tell myself. My Gemini/Sag needs taming from time to time.

When thinking about this combination: think kid, think student. One day, the student wants to be the teacher, and the really good teacher knows it will never stop being the student. Somehow we leave out the kid.

Honestly, my kid gets excited writing these newsletters. This is a creative avenue for me to show you the stars. You read these newsletters to look up.

MERCURY RETROGRADE: heads up — from Friday, November 17 to December 5, 2018, this conversation while Mercury goes back into Sag wants us to take a look at the big picture. Never for one moment—says Gemini to Sag—should we ever take this game called life too seriously.

Can you look back now and identify something back there you thought was going to kill/hurt/destroy you that now has become one of your best teachers, lessons, eras? Yes, I think we all know there is fruit in the darkness—even if you cannot see it then.

Time to look back and recover any story that holds you hostage. You can choose again every single day. You can decide once more to start again.

This full moon and Mercury retrograde are calling your name.


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