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The full moon is arriving. It’s a big fat Moon in Gemini, with the Sun in Sag.

Sagittarius loves all things fat—including saying inappropriate words that can have you both smiling and cringing. ‘Fat’ is not a politically-correct word. This newsletter may not be politically correct either. It’s bound to be a bit provocative…that’s what happens during a full Moon in Gemini.

Sag and Gemini are a wild team and this week, they are standing opposite each other yelling, ‘Listen to me! No listen to me!’

We are living in a time that has us in a profound exchange of oppositions. It’s become hard to know what is up and what is down.

Are there morals and mores that remain timeless? Being polite to an old lady, moving over to let a pregnant woman have your seat, giving someone you love a kiss goodbye when you leave the house—old well-worn behaviors that transcend time. We all know up from down, right? Truth is dependable—or is it?

These are Sag questions. Sagittarius is a super-duper philosophical voice. The part in all of us who looks to politics, elders and tales of old taught to us by experts that describe the ‘truth.’  Think Religion—remember that minister who demanded you believe in his words or you will go to hell? Religion and the study of it is SO Sag/Gemini.

Sagittarians look at the big picture and then question everything. It’s no surprise they love Astrology, metaphysics and all things spiritual.

At worst, they can be loud, opinionated monsters—especially if they watch their favorite news station daily, or believe in conspiracy theories while studying intergalactic influences. How about the fundamentalists who are totally committed to their beliefs?

A true Sag seeks reliable truths that can tell us for sure what is real. This influence longs for absolutes—for a while. They do change a lot.

I have this in my chart. You can imagine my disappointment when after years of studying all of it, I found out there were far too many truths, too many religions, too many different political points of view. What I did learn is that if you eat too much of any one point of view, you will surely become fat. There’s the word again.

Too much of the same—not open to the opposite, diversity or change. If we only consume our own thought process, believing our truth is THE truth, we grow stagnant. We get super duper opinionated.

When someone tells me, “You don’t really believe in that Astrology stuff, do you? You didn’t drink the Kool-Aid, did you?” I want to shout out very loud with my Sag/Gemini mouth wide open…

“Listen here silly! Yes, I did drink the Kool-Aid. I manufacture that stuff and sell it to anyone who is thirsty. By the way, Astrology changes lives, heals broken hearts, and ignites peoples life force, as they look up remembering they are divine creatures, perfect in God’s eyes.”

I have seen way too many miracles to hold on to only one point of view. I know there are almost 8 billion roads to heaven.

Use this full moon to willingly let others have their point of view. Listen to them. Honor all 12 signs. Every single one—while so different from yours—is divine too.

I love Astrology because my Sag/Gemini wants to see the world with colorblind glasses that see how we are ALL in this together. Even—especially—the people I do not understand.

The best of Sag/Gemini is to notice the rainbows. They seem to follow me around. Rainbows remind us that there is no need for anyone to isolate and claim themselves the ‘right’ and only answer. There are mores that will last: Astrology has lasted 5,000 years. And we need all the colors, all the religions, all the diversity we can handle.

Astrology teaches us compassion and openness to all—colors, signs, religions. Can you apply this during this full moon?

Let everyone’s voice be honored. Even the one your Sag absolutely thinks is ‘stupid.’ Try it and tell me how it goes for you?



  •' Nadine says:

    I’m a Sag/Aries/Gemini. This totally related to me. I do appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. Happy and BLESSED 2020

  •' shelli soble says:

    Thank you so much this is so juicy and so true. I just love your writing it puts a smile on my face information in my heart and soul.

    Shelli Soble the almost birthday girl! Dec 13 and I am a proud Sag!

  •' Cai says:

    Bless you, Debra! ‘almost 8 billion roads to heaven’ LOVE this image!!

  •' Julie says:

    Thank you Debra! Beautiful and well, thanks even more!!! From a Pisces Sun, who has Saturn in Sagittarius 3rd house and Gemini on the outer Wheel of 9th!

    My whole life I have known we are ONE people and there are many pathways of growth! ☮️??⭐️

  •' Lora Crooks says:

    This is SO MUCH of every reason why I love you, respect your voice and look to you for gaining astro-knowledge.
    Thank you for what you do.

  •' Kim says:

    Love ? this post – Cheers Kimberleigh

  •' Michelle Gauthe says:

    I’m a Sag. rising, Gemini moon, Capricorn sun and you are exactly right!
    And when you send me emails you misspell my name Moeshell it’s Michelle .

  •' Kathryn says:

    You are a wise and loving woman. I have just this night been reunited ( admittedly tenuously with my only son after a 15 year estrangement.) Myself; Scorpio. He an Aries. Yes! I know !!! Anyway, TY Debra for your knowledge, vision and love. I wish I could study astrology with “the mistress”…..

  •' Patchi says:

    Totally embodying this right now! This Full Moon happens in my 8th house, the second one in a row, and I am finally being released and free to express what has long been held inside of me! It’s funny to watch myself speaking it with the confidence of Sag/Gemini. A true blessing!

  •' sherry says:

    HI thank you for this I am a sag sun gemini rising capricorn moon. Interested in all religions and astrology since a very young age.

  •' Adriana says:

    Thank yo so much for this, Debra! I also have that combination (sun:Gemini, moon: Sag). I live in Brazil and we are having a bit of a radicalism in politics at the moment. Most people around the place seems to be either right or left. Such nonsense! Like it’s all black and white. Haven`t they heard there are many shades of gray? (pun intended!)
    So today I just decided to write a post on my FB saying this left/right, black/white, good/evil is a bunch of crap. I am normally pretty quiet on FB (asc in Cap with MC in Libra), but today people were talking bad about a famous educator who did wonders for people in need for education in the past, because some political party decided he was either left or right. So I had to have my word out explaining to people we need to explore ideas, and forget those concepts of unilateral thoughts and labeling people. Working together is so much more fun than creating a wall to divide us all. Then, I came across this text. Such a blessing! Feeling hugged at the moment. Thanks, my dear!

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