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This Sagittarius/Gemini eclipse has a significant message for us…

If you learn nothing else from Astrology, you must know that during a Mercury retrograde, you have to slow down. You learn to expect glitches and time outs. (Thankfully, Mercury is direct — NOT retrograde — right now.)

I also want you to know that during EVERY eclipse, there is an invitation for you to stake a potential marker in the ground — a reference date that will help you remember a story, a commitment, a decision, or a blatant shift of some sort.

Here’s an idea: during this full moon in Sag/Gemini, I would challenge you to be blunt and super honest (Sag) with another. I have challenged myself to be deadly honest with you. Here we go…

Debra Silverman’s Predictions:
2021 is going to be difficult. I don’t believe our hopes to get back to what we had will arrive.

We have to stop saying: ‘We all just want to get back to normal.’ We cannot go backwards. We will not — by any means — get back to ‘normal.’

Look around, grab your phone… we are in the future. The Aquarian influences will be in full flare in 2021. That good old-fashioned shit has left the building.

After this eclipse season, things are going to get uncomfortable. Come mid-January, especially during the U.S. presidential inauguration, I would be shocked if there is not an uproar of sorts in our American collective.

Half of our country is on one team cheering for Red, and the other half is cheering for Blue — with no bridge between the two. We do not get along with each other; that’s just the truth. The pressure is building, and we are destined for an unprecedented collective emotional release.

Can I talk Astrology for just a few more minutes? Remember Mars? The red planet? The warrior? During late March 2020, he was traveling through the sky with cowboy boots on, kicking up a storm. I wrote a newsletter about it. At that time — in came COVID.

In January 2021, that same planet (Mars) will grab his boats and his gun, ready to kick the shit out of a lot of characters…

Mars will wrestle (square) Jupiter and Saturn, while standing way too close to (conjunct) the Moon and Uranus. It’s not good to have a Martian (Mars) next to a Rebel (Uranus) who is feeling moody (Moon).

In other words: the sky is once again (not unlike in March 2020) all set up for some harsh, conflicted, angry energy. Good to know right?

During this eclipse, I would challenge you to find your center. Give your attention to peace, to kindness, to listening. Sag talks — Gemini talks even more — until they learn about the wisdom of LISTENING. Why do you think Goddess gave us two ears and one mouth?

Let’s try — as a community of Astrology lovers — to be kind. Tell the truth to someone with your heart OPEN.

For example: I am sad that I am pigeon-holed as a liberal — that because I am a Democrat, I am supposed to reject Trump. I know his chart. I have studied him for years. I long to be objective and just look at him as a person — a reflection of our collective decision to have him lead.

So often when I write emails like this, I get negative feedback, as if they feel like they need to argue with me.

Honestly, we cannot talk bluntly about politics without having a fight, but my Sag/Gemini wants to! Don’t judge me. I won’t judge you. Let’s listen to each other.

Half of our country won’t like me if they knew my politics, and the other half will… can’t Astrology transcend such a difference? Aren’t we here to celebrate all the diverse qualities we carry? The rainbow of colors?

I want to understand those who are different. For Goddess sake, I am an astrologer. This is my life’s work: to celebrate diversity and differences, speaking to the distinctions, and allowing all and any of us to feel at home.

Under this full moon with an eclipse, I don’t want to hold back out of fear of what the ‘right’ thing is to say.

Why can’t we agree to disagree? Can’t we see past Red and Blue and politics, and just look up?

‘Time is of the essence,’ said the astrologer. And this eclipse longs for us to bluntly state: I LOVE far beyond our differences.

I challenge you to do the same during this eclipse!

What blunt truth of yours needs to be spoken?



  • Teamtorimay@gmail.com' Tori Mayberry says:

    This was absolutely articulated in such a profound way. Thank you for your wisdom and insight. ?

  • kitsims@aol.com' Kit Wilson says:

    Thank you for your magnificent essay. This will definitely be a challenge. Thank the stars you provide amazing opportunities for us to learn and grow. I LOVE your Truth !

  • ediaz0426@gmail.com' Elizabeth Diaz says:

    I’m red, a moon child, and I adore you! I also agree and have faith we can elevate as a country. I hope!!! Holding on to my boot straps in January.

  • Well,
    I must say, Very well said!
    Thank you for putting that out there.
    Much Love… to a better, moon Beautiful future… for All.
    Love you.

  • rowash@protonmail.com' Ashleigh says:

    I absolutely LOVE your raw honesty Debra. I’m South African, but we are also experiencing our own shit. Constantly this fight between color, beliefs, etc.
    I’m so with you on this…for once in everyone’s life…can we agree to disagree… For a change, can we be real, raw and honest and not be afraid of saying what we really want to say or need to say… within stopping on toes, offending or fearful of cracking some eggs along the way.

  • jamesdolllover@gmail.com' RoseMaryy says:

    I say, “right on sister” well nspoken and the truth from where i am standing. thank you

  • Thank you for sharing! As your neighbors to the north, we have been in observer mode during this very divided time in US political history and very saddened to see the news. We had been hoping that astrologically the planets would have aligned more favorably for a better and more peaceful time. we appreciate the heads up.

  • beedee.a@icloud.com' Britton (BD) Adams says:

    Thank You for your incredible honesty and knowledge about yourself and others.
    You really brighten my day despite your predictions of what’s to come about in 2021.
    You are a Dazzling Human with such an open mind.
    As a Pisces ♓️..and one with a difficult chart, I hope to be a student of yours when I make some new decisions. Nows the time to pull up my big girl panties at age 70 and find happiness in this crazy time. ❤️ BD

  • Mmcd654@gmail.com' Mike says:

    Well spoken Debra, I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • bobbiejowestphal@gmail.com' Bobbie Lannon says:

    As a Sag sun/Gemini moon person, I found this blunt candor incredibly refreshing! Thanks for the astrological prediction. I like to be prepared for a shit kickin’! 😉

  • Bravo! I hear you and fully stand by your message. ❤️

  • bnlkramer@gmail.com' Lesli Kramer says:

    Youre so right Debra…I totally agree about listening and wishing to understand and how hated a person can be for not being what others wNt them to be…..im not red or blue ..im purple and get crap.for not taking a side, a STAND!. I choose to love everyone even tho we dont see eye to eye ….instead of worrying and being anxious and irritated by l this im sitting here envisioning what a beautiful world we could make if we worked together communicatively instead of fighting over whos right….in order to understand another person we have to be able to communicate safely and listen without a dialogue of what my response is going to be playing in my head.
    Let’s all.giddyup and look to what we wish to create as the rest topples…..MY LOVE TO YOU ALL AND MY PRAYERS WILL BE WITH EACH AMD EVERY ONE OF YOU NEXTT YEAR…???
    The purple patriot

  • Danielle.carifelle@gmail.com' Danielle says:

    Thank you for your honesty! Pushing new buttons. Wake them all up. Let them all see inside out. I am not from your country but the tensions are witnessed beyond your borders. I am grateful for the heads up for 2021! With this Full Moon I will be sure to set up how I will step up! I love Astrology!!

  • mgage@mts.net' Maureen Gage says:

    Hi, I enjoy reading and listening to your videos. interesting you have studied Trump for years. I find him interesting too, only because he was born on June 14, 1946 and I was born June 11, 1946 so we have a lot of the same planets, although in different houses , and of course born in different parts of the world he in the USA and myself in Canada. I am a Conservative but there is no way I could ever vote for Trump he is a complete nut bar.
    Maureen Gage
    Winnipeg MB

  • 427mkb@gmail.com' MaryLou says:

    It’s good you’re standing firm in your beliefs. I’m neither democratic or republican, I tend to look at the issues of the person running for office, be it Senator, President, etc. For many years the country I call my home has been quite a disappointment. I fear most for whats ahead for my children and grandchildren. Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful IF we could all love one another, maybe even sit down and talk over differences, compromise! I know my time is limited but before my time is here wouldn’t it be nice to see the world? come together.

  • Thank you, Debra, for saying all of this. It is what I have been thinking for months. An Aries with a Cancer moon and Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn all in Taurus. Slow but usually right!


  • Delphina@ziggo.nl' Claudia Vermeulen says:

    Hi Debra, this is Claudia from The Netherlands, this is also for Europe? I think so. Of course I do hope for more unity in the US as well, but for every country.
    Last year I was afraid we would be one of the last democratic countries, it felt very lonely.
    I do not know if half of the American people do mot want friendship with us.
    I do not understand this . I still have hope for everybody!

  • mshobbes5800@gmail.com' Michele Sweeney says:


  • oct1ortiz@yahoo.com' Lorraine O says:

    I was very touched by what you said. Why does everyone feel the need to argue? I blame both parties.

  • SeaBreather@aol.com' William says:

    Great sentiments, Debra, but also a touch of Piscean Pollyanna energy there.
    I agree we are in for a very rough ride in 2021, and as astrologers, I feel that it’s
    our duty to call things out plainly and not soft-soap or whitewash what the stars
    reflect back to (at least some of) to us. It behooves us all to see the bigger picture
    and help people deal ethically and honorably with forecasted outcomes that actually
    do eventuate. I am a very politically active person and like to think that I am astute
    and well informed; however, regardless of how various mundane events turn out, I
    feel we must recognize that individuals, peoples, and societies do sometimes reach
    points of severe ruction, and so we should help clients deal honestly and responsibly
    as evolving souls with what those points mean for them individually. It doesn’t help
    astrology gain the wider acceptance it deserves to do anything else for anyone, IMO.

  • Sher665353@aol.com' Sharon Lucas says:

    Good common sense from a Trump supporter.
    Wish we could find that bridge! ???

  • starrenterprise8@gmail.com' Linda says:

    I think you are terrific! I have been listening to you for a long time.
    I am a Sag- 12/20/48 and have been through so much crap fir over 16 years from a high profile divorce. I am so trying to move forward and catch good luck and better days. Now I hope I can get a mobile home and afford it and get approved for a loan. I do want to work but get paid. I have been a give since I was very young and cared so much about others. Now I am learning to care about myself. Whatever years I have left I want the past to be gone fit all the crap that happened to me and move forward and feel less stress all the time.
    I just felt like sharing.
    Keep being the terrific person you are!
    Linda Starr

  • iris.zatelli@gmx.net' Iris says:

    Hello Debra, I love your perspective. Even if we have different values and a different opinion let’s try to understand each others, rather than patternize and wanting to be right. You can be a liberal and have respect and friendship for republicans. Let’s not allow our believe systems to alienate us as humans and living beings on this planet. Lets continue to look through the perspective of curiosity and passion. All of us had childhoods with blessings and shortcomes, that haunt us until today. Let’s not forget – nothing is ever waisted – even it its a more bitter than sweet lesson. Thank you being straightforward this is inspirational!

  • JenWill.believetoachieve@gmail.com' JenWilliams says:

    Of course
    You can speak your Truth!

    What others think is not our business

    You go girl!

    I get why you reluctant!

  • highbohemia@earthlink.net' Jessica says:

    How does a detached conversation work when one side supports keeping children in cages and supports vigilantes who kill people who don’t agree with them? it doesn’t make sense.

  • kerry_zbukvic@hotmail.com' Kerry Zbukvic says:

    Thank you Debra for your blunt and truthful insights.
    As a Saggitarian, I have often got into trouble for this, but through Astrology am learning to accept and turn on my observer. (I have the book, Missing Element).
    We in Australia have watched American Politics UNRAVEL might I say & aghast at the handling of Covid19. However there are so many good people who won’t allow this to continue so I turn my attention to higher things. Thank you for your 2021 predictions, looks like fasten our seatbelts but stay the course with love & care, & in my case, pay attention!. As a student of yours, I would love to continue all info from you & hopefully take a further course next year. We all need the help.
    Many thanks

  • makedadivinelove@gmail.com' Gloria says:

    Thank you soooooooo very much, for your straight to the point honesty, I really respect that and you, now is the perfect time, says the Aquarian/Sun, Scorpio/Moon, and Capricorn/Rising. I love it, after all this is the Age of Aquarius. Truth with Love compassion. Heart is smiling PEACEFULLY. Gloria

  • lupita5179@gmail.com' Christine Williams says:

    Thanks fir a great update on 2021…I know we will never return to the ‘normal’ people keep clamoring for! We need to re-think & re-invent ourselves to move to the life we really want to lead! I am not a young person and have maybe have 20+ years of living left. But the time I do have left I want it to be a full of learning, adventure, and love for myself and mankind!
    Christine W
    San Diego, CA

  • Kathleen here.10/4/1960 11:11am Camden, NJ

    I thought it was well written, Gemini! I have to speak to my Mnsgr on Tuesday about clergy abuse. Can u believe that? It’s been going on 31/2 years and I finally spoke up 9/13/2020. It happened to ME to make sure deacon doesn’t harm others. I have ms too. Cognitive issues. Please send good vibes. Thanks!

  • kmshepherd33@gmail.com' Kristi Shepherd says:

    Love love love this and you! I’m the same way! Don’t buy into politics at ALL, but I see astrology.

    If I stay middle I’m grilled for not being anti something.

    Unbelievable. Thank you!

  • suncrystal369@aol.com' Renee says:

    As a Sag my mouth took over today… I was hoping, I was blunt, just the facts Ma’am!
    It hurt to be in the position of needing to set the record straight, but I’m so glad I did! My words were heard & understood, my point of view was validated.
    I didn’t know what was playing out in the heavens.
    So grateful for following my feelings. ?

  • estherzamora@msn.com' Esther says:

    Debra, I’ve never heard truer words. Thank you.

  • 62pyneslaneex33@gmail.com' Janice Bowden says:

    Thank you Debra in the UK were I am from, you would be called a salt of our earth. Your honesty integrity and respect are yours to honour I so look forward to reading your forecasts on the whole I am found your insights to be worthy of every word you dictate and on a personal level and I hope you will be able to accept the offer from me that from my heart you have been very busy and with the hard work you’ve put into my forecasts that your intuition is crystal clear and have assisted me on many levels thank you so so much for your support in these turpid times and yes let us all make a concentrated effort to help our kindred souls without judgement and on the emotional level we would like to be listened and acted on ourselves much love Janice

  • donnacamilledavis@gmail.com' Donna says:

    Thanks, that way great. Really hit the nail on the head. So crucial to find common ground. thanks for the reminder.

  • LIOTMARIA@GMAIL.COM' Maria Liot says:

    Well said! Thank you Debra! I appreciate the heads up.



  • energyovertime@gmail.com' David McIntyre says:

    Blunt truth: I am at a loss to understand why half of our Country chose to reject Freedom and willingly justify becoming a Slave. When you trade your Freedom for the security of a Government Endorsed solution, you become a Slave to the decisions made for you by government. I hope that Biden/Harris/Democrat Party gives everything they promised. Trump ticked off a lot a folks by doing what he promised. Democrat Socialism failed with the 3rd Reich. Maybe the 4th Reich will do better for America. I hope that the Democrats run the 4th Reich [reference History Channel] better than the Nazi’s did.

  • Listen Lotus Blossom,
    I’ve been following you for sometime and always suspected a soft heart – I was a Democrat once…;-) However, I believe strongly in your message, and I think you’ll listen to mine. We must drain the damn swamp! I’ve been working on improving the efficient use of electricity and the environment for over 20 years – I’m an economist (the dismal science;-)) by training, and DC and surrounds has the highest per capita income in the US for a reason, and it ain’t good.
    All of this doesn’t mean a hard heart (15 July 1946; 40.0795N LAT, -75.2122W LONG; 21.13 hrs), it just means I’m no bodies fool and I’ve got stories to prove my point about DC, which would turn your stomach.
    We/I are working to create LightnBug Energy – safe, secure, sustainable energy independence for the consumer – a 21st. C. public utility. We/I can work “Red/Blue”; however, I have a hard time working with fools of either sort. I LOVE for your independence, and that starts by depending on no one for your energy. Get me through the details below, and I’ll send you more info. Thanks for being there…be safe/be well…ATB, David

  • bilee16@icloud.com' William Lee says:

    I love you Debra. It’s so ridiculous that we have to put blue and red labels on everything without just doing the right thing; treating each other how we want to be treated. You’ve taught me a lot through your videos, live q&a’s and teachers that you’ve taught. The respect I hold for you and your team is always growing but that’s probably because I know that we’re all divine beings, we always have been from the bum on the corner to the Rothchild hiding behind his monopolies and we’re all just walking each other home. I know we can do it without blowing each other up. I know there is a common ground somewhere and that’s why I signed up for all three levels back in August after I got laid-off from my job. That’s why I am in Cancun right now at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat. That’s why I join in with the Heart Math institute and their weekly coherence healings. It’s why I meditate deeply with nothing but an empty mind and love in my heart most days at 3 am when I wake up without setting an alarm. I believe at my core that we can overcome this illusion of difference, of separation. I might like and prefer some people’s company and existence over other’s but I love everyone equally. I applaud you for the wonderful, truly awesome work you’ve done this lifetime, from teaching to gathering the people you have, to being a funny silly heart when the world needs it most. Thank you.

  • Thank you Debra for these wise words. I’m a Republican, but I am worried about the division in my country. I’m in New Zealand, and I’m not feeling hopeful about 2021 politically. I don’t think the American people will stand for too much more oppression or denial of their fundamental rights. I can only pray as I’m powerless over the outcome. Keep writing Debra. You have a lot to share. Thank you.

  • Originalinsightstarot@gmail.com' Kat says:

    Great blog post! Love your work. Wish you would take me under your wing…

  • donnafargnoli@yahoo.com' Donna Fargnoli says:

    Thank you for sharing this…
    You truly do the work…you walk the talk.
    We need to agree to disagree with respect and kindness…
    Love being a part of this community. ?❤️?

  • srminsc@gmail.com' Stephanie Martinez says:

    Wow, wow and ducking WOW!!!!
    I love you Debra and your bluntness.
    Question. When you can do this very kind of bluntness to someone and they take it some other kind of way —out there way. Is that my problem? Or is it the person’s work that needs to be looked at?

  • Crystalqueen4u@yahoo.com' Crystal says:

    That you spoke your truth is awesome and frankly, inspiring. You teach me to not be afraid, just be who you are. You wrote about negative responses you get, now, to balance, can you write about the positive ones? Somehow I stumbled upon you, and your quirky originality is refreshing!
    I look at these times with head tilted to the side, pondering my second Saturn return and think the world is going through it with me! Oh boy!
    Sending much love and a virtual hug. Crystal

  • lifeforce616@aol.com' Gail says:

    I would love to hear your astrological response to the candidates. I don’t understand why people are so threaten by differing views. It’s information!! I for one would look forward to your astrological views of both Trump and Biden!!

  • Tbird@earthlink.net' Tamara says:

    Thank you for sharing. ?

  • mariahurley77@gmail.com' Maria Hurley says:

    Well said Deborah

  • mariahartz@me.com' Maria says:

    I agree that we are a divided nation at this time and January will be challenging for everyone because of the division – I didn’t know I was red until I heard all of the conversations over the last four years – l never listened to politics only to say yes I know who the President & Vice President is and kept up with the daily news – raising a family and husband took up my time – but now the world is in a different place and really have noticed how Astrology makes a difference in politics – now I worry about the Age of Aquarius coming into being!! I did not know we were inThe age of Pisces!! Always wondered how sooo many writers, actors, artists, Psychologists, Seers, prophets and can it be that Jesus Christ was born in the The age of Pisces?
    I believe we are all alike in so many ways but as humans there are always humans that want power – a downfall of humanity –
    I have to agree that we have a new “norm” that has started – our world has changed before our very own eyes and for some folks they already understand that – has Astrology played a part in this change?
    I can feel the change! I pray that we do change to avoid what has happened in the past.
    I’ll never ever be upset with you! The help you give for a person to better understand themselves is a gift.
    God Bess – Truth LV & Light

  • bbarbland@aol.com' Barbara Schmidt says:

    Good for you Debra for speaking your truth… as a business woman with a huge following that was a brave thing to do. I have so many friends and acquaintances on both sides and have never shared my politics on social media. It was the way I was raised, it was private, even with my parents in our own household. But now silence almost looks cowardly. But maybe, being a Pisces, I’ve always looked at the bigger picture… there is so much more to life than politics. Blessings to you and yours

  • freedom48kjs@gmail.com' kathleen+schwientek says:

    Wow! Thank you for that Debra!

  • debrarichardson7119@gmail.com' Debra Richardson says:

    I. Agree with you let’s all except each other differences its called the spice of life how yummy says the Taurus thank you Debra

  • Brooksbankann@gmail.com' Ann says:

    Thank you Debra,
    This IS the story I am most feeling
    I find myself working up the courage to do meditation of loving kindness toward Trump.
    Even harder Rush Limbaugh… etc
    This is our great challenge to see each other with loving kindness and connection
    Thank you for your wisdom and love for humanity

  • Thanks for the ” heads up’ ! I have been following you for a few years now…. Love your work and style.
    All the best for the Holidays and upcoming 2021
    Take good care!

  • greenlady@wmtel.net' Rita says:

    Thank You so very much!!! I agree, We are Americans… We have to stop being Red or Blue… We are Americans… Peace, Love and Happiness

  • Thank you, Debra.

    I love you.

    I am blessed to have read your words today.

  • two.chelle@juno.com' Michelle Nelson says:

    Thank you, my dear Lady. For all your honesty, opinions and insight.

  • Holly_Inc@twc.com' Holly Conte says:

    Right on Debra,… speak those words that need to be heard! My natal chart contains a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Gemini, plus a Sagittarian Ascendant, and 1/2 Sag-Cap Sun sign. Which you all know, – gives me the incentive to wear my cowboy boots, keep my gun cocked and ready to speak/communicate the boldest of bold ideas with the freedom of my blunt Sag. Rest assured that I will never judge you or anyone else that I encounter. I was ecstatic to read that you are encouraging us to not expect the world to return to “normal” but to expect harsh energies to usher us into a very “new” and different future. Anyone in this astrology community that has a natal influence in their 11th House will not only understand, and transcend the differences among the various collectives, they will rejoice and embrace the diversity and uniqueness. I am looking forward to January 2021 and the Aquarian transformation that is about to unfold. I am grateful to be alive and witness our future.

  • 55fourman@gmail.com' Sheri says:

    The blunt truth is SCIENCE! Disputing anything requires facts. Waiting for the collective to believe is HORRIBLE. Remember in the 70’s with CFC’s? WOW, there’s a hole in our ozone above Antactica?!! The blunt truth is “You can’t fix stupid”

  • amolabam@aol.com' Cindy says:

    WOW!!!! This was great!!!!

    Thank you. This article was great. Thank you for acknowledging that it is important to talk to each other no matter our political beliefs. I am non-partisan, but consider my beliefs very libertarian. I do not like to pick sides and put myself in a box, this is what society expects. However, due to my political beliefs and my support for the President, I cannot share or discuss any of this because people get instantly angry. I just want to talk and discuss and expand my knowledge with others who think differently. Slowly I am coming out of my shell and allowing my throat chakra to help me speak with peace, love, and facts.

    This was a great article. THANK YOU.

  • moniquesmithwick@gmail.com' Monique says:

    OMGOODNESS! I have felt the exact way! I see “enlightened” astrologers on social media and the hate that they spew towards our President, our country, and anyone who disagrees in a civil polite manner is unbelievable and a complete turn-off to astrology. I’m new to this but I understood astrology to be accepting and loving. I have been saying “agree to disagree” for the past few months. It seems to become more relevant daily. Thank you for all that you do and for speaking your truth. I hope that I am able to do the same.

  • Vikkiharlan@yahoo.com' Vikki says:

    This email really pulls at me!! I have felt silenced for so very long, and long to burst with my TRUTH!
    I am surrounded by people that continually feel the need to impose their opinions .Believing they know best what “I” should be doing, saying, and behaving.
    Its terribly flustering to constantly be defending yourself! So politics aside…. I personally look forward to some damn truth LOL
    Thank you Debra for all you do~

  • kdante@att.net' Kimberly Dante says:

    Thank you for this message! May I quote on on FB?

  • Cassie.roblee@gmail.com' Cassie says:

    Love this and appreciate your blunt truth! I agree! I appreciate that despite our different ideas and opinions, I still love and am loved unconditionally ❤️

  • marinam52556@gmail.com' Marina McKay says:

    Hi Debra
    Thank you for sharing this experience you are having. I understand that the topic of Trump is a contentious one and rife with triggered people speaking out against him as well as those defending him. With all this yelling at one another, the hope for a nuanced discussion about him appears nonexistent. Sometimes I feel like one of the few out there who would care to have a level headed discussion about the man, and the more I listen, the more I can tell there is a large number of people that would also like that. They are just afraid of getting decimated over it. And that phenomenon alone is scary. Living in fear of expressing even an opinion, or even a budding one, does not bode well for an (allegedly) free country. No matter how good it is, my way or the highway should not rule the roost.
    I’m writing you this to tell you that there are members of your audience that would like to hear more about your take on him. Having said that, I also completely understand if that is not something you’re interested in. I just thought I’d throw my hat in the ring, for whatever that’s worth.
    Have a lovely day

  • isabelgrossmani@gmail.com' Isabel Zoe says:

    Debra, YOU’RE THE SHIT!

  • Thank you Debra – spot on after yesterdays events in DC ?

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