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Do You Get Along with the People Sitting at Your Table?

This full Moon begs the question: How do I communicate?

A full Moon in Gemini specializes in talking, socializing, and writing newsletters about Astrology…of course. And asking questions.

Do you get along with the people in your family/ sitting around your dinner table?

I want to know because we are about to head into the time of year considered the most social of all. Holiday parties, New Year’s Eve… there went turkey day for the Americans. People, people everywhere. Unless of course you are an introvert –but still this conversation will apply—maybe even more.

How do we talk to those that we long to be close to?

“I can’t stand pretending,” said every Sag. “I just had to say it! I am so sick of holding it in, plus I am feeling so stressed—too bad if you get hurt.”

The full Moon in our favorite Air sign Gemini replies “Wait, what about those classes we took? That book I almost finished on how to have the hard conversation? It said something about asking questions to enter the conversation and staying mindful by being sensitive to the other.”

“F *** that” said Sag and this full Moon. “I have no patience. People are way too stupid, I can’t handle them anyway, most of all my family, they are just…dumb. For sure the people I work with are.”

Wrong answer.

Yes, it’s true we are all slightly ignorant. We are judgy…every one of us. We are not taught, nor do we know how to keep our hearts open when we are pissed off. This is when the lids pop and we go off with our pistols writing texts and letters that may have some truth to them, while being laced with anger.

I just had a long-awaited healing with a Gemini friend who carries the Sag banner of bluntness. A year ago, we had a serious bump. For literally this whole year, while I did therapy and tried to reach out to her, we were stranded. My imagination had a horrible party and made up all kinds of stories: she’s mad at me for my bluntness, she hates who I am and just used me when she needed me—she decided I was ‘bad’, echoed by those that I had left behind. She listened to the ones who don’t like me and joined their camp.

I did reach out several times but for some reason we couldn’t find our way back to each other. To be honest, at some point I gave up.

Until today.

All it took was a conversation where I heard her. She sincerely apologized and then without missing a beat we were back in. This is the art. To just value the love over the pain.

We made an agreement to over communicate as we go forward. To remember the love we shared. I knew it was real, we had such great conversations… And yes, there were apologies on both sides. It is NEVER a one-way street.

We all think during the heat of the moment: that the other person has no awareness. You can just make it up; that it’s all on them. Such an old story and nothing about it changes a thing. Until we open our hearts.

I was so sad for so long. Many have projected onto me all kinds of things. This goes with the territory of leadership. You cannot be visible and be universally ‘liked.’

I know that Fire and Air, the flavor of this full Moon, at the highest road is a doorway to try to really hear/ listen/ talk/ play. People glorify this personality type. I have this.

You are so popular!
You are so energetic!
You are so fun!

There is truth to all that AND then there is the inner world. While I appear to be an extrovert; I am not. I do get my feelings very hurt.

After the break with this friend, I was scared to come close to a work colleague again. I am still sore. I am shy now. I will not let this story stick to me.

Here is the deal of this full Moon: Never give up. Don’t leave the door shut entirely. Give it one more shot.
Take the high road. Why not.

Because I cannot stay closed.
I will never not try.
I will never shut my heart for good.

Unless you ask me about my blood family. That’s different. I have left those doors closed and unless they call to open it up—we are just far distant relatives. This is called boundaries. I must protect my heart, while remaining open to love with choice.

I loved my friend then; I love her now. I can see what we learned by hurting each other. Through it her friendship always mattered to me. I never knew how we broke so hard, but with my blood family I know. That was a conscious choice.

This is the first in history that we can let go of the bloodlines as family and choose our friends. In times of old you were bound. Never to let go without being banished from your town.

Hello Aquarian Age. So glad that you are here.

You must ask yourself: Who do I really have a love connection with? Who can I simply not stop loving….Is this love out of obligation and assumptions? Or choice and freedom?

You call the shots. You choose. You have the free will to include or exclude whoever you want. Welcome to the Paradigm shift of this century where all the rules deserve to be examined and reviewed.

Who are your people? Remember it has nothing to do with blood. AND__keep your heart open. If it’s been too long you haven’t spoken to someone under this full moon.

Reach out, ask questions. Be curious. Our planet needs love more than anything.



  • Beautiful share … Powerful topic. I understand. In my youth I “shined them on” – a I matured I worked on me to gain knowledge on my stubborn style, how to accept responsibility for my actions and make amends . . . they may NOT be a friend (or a close family member) in my future – but it is important for me to keep “my side of the street clean” ?

  •' Marjan Ligthart says:

    Thank you Debra, for your honest words. This story really speaks to me. So brave of you to do , the sometimes hard. self-inquiry…
    All the best to you in 2022!

  •' Andrea Louis-Visser says:

    Thank you for all that clarification and tough love! That was great! I read it out loud and my husband said “wow”!

  •' Joyce says:

    Absolutely thank you Debra for you ???

  •' Lesley says:

    Thankyou ?????

  •' Narani Oshaughnessy says:

    That was so beautiful, Debre. Thanks for sharing your story!!! So good for the soul to hear you talk about boundaries w your family, keeping the heart open, and this new age of choice. I LOVE listening to you, and when my plate clears, expect to study w you. Loving the 1p day immersion, esp weeks 4 & 5. You speak truth in such a FUN & ORIGINAL WAY!!!!

  •' Joseph P. Hughes says:

    Hi Miss Silverman , (Debra) , first I would like to Thank You for allowing me to be part of Astrological Awakenings Immersion . It has shown me so much of what I have been searching for . Love and Friendship are something we should never take advantage of , because it is that Live Of Friendship that keeps are HEART open .
    Yesterday was a very difficult day to try and understand why I am being judged for talking about a gift that has been given to me . I did not ask for this , but how am I to understand what I am suppose to do with this gift if I don’t know myself . Yet I was told yesterday not to talk about this ability anymore and my friends do not believe me that it is true and do not want to associate with me if I do keep discussing it
    I have reached out for HELP trying to understand , why me and why won’t anyone hear me . There is one person who hears me and believes in me and does not judge me and LOVES me for who I am , that is God .
    I know it is not normal to be able to do that this gift has allowed me to do . What is normal in our world anymore , with all the distrust amongst ourselves , and people attacking people’s characters as if they no better . We were all put on this earth as to be as one and not individuals .
    Day 6 of Immersion , Bonnie said , how do you get people to see who you are and accept you for you . We should never have to change who we are to make people accept us . My saying ( Always stay true to who you are , because who you are is who you are suppose to be , and that is YOU ).
    I am know one and you are EVERYONE and if I am able to do the things that I can do , so can all of you . Just cause you have never seen something , does that make it not real .
    We the PEOPLE of this WORLD need to find the LOVE and COMPASSION for each other as a whole . What is the point of our being here if we , if we can’t LOVE each other for who we are .
    Besides my friends disassociating themselves from me yesterday , I was given eviction papers and told that all these extra charges were being added on , I expressed that I will be homeless then and there was empathy to my voice and that hurt . What have we become not to care about a life so rare. . Thank You Debra for your Wisdom and Knowledge in helping me to understand who I am and what my purpose is on this BEAUTIFUL PLANET of ours . God Bless and Be Safe to All of the World .

    •' Candy Donald says:

      I understand what it’s like to have a gift that others do not understand nor believe. I hope you can find shelter from your storm and people who care. Those others who have shunned you appear closed minded, and they are not your friends.

  •' Grete says:

    Thank you so very much for this post!
    Just what I needed! Setting boundaries is ok! I needed that! Protecting my heart but staying open to love! That’s just the confirmation I needed not to feel as the worst person in the world! Thank you ?
    I learn so incredibly much from you!
    May you be blessed manifold in return ❣️♥️♥️?

  •' Miriam Prendeville says:

    Beautiful share Debra. Much appreciated

  •' Kelly says:

    Wow, Debra, your story about your friend resonates deeply with me. The circumstances are a bit different. There was a connection with someone with a lot of laughter, kindness, mutual interest, sharing vulnerabilities, a lot of possibilities. And then just silence. Never an unkind word. Someone who gives me great inspiration and motivation, who makes me aspire to be a better me, someone kind and encouraging. Someone who really has helped transform me and revive facets of myself that I thought were gone. In my heart, this is someone I feel I am meant to know and hopefully love, that we are really just at the beginning of our story, that he may be tied to my life’s purpose. Someone like I have never known. Someone I choose to know better, pray for opportunities to know better and explore our possibilities. I don’t quite understand the silence/distance, if I’ve done something wrong, if there are lessons we are both meant to learn ourseleves before we reconnect. It hurts at times, but I don’t hold onto that. I hold on to the visions that I want to manifest with him. I miss him dearly every single day. But I have never given up on the hope or possibility. I have never experienced what I feel for this person and wanting to know them as they are, wanting to share who I am like never before. Like you, I’ve made several attempts to connect, and silence persists. I have thought that I need to step back and wait to hear from him. I wonder if my attempts caused a further retreat. I don’t want to manipulate or be pushy, and I have tried to express what is in my heart. I also wonder if I might have emotionally overwhelmed him in some of my communications and not understood the impact. I also have asked him to explain if I did something wrong and to please give me opportunities to make it right. Still I do not give up on the possibility of what I’d like to manifest and what I can envision. I frequently wish upon the moon to hear from this person and try to communicate my feelings intuitively. Like you, I have had well-meaning family/friends who I have shared some information about this connection, and several were happy to be dream killers and tell me what I need to do and to forget this connection. No way! My boundary is not to share some of my dreams with people who do not understand. The person who seems to really get me, like he was peering into my soul at times, is this person that I truly want to get to know. It is a deep connection that I feel could span many levels. I am trying to process all that you have said as it all resonates. I am hesitant if it is the right thing to do to reach out again. I have really felt like I need to pull back despite how deeply I want this person in my life in whatever capacity is possible and meant to be. I look forward to the journey of finding out. This person came into my life quite effortlessly. I’ve been working to find balance in my life, to go with the flow and not force things. I want to reconnect with this person with every fiber of my being. I try to act in accordance with divine guidance and what I feel resonates in my heart. I have felt like I need to let this person take the lead in reaching out to me; perhaps that my error is to not just allow. So I’m a bit conflicted regarding reaching out. I want to reach out to this person all the time. It’s hard to restrain that. The love is in my heart and ever present. “Keep those who can laugh and share with you in your heart at all times.”

  •' Amber Durrell says:

    Forgiveness is key for me to let stuff go. My firey ego is bruised pretty easily and I know that. I can also be viewed as insensitive when I forget my compassion. We’re all guilty at some point. I assume that’s why they hurt me and call a truce. This can backfire as I usually don’t bring it up, and they’re left to repeat it. I haven’t mastered assertive, but gentle confrontation.

  •' Linda Ferland says:

    I’ve been forced by the Universe to come back to the old family house & live with a 3-yr. younger brother, to whom the house was left, for taking care of parents when I was living on the opposite coast. I certainly understand this & have always been fine with this decision. Shortly after I moved back, he told me that he liked his ‘solitude’. Okay. I’m a Libra, Taurus rising. He’s a Pisces with Scorpio rising. Not a complimentary twosome. He’s sensitive to anything I say & I’m not. I tend to always speak truth. I do take his sensitivity into consideration; but, I don’t put up with blaming. We now, live separate lives, in the same house. My love is my Cat, Tuki. We get along great. Lol He ignores her. Such is life.

  • My most favorite writing by far! ???
    Thank you!!! My Sag pieces have risen to the surface with the sensation and behavior of ‘I can’t hold it in… I’m stressed’ and ‘F#% that…. enough with the stupid people’. But… I cannot close my heart … it always remains open, says my water heart.
    So yes… I will keep my heart open, for that ‘one more chance’. ♥️??✨

  •' Jessica says:

    Damn it Debra, you did it again.
    You wrote out my entire life in relationships right now. You put words to my heart and my recent experiences.
    I am a Taurus, and I’ve never felt more open; wanting to break the “traditional” do’s and don’ts. I haven’t spoken to some people for quite some time and I could care less about the time frame or anything else that even happened. I just feel so much love in my heart, wanting to heal, and put things in the past. But not ignoring of course…clearing the air and starting fresh again.
    Thank you Debra, I love you and this community so much.
    Love and Light Love and Light Love and Light – Blessings

  •' Shelley Coons says:

    Hmmmm the world becomes, as Debra Silverman says, “Yummy” when it feels so right. And this message feels so right! Your undeniable way of translating the universe is so on point with myself and as I see, many others. I am very excited to start my internship. Your note is an impeccable timed reminder, which indicates your dedication to those that want to learn and be more. Remembering that my conscious choices of who fills my circle is “Okay”, says the Universe and Debra Silverman.
    Thank you my friend,
    Shelley Coons

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