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New Moon in Gemini, Sun in Gemini

A double-Gemini sky — what a treat! We actually have 5 planets in Gemini, calling us to embrace our curiosity. In this blog, we get to think together. “What do you think about this reality?” asked no Gemini ever. Geminis work with much smaller bite-sized questions like: “Why do we think so much?”

Here’s a Gemini thought: the mind is an instrument, providing narration of what and how we think about this life/love/kid/job/God/you name it. Our minds are an idea factory packed with opinions. Double Gemini begs the question: How aware are you (we) of the mind and its wanderings? The mind (especially a Gemini one) is a never-ending talker.

Being a Gemini myself, the only relief I have found from the lust of my mind’s flirtatious meanderings is cultivating discernment, because I was interested in the silliest things: like the way the ink on the toothpaste is laid out, the size of the ice shelf that fell into the arctic the other day (as I search Google for details), and of course my mind asks almost daily: Where, oh where, is the Moon today?

As a Gemini, my mind likes to hike through difficult terrain. My best friend (who is a Gemini) once told me that her mind was like a two-bit whore — it would lie down with anyone, anytime, and just start talking. That made me laugh because I think I have one of those in my head, too. Then I found the Observer. Relief.

The Observer is the part of all of us who asks questions like, “Who is thinking?” “Why am I talking?” “Is this conversation serving you or me, or is it just my need to fill space?” “Is my awareness on?” “Am I rambling because of overactive Air?”

My Observer made me aware that I had an overactive mind. It still has a function: here I am writing to you, carving out words in order to shape this blog into something interesting so it will touch your heart, make you think, and open the door for all opinions to be shared and written about in the comments below.

Just so you know, I always read the comments. I love to share my thoughts, said the Gemini. There are so many points of view — and here, we have the right use of Air. Fresh Air to be open to listening to whomever, whenever, without a preconceived idea of what you think is true, right, or wise.

Fresh Air — the truth of double Gemini on the high road is the willingness to express, communicate with everyone, go with the flow, expect the unexpected. I love my mind. I love that it is so curious. ALL. THE. TIME. This is why Gemini is so youthful… we are always curious.

Even more than I love my Gemini curiosity, I love my Observer, who leaves me calm, aware, awake, and ready to ask you the hard questions.

Why do you read these blogs? I want to know what your mind gleans from these lessons/teachings. I want to hear your Gemini riff on what matters most to you in the comments below.

The right use of the mind under this dark sky: to be willing to go in and listen to your inner voices with your Observer nearby.




  • jbnh@earthlink.net' Nancy says:

    I love these offerings as I too have a lot of air in my chart, i’ve come to see it more and more of a blessing, with lots and lots of qigong, meditation, art/ awareness practicies (including permission slips from DSA 🙂 what a ride! what an adventure we are on at this time on beautiful Mother Earth – and learning to stop wrestling with the mind and see it from a different perspective – where does it wish to lead me to serve the greater good?

    • junebowen1@hotmail.co.uk' June Ellen Bowen says:

      I am not very good at connecting but I do like reading I found this very interesting to read so thank you

  • canela.sara@gmail.com' Sara says:

    Thank you for the hint!
    I am Gemini ascendant and Virgo Sun however never relayed how all this thinking comes from the Gemini side and not from the over analytical Virgo.

    I will cultivate more the observer and detach more from my througths as I let the past go and the healing taking place inside of me.

    Love to you Deb!

  • ravabergman@gmail.com' aaron bergman says:

    I am really new to astrology. I am reading Debra’s book and am doing one of the online classes and love them, but since I am a novice I have a very basic question. If I am not a Gemini, do any of the teachings apply to me anyway because of the time of the year and month we are in?

  • lmk19800@gmail.com' Lisa says:

    Interesting I’m a Sag and this Gemini air energy really has me off… guess I need to do something active because I’m truly overthinking everything lol

  • khakikat0317@gmail.com' Kathy says:

    I love astrology and I learn so much from the blogs. It opens my mind to fresh ideas and gives me an understanding of what to expect. Thank you Debra!

  • Alejandraacole@gmail.com' Alejandra says:

    I’m a Gemini sun, Virgo rising and Capricorn moon.
    There’s a lot of voices in my head…sometimes I feel like I can achieve anything and other times I wonder why I haven’t achieve as much things as I wish… I guess is a matter of time, it’s just that sometimes the road doesn’t seem to be so clear, just trust the process one of the voices said.
    I have always thought about writing to Debra Silverman team asking for a job, and I would love to be part of this Astro team, I’m creative I promise, hard worker and fun. I have a Degree in performing arts (Dance). At the moment I’m doing my Yoga Teacher Training and also teaching cardio dance online, and in person Barre class and stretching.
    I made a list of all the jobs I’ve had done in my life.. it comes down to more than 20 and I know I’m forgetting some, a lot of them are very different.
    Debra, If there is a posibilite that I could work and be part of your team, I would LOVE to have an interview. Who knows maybe this is just crazy BUT maybe at least I get an interview. My sun is in the 10th house, I love meaningful, creative, fun work.
    Thanks for the love and wisdom you share.
    Alejandra 🧡

  • sammpanther@gmail.com' Sam says:

    This is actually my first time reading one of your articles on your blog and I definitely fell in love with this one. I never actually knew much about Geminis, but when you explained how your brain is always thinking and always curious, I can totally relate, and that’s without any Gemini in my chart too!

    I think part of it comes from the fact that my birthday is January 19th 1991, so I do have the Aquarius Air within me because I’m a cuspy.

    I love learning so much!

  • arigray@yahoo.com' Ari G says:

    It’s funny, I have no air in my chart, but what you wrote sounds just like me. Super curious. I GOTTA KNOW stuff. I have to know….well, everything!!!!!! And I talk…love to talk….live to talk. I am a teacher/trainer by trade, am I’m darn good at it. Go figure. A lot of my closest friends are Gemini. Love their minds. Feels like a kindred spirit. Though I don’t tend to be flighty, and they sometimes are. 😉

    I love your posts and your ways of saying things. I relate to how you talk/communicate. I have learned more from you than many of the books and teachers I have encountered in the past. I even like your somewhat weird sense of humor. Thanks for the info. Always appreciated.

  • cydneylouisetaylor@gmail.com' cydney taylor says:

    Actually, I don’t love the blogs – I regret all the time I spend reading unsolicited stuff, even though it is interesting and well meant.

  • erica.stoffel@gmail.com' Erica says:

    Thank you for sharing this Gemini perspective. I can see how it can be an energy that sort of “flits about” & has a sort of whimsical quality that can be enjoyable lending to flexibility, adaptability, etc.

  • Eeliram568@gmail.com' Mari says:

    Thanq Debra ~
    For your insights, introspect, & love !
    I’m the epitome of everything you’ve observed & shared about the *gemini*
    Especially the overthinking, been a struggle my whole life 🤪
    I am actively working on being more of an observer.,., interesting endeavor!
    I feel that you are spot on with your
    craft , and I needed to hear this,this
    morning as I am also struggling with
    being super sensitive & how & what I allow to effect me .
    The world needs more “ Debras “
    Have a beautiful day ❣️
    Blessings ~
    Mari 💜

  • springbrookdl@comcast.net' Dyanna Livingston says:

    Ah, yes… I relate to this so much! I am an Aquarian, with a Gemini Moon, and Aries rising. All Air, some fire, a little water, but no earth! Everything you described is exactly how my mind works. SO busy all the time ~ wondering about the smallest details – I just saw a hummingbird, my friend told me the other day that they recognize faces, is this true? I Google it and read fun facts about hummingbirds. They mention the Andes mountains. I forgot where the Andes are. I Google that. Oh, yes along the western coast of South America!

    I am always communicating and talking on so many levels, but my Observer is always aware – How is this going? As I take time to befriend the bagging guy at the grocery store and find out he’s a musician. He recognizes I’m an artist by my clothing. We are good acquaintances now. Then I’m in the elevator going up to work. There’s that beautiful, persnickety lady I see who looks at me like I’m the scum of the earth. I decide to try something different rather than just ignore her. I tell her how pretty she looks today, as she really did. Her perfectly coifted white hair, red lipstick, dressed in black & white. I comment on her small leopard print bag and wish her a nice day. I met her again a few days later and greeted her with a smile. As I held the door open for her, she thanked me, kind of forcing a smile out, and said Thank you Dear… I’m glad that my actions made a difference, but I wonder what her story is, and what all happened to make her so reluctant to be open to people.

    I love my deeper & fun conversations with good friends, my sisters, and daughter. I will listen and travel anywhere with them, showing empathy and asking questions. However, when conversations about politics goes past 20 minutes, I start getting bored and restless. Topic change, please! It really bugs me when I’ve had a short conversation with people and they say they have to go – like to eat or something. I would rather talk than eat! I have so much more to say!

    So, that is a glimpse into how my air head functions. And driving? I can take all kinds of ventures while driving. So much so, that when I get to where I was going, I don’t know who drove me there. Even the occasional times where I completely miss my turn off and then wonder where I am. Then I call in my Observer and agree to get back to reality, focus on my driving! But I certainly do enjoy it – conjuring up all these memories, when I lived in France, dancing on stage, etc, etc.

    Yep, that’s just how I roll.. and it’s fun. Entertaining to say the least! Thank you for writing this blog on the wonderful curiosity of Gemini and Air!

  • Sharonfischer11@gmail.com' Sharon says:

    Discernment seems to be my word of the season. It’s such a fantastic word!
    Great blog it resonates with me. A cancerian with a double Gemini thinga maginger

  • Lamias73@gmail.com' Lamia S says:

    I love it all – I am a Gemini rising, Leo Sun, Pisces Moon and married to a Gemini sun. He & I do think of the silliest of things and have an overactive mind. Your blogs are a storytelling masterpiece. On any day, they make me feel seen and heard. And validated. So grateful for the musings and learnings.

  • Priscillasutherland57@gmail.com' Priscilla sutherland says:

    I love your mind and how you can ramble…I can relate to this Gemini ramble. Lol. Mind is always busy with so many thoughts. Especially regarding mother earth n her people. Asking what is next?? Observer antanae always on. Thank you for your astrology know how take care❤

  • kathrynkeatingkay@gmail.com' Kathryn Keating Kay says:

    That was interesting about Gemini. My AS is in Gemini although at 29+ degrees. I am a pretty quiet Gemini and I suppose my curiosity has always found me delving into the mystical areas of life. I am the go with the flow girl and learning to accept to expect the unexpected. I love to learn and in my late 60’s early 70’s yrs of age I really delved into oracle & tarot reading and astrology . I even completed Level 2 of your astrology course and delved into Illuminating children’s charts. I am constantly distracted with another great & interesting thing I can learn. Now I’m working on putting this all in action. I could use some Capricorn but I’m mainly working with double water and air. Haha – I do like to play and have fun though!

  • nature.scent@yahoo.com' Aleigha says:

    🥰 I read these blogs because you always give my curious mind something to think about! ☺️
    I’m not a Gemini, but I do have Mars, Chiron, Venus & the Moon 🌙 all in my 3rd House of Communication, which as you know, rules Gemini! Knowing this helps me to understand why I talk so much & why I wrote long letters to my younger sister when I went off to college! This was Long before PC’s & cell phones.
    She ask me one day & it wasn’t until I started learning Astrology that I had an answer for her! Thanks for being such a great teacher! ☺️ 💞

  • zellacious@aol.com' Suzelle says:

    The older I get the more I’m ‘observing’ everyday and not expecting any particular outcome. I’m 76. There’s a balance and a dance between my mind and my emotions and how I’m creating my reality now that I didn’t have even 10 years ago. I can still ruminate, which I hate! But, my curiousity is insatiable. LIFE is so interesting.

  • Dahliaonline@yahoo.com' Kristi says:

    Debra, your email came in at the perfect moment! I’m riding in the car next to my Gemini husband and your comments make me smile! I’m looking forward to playing in the Gemini Observer field for this new moon. I’m open to listening to new viewpoints around money,health, career, love and family without preconceived ideas. This is exciting! And fun!

  • djchard65@gmail.com' David Chard says:

    Gemini and Aquarius are perfect partners my statement being that I was engaged to a Gemini for 3 years but we broke up and I married a Capricorn we’re still married 52 years on ! But the love of my life was a Gemini !

  • Andreachesleymt@gmail.com' Andrea says:

    Double Gemini over here 🙋🏽‍♀️ totally resonate. Been working on my observer and it sure is a relief calm place in my life !

  • lomasjoan22@gmail.com' Joan Libby Lomas says:

    I’m an Aries they and they and I’ve always be curious of life, astrology, and the unknown. Been that way since I was in my 20s. I am now 70 and even more curious.

  • lorettamariebyrne@gmail.com' Loretta says:

    Hello! Fellow Gem here with moon in Leo and I’ve also been and observer since childhood. I had a very large family and was the little sister surrounded by boys so I was always watching everyone. The only redhead, I was convinced I was adopted, always looking to see where I fit in! I really love observing and I also love jumping in! I’m a healer and I’d like to thank you for turning me on to astrology!

  • deborahhallam@proton.me' Deborah says:

    Fellow Gem, enjoy reading from other Gem’s how they harness the gifts inherent with this sign. Thank you

  • auntiestacie@yahoo.com' Sunny says:

    I’m a Gemini ♊️ Sun 🌞 too. I love being versatile, open minded, open hearted & endlessly curious. I love multi tasking, clearing the air & flow forms. Especially dancing. I have so many IDEAs it’s hard to act on them all. Reading Deborah’s ideas makes me feel like some of us understand Gemini & don’t automatically make assumptions about us. I hate when ppl think Gemini’s are liars!! I aim to be truthful!! I think & talk FAST! Some times i realize there’s so MUCH in my head i miss/ forget details! It is not a deliberate lie! It’s just i sometimes view things differently or miss details when I am often speed reading or skimming because being Gemini is similar to ADD vibes. I read DS because I enjoy reading what other Gemini’s experience too🤍🌞

  • debbiesgi@yahoo.com' Debra Esterline says:

    Thank you for sharing your food for thought, Debra Gemini,
    I can relate to much of what you posted, as I have 19 degrees Moon in Gemini, like Dr. Wayne Dyer who also had very strong Gemini tendencies. Like you, my mind never shuts off, being so curious about many little things and details, (said Mercury in Virgo, LOL), but I have to say that I’ve practiced being the “Observer most of my life, and meditation comes naturally to me, but it can be quite a challenge having Mercury in Virgo squaring my Moon in curious Gemini. I have my work cut out for me with the many possibilities said Gemini

  • roslynuttleymoore@gmail.com' Roslyn Uttleymoore says:

    Thank you Debra for ALL that you share. I am so grateful. The reason I read pretty much everything you share is to learn, says she with Gemini mid heaven and Saturn and my north node in the 3rd house I’m soaking in as much as possible and loving your inspiration and enthusiasm 🌺🤙🏼 Roslyn

  • Melana@howenterprises.com' Melana Howe says:

    Would live to know more being a “double gemini”. It’s as if I can’t tolerate the status quo. My husband is a Sagittarius and I think there are days I totally exhaust him.

  • shaz017@hotmail.com' Sharon Bech says:

    With 5 planets in Gemini this curious mind never wants to switch off, but what a great analogy to switch it to the observer instead, let’s see how well I do under this double Gemini sky.. love your work Deb, and can’t get enough astrology it’s in my blood!

  • cosmocatie@yahoo.com' Cosmocatie says:

    I enjoy the blogs because it helps.me.relize which element is leaking my needed energy and which element I need to grasp for balance. Know there is curiosity and an observer in my crazy head and character is today’s bonus.

  • love-nes@hotmail.com' Vanessa says:

    Learning to allow the observer space to check my mind’s ramblings was a great lesson for me. My next big lesson is to check the words coming out at my mouth, as not everyone wants to hear about my latest ideas. Also, I have always been a radical truth teller and learning to keep quiet comes with the lesson of checking my words makes it harder. Now knowing that I’ve dealing with a double Gemini I will be more conscious and just observe.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • tanyahunter19@yahoo.ie' Tanya says:

    Dear Debra
    I am too a Gemini sun and Gemini mercury both in 9th house . Overthinking is my middle name and exhausting . Would love to hear more read more about the practice of turning on the observer from you !
    Grá agus solus

  • 74niki@gmail.com' Monique St Pierre says:

    Hi Debra!
    I just love you and your newsletters and videos!
    Your teachings over the past couple years, since I found you , have given me great insight into who I (really) am, and I’ve stopped thinking something is wrong with me… It’s taken awhile lol! … but actually it’s probably right in time.
    I just turned 50 on May 22. So today is lined up pretty close to the day i was born . My sun – Gemini and Moon – Gemini (btw, my mercury is Gemini too). Rising sign is in Leo. So I’m a big ol brain of constant ramblings and carrying on!
    Happy to know my Observer now too, and I can have my ego ( who I call Lucy Lou) just sit to the side and listen/ silent for a change.
    My inner twins are becoming a good team finally after all these years.
    Thank you so much 🙏💖
    Best Regards,
    Monique / Niki xo 🙂

  • valunja@googlemail.com' Valentina says:

    Thank you so much
    Very interesting and witty

  • tvazquez2304@gmail.com' Tori Chartrand says:

    I read these blogs to receive the guidance I need at this time. I also love the journal prompts/questions to ask on each new and full moon. I am a Pisces sun, Virgo rising and Sagittarius moon, but I should look at my chart again, because after reading this blog I feel I have more Gemini in my chart than I realized! Thank you for being you Debra!

  • 2015crystalhunter@gmail.com' Crystal says:

    I love your astrological offerings ✨ in my chart Gemini is the 8 House with Venus and Jupiter on either end of the house. My PM entered Gemini 2 mo ago! Married to a Gemini Stellium 🥰 Your articles give me a sense of direction and I find them quite grounding when the whirlwind of life tosses me around. A great daily reminder of the path I’ve chosen to live and how to use the ever changing energy in the best possible way. Totally a SUPER FAN 😆

  • pana.alina06@yahoo.com' Alina says:

    Love, love, love the Gemini Energy! I am a Libra 🙂

  • kharrold1@gmail.com' Kyra Finley says:

    Hmmm I love this one! I am sitting down to write and decided to read this first, so you gave me a kick in the pants to let my mind be open and curious today and just wander… with the Aquarius and Sag in my chart, I’m always asking the questions about our existence as a whole and sometimes forget the details of life, so this was a perfect reminder to be like a kid and get lost in the color of the clouds for a minute. Thank you!! And overall, I love the way you give us the high road expression of whatever’s happening at the moment. An invitation to ascend! ❤️

  • kharrold1@gmail.com' Kyra Finley says:

    Hmmmm… thank you for giving me a little Gemini break! I’m sitting down to write and needed the reminder to be childlike, curious and just let my mind wander a bit. With all my Sag and Aquarius, I tend to always ask the BIG questions and forget the more human stuff – and that can make really boring writing. So, this was perfect for me today! An invitation to look at everything with childlike curiosity and see what reveals itself. And overall, I love that you give us the highest expression of the energies that are at play in the sky at the moment… it’s an invitation to ascension! ❤️ Kyra

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