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This week brings a new moon in Gemini.

Think Goldilocks… How was she supposed to know which bed to sleep in without trying them all, said the Gemini?

Sometimes in life, we wander around. Sometimes we even get lost. It could be a whole lifetime where you are not able to fulfill what you set out to do—children arrive, relationships break, illness occurs—on the way to your destination, something totally unrelated changes the direction of your original goal. This is the tale of a mutable child.

A little Gemini girl annoyed her Virgo Mom, traveled endlessly as she studied one topic after another without a clear major. Eventually she found her job; she became a journalist. She learned—for a short amount of time—something important, she would dive in and then out, and keep going.

But, she judged herself for being flighty, fickle, or unaccomplished. This is the story of so many Geminis.

Marilyn Monroe (a Gemini) disliked her mutability. She felt her career was too influenced by men’s decisions without her desire to be taken seriously. She was so frustrated by her circumstance.

We, in this day and age, can change that story. Women and men know we can have a voice, should we take it. Because we study Astrology, we can stand up for our nature. Ask a professional astrologer about you or your child so that you DO NOT judge or shame your kid in a way they internalize and absorb.

So that if they are changeable and seemingly fickle, you can celebrate their air, their mutability. For those of you reading this who go from topic to topic, who change your address, your clothes, your career—it’s ok.

The prayer for this new moon: Help me understand the playful child in me. The part of me that is so changeable longing to run far beyond Judgment Street. Shower me in sweet acceptance as I watch my authentic self come excitedly out for a walk, to write that article, to read that book…to change my mind.

I trust myself to have fun above all else, never forgetting my inner child.

May my youthful self—my beginner’s mind—step up as I surrender to my kid likeness.

If everyone understood their inner child and stood away from judging—letting their kid be healed and given a full expression, especially in adulthood—we would be smiling more and having far more fun than we are right now.

Bless your inner child.

My Gemini has not yet found residence in the grownup neighborhood. I still hang out at the playground of life. I pride myself for being like a kid who has not forgotten the wonder of it all and has no pressure to be anyone or anything that I am not. This is the flavor of this double Gemini sky.

Tell us the status of your kid? Judged, freed, or just hiding in the other room?

Happy new moon! There’s so much mutable energy in the sky. What do you want to do/change/start now? Feel free to change your mind once more and start all over again.



  • Journey@Awakening-Hearts.com' Carol says:

    This is especially lovely and helpful Debra. Thank you from another Gemini!

  • cindylinweir@gmail.com' Cindy Weir says:

    This is great! Such tender and kind writing, with wonderful affirmations for …moving forward.
    Thanks Debra ? My inner child is so grateful!

  • julia_white@me.com' Julia White says:

    Beautifully written, I so understand as I have a mutable T square.

  • tkaatz@yahoo.com' Terri says:

    Debra, I love this as so true on our Gemini Inner Child. This increased my positiveness as trying to love my energy, fun and whatever inside of me. I seem to have to apologize a lot but really had no need just the Ego telling me stuff.

    Love and Blessings to you.

  • cynthiamarshall115@gmail.com' CYNTHIA says:


  • ccollierwilkinson@gmail.com' Chris Mahfouz says:

    This is me! Your telling the story of my aimless life of indecision and second guessing. I’m going to be 59 on June 21st . I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in my life outside of having and raising 3 children. I left my husband of 27 yrs, 5 years ago because I was dissatisfied with my life and husband. I married a third time 4 years later-I love my husband very much. However, I feel like life has quite literally passed me by and still I haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life. I’ve had no great dream I’ve wanted to accomplish. I get excited about something for a little while and I’m over it. Sure I’d like to travel and help people -be of service to mankind but how….I’m a miserable Overthinker mired in indecision. I’m blessed however, to not be forced to work a boring meaningless j.o.b. every day.

  • marshaschrock630@gmail.com' Marsha Schrock says:

    You hit me to a tee. My B-Day is June 4 1960. I think my life was not suppose to be like it is. But still trying to figure me out. I use to be a strong and Confidence Person. What the hell happened not sure.

  • polsi33@yahoo.com' Marianne Stanley says:

    Sooooooooooooo cool, Debra!!!! This is so ME………..from journalist to professor to lawyer to poet/sculptor/painter, columnist, podcaster, children’s book author, to consumer of sights, sounds, and delicious flavors of so much that’s out there to be savored in its fascinating self! I heard the word “Flake” a lot, which I definitely am NOT but to others, my going from this to that is nuts. I’ve had a bumpy but amazing life, have moved 37 times, have had multiple everythings………..marriages, jobs, colleges. Just want to thank you for making it sound so ok….. and for a quote of yours that I love to share with others, “Normal is just a setting on the dryer.” There is always a deep pause in conversation after that! : )

  • maryl48@yahoo.com' Mary Smith says:

    Hi, Debra,
    My inner child is Judged and hiding in the other room! Really wanting to break Free! 06/13/1948. Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio. Still struggling with life.

  • Jung4eva@gmail.com' Laurie says:

    Thank you for allowing me to understand…accept …and move forward.

  • hollygoodygood69@gmail.com' A.holly.garvin says:

    I lov this

  • yokalb@gmail.com' Yolanda Kalb says:

    That’s one of the best astrology reports I’ve heard for this Gemini new moon. My Gemini in the fifth house is loving it. Having worked many years to explore that inner child with art and supporting my children to do that ( not always successful in that endeavor ) everything from transactual analysts
    parent adult and child inner archetypes ( getting my parental issues looked at so not to inflict my children with issues that were from my parenting, I’m still working on this. (Gemini in full force still seeking information) Marianne Williamson return to love definitely hit home for me. All of this and still the searching to continues and there is more to learn. Being in a place to pass along the information we have leRned seems to be be the next logical step.
    Glad your on that road and sure your reaching a lot of people. Astrology is a good platform for that. I can add that to the list for the last 5 years fairly seriously.

  • I have left my inner child, after I lost my husband to heart failure, I needed to be a grown-up. I travel and after 5 years finally
    have found a partner I enjoy and have allowed my self intimacy with him. I hope in our travels we will both get in touch with
    our inner chid.

  • denglert101@verizon.net' Dorothy says:

    My inner child is feeling no joy. I would like a reading from one of the astrologers you have trained I am 89yrs. and just had an ovarian cancer removed. I would like some help in working with the stars to turn around the pattern that developed the cancer. You make astrology easy to understand.. Thank you.

  • Barbara@pureastrology.ca' Barbara says:

    Thank you for this – i have a Gemini sun and virgo moon and I am constantly beating myself up for being so flighty, unable to commit, talk non stop about myself, can’t stay at a job for more than 3 years…. arrghhh… but because of your posts, your astrology wisdom, slowly I’m accepting my Gemini self…. in my next life – i want to be a sag with a libra ascendant and an Aries moon…. i think… lol…

    Thank you Debra for being a Gemini and sharing your Gemini self… 🙂

  • Steffkat4@gmail.com' Kathleen Steffey says:

    Thank you Debra, you always explain life that makes sense. Then we go live life and nothing makes sense
    and no one gets .
    I signed up for Inner view classes a year ago.
    I didn’t get started feeling that I would not be able
    to have enough time to study. I guess I didn’t give me a chance. Can I start the classes after a year of not starting yet?
    Thank you,

  • Judycroon@gmail.com' Judy says:

    Wow! That sure is interesting and applicable to a present situation I see myself involved in recently. Very very interesting. Thank you.

  • debntom@epix.net' Debra Honeyford says:

    Do you have any insight for me Debra? I am a Gemini, mid heaven and Mercury in Gemini,
    Ascendant Virgo, Moon Virgo, North node Virgo
    I’m scattered, with a princess and the pea level pickiness.

  • kristin.carbone33@gmail.com' Kristin says:

    Thank you this makes so much sense. Although my air is in my Aquarius moon sign my daughter is double Gemini air(moon/Ascendent). Love your book thank you for the knowledge you share.

  • doe.schmitz@att.net' Doreen S says:

    Thankyou. So well explained.

  • bentonts@yahoo.com' Tonya Benton says:

    Great stuff, says, this Cancerian with Moon and Jupiter (and South Node) in Gemini! It seems I only get hungrier for knowledge and experience as I let go of my 3 planets in Virgo self-criticism and my Saturn in Pisces escapism and surround myself with fun, playful Tribe members. So my inner child is slowly but surely returning to her authentic way of being – joyful curiosity, creativity and gradually less and less fear or “shoulds.” Thanks for your assistance in this over the years! Hugs, Tonya

  • janerll24@gmail.com' Jane Reilly says:

    Because of you Debra I am attempting to let go of the judgement so more free! Still hiding in a ‘room’ sometimes, though. Thanks??! Jane R.

  • dango_dog@yahoo.ca' Lori Reynolds says:

    I am a Gemini sun with a Libra moon. (Taurus rising), Mercury in Cancer. I grew up quickly as I always wanted to be around the adults who were in conversation. My curiosity and power of observation helped me navigate adult conversations. I was able to “fake” intelligence and they all thought I was pretty smart. My mother was a Virgo, extremely critical and judgemental. She grew up being taught that you correct a child to teach them so they grow up to be “good” and righteous. Unfortunately, she never praised so I felt unloved and that I failed or never lived up to most things. I learned to love that way and it took me years to be aware of it. ( I have Virgo on my 5th house and Pluto / Uranus inside). I have always been honest, talkative, open and curious especially with strangers. I have a child like innocent feel and often meet people and tell them personal things about myself right off the bat. I found that in turn, they open up quickly to me and tend to trust me and my intentions to bond and relate quickly. (libra moon). My best friend used to tell me “stop telling strangers your life story” LOL but that is just me. Unfortunately, in intimate relationships I tend to HIDE my true self. I suffer from “strong woman” syndrome. Always stepping up to lead, taking care of business and pretending I can handle everything alone. ( Saturn in Aries / 12 house opposite Moon Libra in 6th). I NEVER ask for help. I suffer in silence…but that started changing in my 40’s as I realize its NOT working for me. One way I was able to express my childlike naive innocence unrestricted is with animals. I started a Dog daycare/ boarding/ training service about 12 years ago and found I am incredible good at it. I love to create play / games for my dogs that TEACH obedience, trust and social bonding to balance their pack psychology. I can be as silly as I want with my animals and totally myself. I enjoy observing them and reading their emotions and thoughts through their behavior. I have become very skilled at it. People watch me connect to their animals and trust me to care for them immediately. I take that trust very seriously and protect and care for them as they were my own. LOL Don’t ask me a question if you don’t want me to write a book as an answer. PS -writing answers to questions help me find clarity of thought. Its the quickest road to awareness for me. Mercury in cancer – writing helps me define my feelings and put them together with thoughts. This new moon is hitting my Venus at 13 Gemini (conjunct Sun and Mars). in my first house. Its a yummy new moon for me.

  • KPlumb7979@aol.com' Katrina says:

    I have a Gemini natal moon. I studied journalism, so as not to have to specialise in anything long term. I went for an interview to be an Investigative Journalist for a large magazine company, who offered me a position as Agony Aunt. I was shocked that they thought I would be any good at that. But mainly I was insulted that they could not take me seriously as investigative; so I never replied to their offer. Vulnerable people do not need advice from an amateur aunt.

  • sheztodd@hotmail.com' Sheryl says:

    Thank you Debra, I am a gemini and proud of it, I have my ascendant my sun and my Venus in Gemini, and have always suffered for my inquisitiveness, my changeability, one of my scorpio friends casually tells anyone who will listen that oh she is a Gemini she can’t make up her mind about anything. Not true or even close to the truth. Everything in life fascinates me. I am ruled by my mind, Mercury and that is a gift. As a grandmother I enjoy the company of my grandchildren so much, animals also are so beautiful, they accept you just as you are and love love love you. I honoured the mind above all and all my life, strived to achieve, why? There is nothing else really but love and fun that is worth anything, you can know so much and miss life in the striving. I honour and adore my Gemini traits these days as gifts. Your spot on Debra.

  • Selfmasterydiane@aol.com' DeeReeder says:

    Like a butterflies fluttering and touching on many flowers is how it’s been for me my whole life. I feel free to explore and be in wonder of life. Turned 71 yesterday???

  • peemeyer@excite.com' Robert says:

    My Gemini Inner Child is ever evolving more and more not being judged or shackled by what I should be doing enjoying the ride and the wonder…an eternal apprentice, always experimenting with variations, additions, etc.

  • pfirebaugh@msn.com' Pamela says:

    I am so much that Gemini with Virgo moon, and now that I am just weeks away from being 66 yrs old I’m wondering WTF was all that? So many different interesting roads, so many stories! Hopefully there is more fun on the horizon.

  • Johnsonkaren14@yahoo.com' Karen says:

    Ahhh this is deeply resonating. I am a Gemini with Scorpio moon. I rarely say what my sign is for all the negative comments about Gemini, no I don’t tell. Reading this feels so right on exactly. Thank you!

  • Pa8676@aol.com' Susan says:

    Finally freed, judging is still a struggle. I’m getting there with all your help, awesome community, and culture. I’m in my early sixties. I’m a late bloomer ❤️

  • gomgk@yahoo.com' michael kintzel says:

    I can’t believe how well you captured and portrayed (this ) Gemini spirit. Although blessed with a tempering Taurus Moon exactly conjunct my Mercury, also ruling my
    Virgo rising, I totally resonated with your expression of Gemini wonder and enthrallment. We twins can truly experience rapture with the amazement of realizing
    things and you put the lighting in a bottle. WOW !

  • kat4u@shaw.ca' Kathy says:

    After many years I am now finally reconnecting with my inner child…I must say it is fantastic !!! It is opening up a whole new world for me.

  • kikistapes@gmail.com' Kelly says:

    Just hiding in the other room…

  • neeruapoorva@yahoo.com' Neeru says:

    Thanks you so much dear Debra as I try to centre myself amidst my indecisions and waverings and still look for my purpose in life even after half a century on this Earth this Monday.

  • natchi_37_@hotmail.com' Nathalie Schwendler says:

    Debra, thank you from the deepest of my heart. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear to make me feel better about MY childlike personality. Always changing, always interested in new things, curious, sporadic.. I always judged myself for not following through with one thing.. always felt I was not dedicated enough. But I’ve learnt to love and accept this in me. I am a curious free butterfly always looking for the next flower to smell. My life is fun and interesting all the time and I thank you for reassuring me right now of this. Your reAdings are always spot on and so beautiful. Thank you

  • I can’t imagine being anything or anyone but me! I love that my inner child is present and my diverse interests and abilities make me an unusual human specimen. I’ve gotten over the quizzical looks, inability of others to relate to the multi-tasking that is so normal for me. More than one successful career (at the same time), my normal! God given talents and abilities just keep on surging. Bless all Geminis that live, laugh and love their existence. Now, run along and enjoy your playground! Born 6/2

  • pcgrenada@gmail.com' Pamela says:

    Born again: as these words are so uplifting. The child in us never dies. Only the spirit of our souls gets lost in the murky waters called life. The simplicity of four elements with connectivity to the universe is the aha of life. The secret is out. The child is in the mind with an adult body waiting to express the natural rythums of nature and nurture.

    Debra you are a definite Gem.

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