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Ask not what your country can do for you (they don’t care about you)… just think about how you can see this whole mess with a new set of lenses (quote by a Gemini (Kennedy) and then rewritten by a Gemini (Silverman)) (Who knew you can write a parenthesis inside a parenthesis?).

Welcome to double Gemini.

‘We can all tell whatever story we want’, said the Gemini. ‘Take off your seat belt, throw away your plans, and let the wind lead you.’

It’s a new moon — a new world. Geminis change the words, the story, the point of view, to satisfy his/her funny — and at times, ridiculous — sense of humor.

I love the line: s/he who tells the story tells it best.

Nothing is as it seems. Nothing is the same. We cannot see the future from here because there are way too many boxes of mystery in the way, blocking our view. It’s a wild world.

Will our kids go back to school? Will your job come back in the fall? Will we have a financial breakdown? Is the world ending?

How many of us are quietly wondering what is going to happen next? All of us. The world has changed.

My prediction (which I wish wasn’t true) is that the fall is going to be a revisit of what happened in the spring. The good news is there will be a reprieve in June. By late July, the energy goes off again (here comes Mars in Aries for the rest of the year), so enjoy June — the month of Gemini…

Gemini is all about the childlike innocence that makes all situations fascinating.

I have been watching the collective psyche. We go into denial (welcome Gemini), making the moment easy to deal with. We just pretend it’s all okay.

Is it? Not really. Double Gemini, with so many retrogrades in the heavens (there are 3 and then 4 this summer) means we are not done slowing down. Going backwards is a great idea. DO NOT move fast into pretending we are safe.

We are spiritually safe if you decide that is true. This is a Gemini truth: your point of view is all that matters. But at the financial level, is our society in for a huge change? YES IT IS.

We have 3 lunar eclipses this summer: June 5-6, June 21, and the big one is July 4th. Why is the July 4th eclipse so important? Because America’s chart is being hit. On her birthday, there is a large energy coming our way.

America is about to have her Pluto return…what does that mean? Every 240-244 years, Pluto comes back to where it was. That’s how old America is: her Pluto return is in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is all about government; Pluto is all about change and transformation. We are about to watch the change happen.

Don’t be scared. America has elders, wisdom and a history of durability to show for herself — that’s one point of view. She has abuse, violation and injustice at her front door — that’s another point of view. Some of us LOVE America, some just adore her and some are scared of what she promised and didn’t follow through with.

This double-Gemini sky inspired me to speak to the unspeakable. We are not in an easy time. Those boxes hiding the mystery are spewed everywhere. We do not know where this is going.

What we do know (taught to us by Gemini delight) is: whatever your mind focuses on becomes the truth.

Focus on the positive (said the Gemini): this time is what we needed to get real. We had to be brought to our knees. There are two kinds of people: the ones who are humbled and the ones who are about to be.

What story is your mind focused on? I am curious. During this multiple-retrograde summer, what are you looking back at with nostalgia and what do you need to do to come into present time and be valuable to help, learn, teach, serve?

Standing by, listening…how I love Gemini (said the Gemini)…you tell me where your mind has been hanging out.


P.S. This is a great time to check in with either a Certified Astrologer or with a psychic/reader to make sure you are seeing clearly what Spirit would love your mind to focus on. Here are a few I recommend — Chassidy is a psychic and Lynn and Bonnie are channelers, and all of the Certified Astrologers have been endorsed by me (click on their names to view their website and schedule with them):


  • Hi Debra

    Well said:)

    I’m enjoying your Star Community and learning more about Astrology. So thank you.

    I agree. It is a very challenging time of immense change which also opens the door to immense growth.

    I’m teaching meditation on FB live myself as I broaden my reach to serve more people. ( Did I mention I’m a Virgo, double Earth, with Scorpio rising? ) I teach Zen, gentle Yoga and am a psychotherapist.

    On a personal level I’m revisiting old pain to heal on a deeper level.

    I teach my followers and students that love
    is always the answer.

    Love, light and awareness.

    As the Sufis say, “trust in God and remember to tie your camel”

    Take care and be well.

    All the best

  • Believeinthejourney@gmail.com' Marijke says:

    Watching this from North of the border I am worried that everyone is opening too fast and then go 10’ steps backwards. I don’t understand how some folks are so seemingly uneducated about life and those are the ones we have to worry about. Especially your POTUS. Scary times ahead but we will try to keep praying for better days and keep up the wonderful podcasts and writing us information we can deal with today. Love and light

  • Terrasue@cox.net' Terra says:

    Lately my thoughts keep circling back to how nothing in my life is how it is supposed to be, nothing turned out the way I always thought it would. I am also seeing that in my children’s lives. My son is a senior this year and nothing turned out like his senior year should’ve been. What is the point of setting intentions and working towards goals when you don’t have any control over how things are going to turn out? What are the rules to the game of life because I feel like I must not being playing right?

  • missysmalley@gmail.com' Missy says:

    Debra ~ You are BY FAR one of my most favorite astrologers online!!! I would LOVE to be able to meet you in person one day. As a Gemini, I relate SOOOO much to your energy, style and delivery!
    To everyone else – Please take the time to listen and learn to what she says. I guarantee you will be able to relate to something in each of her messages. She is a blessed soul ?. ~Missy~

  • mcdevittginger@yahoo.com' Ginger Mcdevitt says:

    Hi Debra, I’m so frustrated because I’m chemical sensitive & establishments are spraying bathrooms every 30 minutes. I’m more afraid of toxins than the virus!!! Virus + Toxins=Cancer!! I highly recommend Anthony Williams books. He is a medical medium. I wish he was on TV for 2 months straight talking about health. I know, Free Will! Thank you for being sassy & a great teacher! I love it!
    Peace and blessings Ginger
    P.S. I’m Taurus sun, Virgo rising. I have orthorexia! LOL Virgo keeps my Taurus in check!

  • Lizpalmerhome@gmail.com' Liz Palmer says:

    Thank you for this!
    As a double Cancer and an empath, I know I must protect my body and mind. I’ve been using this time to garden and work on home projects (I’m a designer, so other homes usually come first) I’m enjoying this time at home with my dog & cat. I will not go to fear. Unfortunately, I do get angry at so much stupidity in DC. I was so happy to ready we are in for a change! No matter what, I’m guessing it won’t be calm 🙂
    I am safe. I have friends. I have food. I have created a peaceful place to live and work. I consider myself very luck and I plan to stay calm and content. Liz

  • sbransfield33@gmail.com' Susan Bransfield says:

    “Take off your seat belt, throw away your plans, and let the wind lead you.”
    We cannot see the future because there are way too many boxes of mystery in the way, blocking our view.”
    Such beautiful and comforting words Debra!!!

  • rosemarynapoli@icloud.com' Rosemary says:

    Thank you so much for this message! and Happy Birthday!

  • weigelelmm@comcast.net' Leona+Weigele says:

    Thank you for your insights.

  • bonnie.estmn@wi.rr.com' Bonnie says:

    I find this very interesting and I am a believer that Americans will come forward and protect their great country because they see and know that what has been happening is not the America we love. I enjoyed this immensely.

  • kditch@westnet.com.au' Kristine says:

    Hello Debra
    Regarding the Pluto return hitting the US in your late summer Fall
    I’m an Australian I’m enquiring whether you could steer me in the direction of a good read for Australia please,
    everything I can find is in regard to the US.
    Thanking you for your post & info You share,
    unfortunately I haven’t worked since March so a course at this time is impossible.

    Australia hasn’t been hit as hard we closed off our borders very quickly As things escaped quickly & a much smaller country to do so.
    Children in most states return to school on Monday
    Dance and the arts is mid June ( I’m a ballet teacher)
    Theatres mid July all progressing well But dance companies 2021 which is devastating as the arts and mental health go hand in hand
    Thanking you in advance

  • tibetsun20@protonmail.com' Linda says:

    Great info on what is & what’s about to be. I’m glad I have Jupiter in Scorpio & can see the big picture. I don’t fear. I prepare the best way I know how. It’s like I’ve seen all of this, before–on another planet. The ego has overcome the soul & if it doesn’t change, we’ll be done.

  • celticgrl11@gmail.com' Linda says:

    We needed a change. To be honest, I am embracing this new way of being. I see those that are being humbled and in some cases it saddens me for example the small business owners on our quaint Main St. who have emptied their shops though who knows how long they have been floundering and decided to surrender. The Universe decides, we don’t. I have had that cosmic slap on more than one occasion when I stuck around in a situation far too long. It was always better in the long run.

  • Stillgessica8@gmail.com' Gessica says:

    My birthday is 6-21-1971, lunar eclipse, oh boy here we go!

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