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This week brings a double-Gemini new moon AND the solar eclipse is here. Oh, and Mercury continues to be retrograde!

That’s a lot.

Geminis are a lot! They have more energy than the average bear (I mean sign).

Their joy is in playing with words and with your head.

In fact (said the Gemini), this is what has made me stand out as an astrologer and teacher.

I play with your head and my head — all the while, endlessly asking the classical Gemini question: What are we gonna do for fun today? Who can I play with? I love indulging in word games, a brain game called Lumosity, or just an electric bike ride will do. You name it — we have to play.

Geminis have excessive energy. What is it that makes someone get up and go?

I just taught a class called Meet the Planets, and I spoke specifically on the Sun.

The Sun’s energy sets us up for vitality — or not. It’s just true that some signs (Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Capricorn) run with a higher voltage in their bodies.

The challenge is that they do not understand the others who do not. So they play games when you are not energized to keep the energy flowing.

At worst, they are talking to themselves, calling someone for entertainment, or reading a magazine in record time. This is direct result of the solar energy that runs through every Gemini.

The Sun (which we all take for granted) is 93 million miles away from Earth… perfectly positioned and filled with endless life force.

Think about that for a minute: How did the Sun get perfectly positioned to nurture life as we know it here on Earth? What a Gemini question.

During this new moon, ask yourself: What do you want to know? How much can you eat up the thoughts/questions/queries that make our heads spin?

Wanna hear some of mine?

  • How do we meet partners when we do?
  • How do we find our true calling? Can we miss it?
  • How many people do I not know who are soul mates and old friends here on Earth?
  • Will we end this story with a big bang or a whimper?
  • Does reality have a purpose?

This double-Gemini sky begs you to THINK. With your heart though — not just questions for their own sake.

I want to hear your deepest thoughts and queries in the comments below… I’m here listening.

I love this double-Gemini energy when it’s focused on what matters most: our evolving consciousness.



  • aquajules@yahoo.com' Julie Tummonds says:

    I am struggling with deciding where my kids should go to school! Do I stay in my little apartment and send them to Monterey High School? Move in with my boyfriend of 7 years and his 3 kids and send them to Carmel High School or do I try to move to Pacific Grove and send them to PG High??
    I want them to go to PG or Monterey, but I also I’m tired of living separate from my Love. AND my love is a Taurus with zero planets in Aquarius and I am Aquarian with 4 planters in Aquarius and zero planets in Taurus! How do we work, Debra? 🤪

  • hubbard_harriet@yahoo.com' Harriet G Hubbard says:

    I want to fullfill my purpose
    To grow & exspand All my gifts & abilities.
    To the fullist.
    For Spirit.
    Love & Light

  • sledstro@msn.com' Sandy says:

    Can I retire and not worry? Will I have motivation to do things? Will be I able to still work part time at the place I work at now? Will they approve me working part time? So many worries.

  • tgeorgeleocap@gmail.com' Terril says:

    If our soulmate died early in this lifetime, will we meet them when we leave our bodies?

    • Rosalea.salon7@gmail.com' Rosa Lea says:

      I have met a precious soul mate that died early and left me devastated. Years later I met someone that was a different. A mirror soul mate to help me see my self. I think there are several soul mates for a person in a life time. I still live with my first soul mate in my heart and dreams.
      I hope this helps a bit.

  • Lindaandbobpapreck@yahoo.com' Linda S Papreck says:

    I have to say 👍 I am a Sagittarius with my Sun conjuct the mid Heaven. I am a very curious person. I have plenty of go but my husband is a Scorpio that I think runs on air. All the fire 🔥 signs are goers that I know. The Capricorns I know seem to have a steady go but not a exciting one like fire and air. My water sun hubby is a Scorpio that you would know until you pay attention to him. He runs like the wind and yet can appear to be a slug on the couch charging his battery. He is one of the best that can say has run in the Boston marathon.

  • Deepest thoughts . . . from age 60 on (now 66) how can I share what I know . . . what will be my legacy. As the Taurus Sun said – the clock is ticking ❤️

    🙏 ♈♉♏

    • BranwenEdwards@aol.com' Branwen Edwards says:

      If the clock is ticking – it means it’s still going…… Seriously, though, Coleen, what would your Soul REALLY want to do? It’s never too late, I’m 74 in August and today I start my Level 3 Applied Astrology course – Debras going to be there – and if I can help in any way, please let me know!

    • Rosalea.salon7@gmail.com' Rosa Lea says:

      In also think you are so young in the scheme of life. You have so much to share. It my age of 74, I am just beginning to share my natural talents after I retired this year. Life is rich with opportunities. Look around and within and breathe in your life.

  • kassied001@yahoo.com' Kassandra Helderman says:

    Being an Aquarius with close ties to Pisces I always question what my purpose is. I know my passions but am I working towards my calling.

  • jsmithmv@icloud.com' Jo says:

    I am one of the 6 other signs and I don’t have the energy to even reply to your question; just messin ‘ with ya. You are the best, keep on doin’ what
    You do!!! July

  • M.amberg@comcast.net' Mary Amberg says:

    Is all this double energy keeping me from falling asleep at a decent hour, or is just the caffeine?! Lol 😂

  • I am looking forward to this workshop

  • This sounds interesting. Thsnks for the invite.

  • Titusdp@msn.com' Titus Peterson says:

    Why do people long to live long lives?

  • I have replied 3 times. Thank you.

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose Regan says:

    I do have a lot of questions. Why am I a Leo Sun, Sag Moon and Rising. My Mars is in Libra and My Venus is in Cancer conjunct Uranus. My Mercury is in Leo conjunct Pluto in the 8th house.
    I feel totally depleted and exhausted this June 9 the night before this Gemini New Moon and Gemini Sun Solar eclipse. Why? Is it because I am getting older?
    Is it is because I am a caregiver living with a client that has mobility challenges and is very depressed?
    This last two weeks has been very hard for me. I had to call 911 because my client took 30 sleeping pills at once + 8 other sleeping pills.
    The next week he did not want to get up, slept every day till 2:00 p.m. and got up had something to eat and had to go back to bed because of gastric pain. I have been afraid to leave him alone even when he is asleep. I am on a contract till August 1st and I don’t know if I can make it through.
    Any Suggestions?? I have taken Level One and I am still learning…

  • TCTiffany28@hotmail.com' Tiffany Harless says:

    Having just lost my step father, who was only 46 years old, I’m questioning life’s purpose during this new moon cycle.

  • shaffinasultanti@yahoo.ca' Shaffina Sultanti says:

    Thanks Deb this was very informative
    Thank you

  • rainlake0613@gmail.com' Wendy says:

    As a Gemini, I see how I do more . I also find it hard to find a partner that can keep up with my busy life. I love being a Gemini and I found my lifes purpose in helping others. Thanks for asking!!

  • Hi Debra. I’m a Pisces, Gemini,Aqu, (S,M,R) and have all those Gemini trates!, my heart is asking, “now that your slate is almost clean again, what do we truly desire and want to manifest in a soul mate, career, home life? I’m writing it down, again ,and we’ll see what manifests. My second solar return is nearing soon too.(b-day 2/21/64). Love you! Thank You!

  • nazhinman13@gmail.com' Naz Hinman says:

    I know I was put here as a healer. It is natural to me on so many levels – but it is also breaking me! Why do I get hurt in something I love so much? How many souls are attached to me? Why? What am I not getting right?

  • kaczkak@yahoo.com' Karen says:

    Hi I am certainly interested in speaking with you.

  • Thank you Debra for all you do to bring light and fun at the same time.

  • Sidd28@gmail.com' SIdonnie says:

    Oh Debra, What’s past this planet in the sky besides this solar system??? I wish I could do Star Trek and travel the entire galaxy!! I want to know so much more about this universe!!!???🥰 I love your free teachings they have helped me tremendously! I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your time and your Taurus story telling mercury lol , I also have mercury in Taurus so I absolutely love listening to you explain the planet, signs, and elements! Please don’t ever stop!!😘💖

  • bleazy206@gmail.com' Enrique says:

    How do I stay in tune with my divine self? Asking for a ♑️ ✨

  • taragall@aol.com' Tara Gallagher says:

    I live Geminis! I have some Gemini energy too with Venus and Mars in Gemini. I have many dear Gemini friends – they make me happy, I love to have fun too!

    I definitely believe in soul groups/families and have felt it again and again when I meet someone I have long known, yet only just met. When I moved to the town where I live 34 years ago. I kept meeting so many of my soul family people.

    I believe in Universe guiding us and angels supporting our moves in the right direction and yet at times I still wonder if I am living my soul purpose. Mostly though I think I am, and part of that is to have fun and live a little more lightly this go round, not needing to have the serious goals and accomplishment mindset.

    I do truly hope to take your courses one day. But financially the Universe hasn’t yet given me the green light. I remain optimistic that it will when the time is right!!! Thanks got all the great info you share with us all!! xoxo 😘

  • cecilia_631@msn.com' Cecilia Finocchio says:

    Hi Debra and all of your coworkers.
    I find that in these Times of Big changes, Its so exciting to be alive!

    Think if astrology could be on the menu i the News on tv. Or the radio…Big changes for body and soul..
    This is just so nurishing and thank you for your engagement! ☀️💚

    With Love Cecilia

  • What do mean by double gemini asks the gemini?

  • Courtneyquintrell@gmail.com' Courtney says:

    I want to know how best to be the lighthouse for those who are suffering in darkness. I look to the stars for my answers.

  • Thompsondixie314@gmail.com' Tamra Thompson says:

    Hi, I do have questions,but they are more personal ones,my life as I knew it has been changed to boxes being delivered to a different area (state to a different state,) I’m so confused and I don’t know how to start over or what I’m supposed to do!, I am single for 8yrs now,my heart was torn apart and I haven’t felt love since, I am a Pisces,so I forget myself hopefully you have a insight,:) thank you for listening,,,,,Tamra

  • claudiafay@outlook.com' Claudia Fay says:

    I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! What am I good at? What am i supposed to do? How can I learn patience? How do I stop procrastinating? What makes me happy? it been so long I don’t even recognize myself anymore

  • Sassysuzi39@gmail.com' Suzi says:

    Very thought provoking and interesting💁‍♀️ I am a double Aquarius with a Libra moon sign I am married to a Gemini and he does. Not appear to be at all what u described….

  • veteranprincess@gmail.com' Angie Enlow says:

    Today is my 50th birthday. My mom/best friend passed away about a year ago and I am struggling with how do I move forward? What does this next 50 years look like? Will I be able to finally settle down and be stable as the matriarch of my family now? My love of astrology has been INTENSE for the past few years and I’m trying to bring astrology into the forefront for my country living friends here in Kentucky…how? How? HOW? love your energy btw.

  • amarulla999@yahoo.com' Allie Pace says:

    I have a Gemini moon and lve been told that I think too much, I love mystery that needs to be solved. Lately I’ve been feeling very Aquarian (my SN) the silliest things make me smile. Despite being a restrictive diet (only 42 days to go but whose counting) which my Virgo sun loves the planning, and the rest of me hates, I have crazy energy and want to talk to anyone with a pulse. I’m loving this energy

  • mariahartz@me.com' Maria says:

    I asked my self what’s next – I had a strong feeling there was something more for me to do when i retired – I was not finished at 69 – the question was what more am i supposed to do?
    FEAR FOR ME for the WOOWOO

    All of my life was taking care of family literally which started at age 11 – and three kids by 19 – no regrets – life has been full of experiences which matches my profile!

    The future is scary today as i have grand children and I’m a GG (great grand mother)

    Whimper – passive aggressive
    BANG -depends who u ask in my family

    Optimistic I am – realist I am – Christian I am – gifted I am –

    It has occurred to me I’m doing what i should be doing – discovery – I’m an empathic! No less! Finally a word that I can relate to – now the age of Aquarius rather than Pisces

    I sooo enjoy your thoughts and wish you “Happy Birthday” 🎶 and many more!
    Thank you to a most Blessed person!

    Maria –

  • mariahartz@me.com' Maria says:

    Please don’t publish

  • iamvanessaerin@gmail.com' Vanessa Erin says:

    Certainly you have a way with words Debra. I have been following you now for a couple years and am consistently entertained by your magnificence in what you do as an astrologer and entertainer.

    Deep in my heart, the questions I have are constantly playing in my mind and taunting my body with a lust for answers that I can never shake.

    What am I doing here on Earth? Is it truly about the sensory experience or is there more to it?
    What does my highest self look like and am I truly able to tap into her energy or did I just make her up?
    Who are the Egyptians and did they energetically become the planets?
    Why do I have a pull in my heart to do something specific that I still consistently question what that something is?
    How is it that humans murder humans? We are all here playing the same game on Earth and yet, why is it that we hurt one another so deeply?
    How can people hurt children?
    Why are we afraid of our emotions? Why are we afraid to feel?
    How can I be the best possible mom to children and nurture them in a way where they never go without feeling loved and supported?

    What a quest it has been.
    Vanessa Erin

  • stephanie.ficarra@gmail.com' stephanie says:

    Do we get responses to many of the above questions?
    I so am going to take a class.
    I am aquarius moon in cancer rising virgo.

  • liza@starlightandseasons.co.uk' Liza Zanoni says:

    How do I defrost my shut down feelings-I am busy -Gemini sun and ascendant with a Taurean Moon -but not feeling I add up at the moment🦋💫

  • zoealma143@gmail.com' Zoraida Altamirano says:

    Triple Gemini here, with moon placement in Leo. Would love to learn more about my solar return. Love Astrology among many things. One of my passions is to uplift others.



    ENJOY LIFE…………

  • g.lupe.arenas@gmail.com' Guadalupe Arenas says:

    Not to sound suicidal or anything like that. But Lately, I can’t help but to ask this question pretty much everyday…. “seriously, what IS the point of THIS life?”
    I just turned 35, June 5th. I’m 7 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend of 3 years today, 6/10, who is also a Gemini, 5/24. Who is 3 years older than I am. This is our first child together and individually. And I’m feeling so bored. I’m losing my mind. I don’t see the big picture. Wtf is going on. I have not felt this directionless in EVER. My life path number is 8, and I’m 35 which equals 8. I wonder if I’m just not able to see the possibilities because they’re exactly what I asked for, something beyond my wildest imagination.

  • allonboard@mac.com' Liz says:

    Can you have more than one True Calling?

  • oliviajo27@gmail.com' Olivia says:

    Can I really be a massage therapist for trauma victims? Could I REALLY help people come back into their bodies when they have lost that connection? Am I compassionately capable of helping people who feel betrayed by their bodies and overcome autoimmune like symptoms by connecting with themselves and their home again? 💜💛💚 That’s all my Taurus, Capricorn, Capricorn soul wants💚

  • ariana_fields@yahoo.com' Aria says:

    Will everything really be okay? Will we get to move back into our home? Will I ever be financially solvent? Will my teenager ever outgrow her sarcastic hatefulness? Will I ever feel truly at peace? Will Alex and I ever get married? Will our planet shake us off like fleas or will we learn to live in harmony with her? Will we figure out how to restructure our political landscape to really take care of our fellow humans? Will we really be okay?

  • Dani.b.junqueira@gmail.com' Daniela says:

    Never have thought about this… now it’ll be one more thing to think about… said this over thinker Aquarius: “will we end this story with a big bang or a whimper?”💖
    Thanks for existing, Debra Silverman❣️

  • jgonzalez1318@gmail.com' JUNE GONZALEZ says:

    Looking for the true meaning in life. I change a lot looking for the passion. I’m also in search of that passion. a true calling.
    I’m a Gemini rising, sun, moon and mars all in my 1st house with Venus in Tauris in my 12th. Love astrology.

  • fromygar@gmail.com' Darlene Marshall says:

    I have so many thoughts in my head and it works against me sometimes. A thought can lead to tears and also to inspiring action when my observer is on. I try to keep it on all the time to catch those thoughts that don’t serve me and my purpose. The New Moon had me righting down what I want to achieve this year and fingers crossed by the Full Moon they’ll be done. Gemini Sun in the 11th house and Mars in the 2nd house of Leo has me being a drama queen or not when my Cancer rising and Cancer Moon in the 12 has me crawling into my shell for protection from the other drama people in my life.

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