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A double-Gemini sky — what a treat. In this blog, we get to think together.

‘What do you think about this reality?’ asked no Gemini ever. Geminis work with much smaller bite-sized questions like: ‘Why do we think so much?’

Here’s a Gemini thought: the mind is an instrument, providing narration of what and how we think about this life/love/kid/job/God/you name it. Our minds are an idea factory packed with opinions. Double Gemini begs the question: How aware are you (we) of the mind and its wanderings? The mind (especially a Gemini one) is a never-ending talker.

Being a Gemini myself, the only relief I have found from the lust of my mind’s flirtatious meanderings is cultivating discernment, because I was interested in the silliest things: like the way the ink on the toothpaste is laid out, the size of the ice shelf that fell into the arctic the other day (as I search Google for details), and of course my mind asks almost daily: ‘Where, oh where, is the Moon today?’

As a Gemini, my mind likes to hike through difficult terrain. My best friend (who is a Gemini) once told me that her mind was like a two-bit whore — it would lie down with anyone, anytime, and just start talking. That made me laugh because I think I have one of those in my head too.

Then I found the observer. Relief.

The observer is the part of all of us who asks questions like: ‘Who is thinking?’ ‘Why am I talking?’ ‘Is this conversation serving you or me? ‘Or is it just my need to fill space?’ ‘Is my awareness on?’ ‘Am I rambling because of overactive Air?’

My observer now has me aware that I had an overactive mind. It still has a function: here I am writing to you, carving out words in order to shape this blog into something interesting so it will touch your heart, make you think, and open the door for all opinions to be shared and written about in the comments below.

Just so you know, I always read the comments. ‘I love to share my thoughts,’ said the Gemini. ‘There are so many points of view’ — and here, we have the right use of Air.

Fresh Air: To be open to listening to whomever, whenever, without a preconceived idea of what you think is true, right or wise.

Fresh Air — the truth of double Gemini on the high road — is the willingness to review, to go backwards (hello, Mercury retrograde), to see again.

I love my mind. I love that it is so curious. ALL. THE. TIME. This is why Gemini is so youthful… we are always curious.

Even more than I love my Gemini’s curiosity, I love my observer, who leaves me calm, aware, awake and ready to ask you the hard questions:

Why do you read these blogs? I want to know if your mind gleans from these lessons/teachings? I want to hear your Gemini riff on what matters most to you in the comments below.

The right use of the mind under this dark sky: to be willing to go in and listen to your inner voices with your observer nearby.



  •' Angela says:

    I’m a Gemini also, with a Virgo moon…very tough these days. My inner voice is constantly talking…even while others are spewing diatribes about politics (both sides) and their surety of the causes of social ills. My inner “companion” is always trying to sort out what is sensible and not, but my outer self no longer feels safe to express these thoughts in what used to be normal discourse and conversation. It’s a waste of time…everyone is so fixed in their viewpoint. I wonder how can they know definitively that their thoughts are the only right thoughts? I’m exhausted…

    •' Bonnie says:

      So very true…I’m exhausted with all the chatter, about folks stuck on ownership as that makes them somehow superior. I always want to walk away. I find I hardly engage with anyone I don’t trust, I really did-like the lies…my own mind is chatter enough. I long for peace and quiet. I have a stellium in Gemini in the 7th hse.
      Virgo Sun.

    •' Bonnie says:

      So very true…I’m exhausted with all the chatter, about folks stuck on ownership as that makes them somehow superior. I always want to walk away. I find I hardly engage with anyone I don’t trust, I really don’t-like the lies…my own mind is chatter enough. I long for peace and quiet. I have a stellium in Gemini in the 7th hse.
      Virgo Sun.

  •' Vanessa says:

    You have just given me a catch phrase when I know someone is not listening.
    You need some Fresh Air. Said the Sun Sag.
    Debra, you reach more people than you know!

  •' Judy Croon says:

    Debra, I always enjoying listening to you. I’m 75 years old and can’t do all the modern technology apps, etc. I’m lucky to be able to answer my phone and texts. Ha ha! There is slim to no chance of me ever getting a reading with you, but that’s okay, because I’m okay, even though I would love to here what you say. I have done my birth chart at and did a lot of looking up the plants and their houses, which was certainly very interesting at how accurate they were to me. Astrology is a window to see behind the door to who and why we are on this earth plane. Thank you for being YOU Debra.

  •' Julie says:

    My Gemini mind was definitely attracted to this particular blog–and I’m on enough lists and in enough groups that the competition is swift. Zero degree Cancer Sun with Mercury, Venus and Mars in Gemini. That squirrely Mercury Gemini tries like crazy to talk over the observer. Group and/or guided meditation works a little better than solitary meditation does for me.

  •' Cathy Girard says:

    Gemini Rising, Gemini in Jupiter and NN, sun and mercury in 3rd house. Thank you for normalizing, giving permission, and finding “healthier” ways to tame my monkey mind. I love my curiosity but it can be exhausting to me and to others at times.

  •' Sarah says:

    My father was a Gemini. If I asked him a question, he’d go on all day with an answer that explained the whole historical framework and future ramifications of a subject. I consciously made the choice early on to only ask him the most important questions. Still I love his curiosity and his ability to talk to anyone anywhere anytime.

    •' Karen Potts says:

      Oh yes, I read your comments Luke a thirsty soul in a hot desert. What you say about “I love my mind. I love being courios. All. The. Time.” That’s me! Why would a double Capricorn with Jupiter in Gemini in my 5th house love Gemini’s so much? I do. They seem to be who I can relate to and always have been drawn to in love relationships. They inspire me, & I calm them down. A sharing of gifts. The honesty is real. Of course my three planets in Aquarius has some say in the matter. But I don’t have any planets in water, and missed that class. Oh how I could talk about this all day. Bless you Debra for helping us all open up to the realization of how important our observer is. ?

    • I like your comment. A client of mine is married to a Gemini and has about seven other Gemini’s in her immediate family. I am her massage therapist and have been seeing her every week for twelve years.
      She asked me, “Do all Gemini’s answer a question with a question?”
      Without thinking I responded, “Why do you ask?”
      I believe we ask questions and give lots of information because we want to make sure we answer the exact question that you’re asking, and also answer the questions you haven’t thought of yet! 😉

  •' Joanne says:

    Hi Debra:
    I’m also a Gemini ( June4/53). I love listening and reading your blog. Being a fan for many years. Honestly, I thought we had the same birthday.
    My story; I’m a mouth cancer survivor of 3 years. At the beginning of my journey. I had 1/2 of my tongue removed. The doctors replaced my tongue by building a flap. A side effect of this could have reduced my speech significantly. ( it’s different, I can still talk…
    No, no no said the Gemini in me. That’s my life. I talk all the time. To myself, my family, my friends, neighbours, nature, the dog, get my drift.
    My thoughts went to way I created this type of disease. “Was I talking too much or was it that I suppressing some of my thoughts” (my moon is in Pisces)
    Then, I learned about the observer.
    I’m still learning. I’m using this retrograde to be still and dig deeper.
    Thank you for your book. The four elements
    Love and light

  •' Donna Biggs says:

    Gurl! My 2-bit, endlessly curious hijacker humped up & stomped her foot at your
    friend ‘s astute observation; my supporter just calmed her right down. Deb, this blog was a great Birthday gift to myself. Dead on accurate-like only an evolved Gemini could express to us. Got a good chuckle. And joy in knowing what I already Do Know- my mind is my best friend but she’s not the most discerning.And only my fellow Gemini’s truly comprehend our mind respect. Get US.

  •' Monika Dudezki says:

    I have a Gemini rising and therefore a very curious mind. But here’s the interesting thing when I took your level one course… My sun sign is Sagittarius but my south node is Gemini where I like to be most often and am comfortable. But my north node says I should learn and lean towards Sagittarius … so my Gemini mind asks me do I need to be more of a Sagittarius than I already am !! LMAO!!! ?

  •' Noëlle says:

    Happy Birthday dear Gemini Deborah ♥️?✨ I love how your mind works. I love what you – and how you speak and write because it tickles my mercury in Gemini. I am a practicing (for 18 years meditator) and I too feel relief (like you) when I am able to calm my mind down by turning on the observer). With just a little more perspective, I’m able to get out of the hamster wheel space of loving running on the wheel for the sake of running on the wheel! ?
    I’m so grateful for your teaching and sharing your wisdom in such a lighthearted way. It (you) make(s) my heart smile ??♥️✨

  •' Emily S says:

    I’m a double Gemini (moon and sun) and a libra rising. All air. So I live in the clouds. My mind never stop and jumps all over the place – I feel like I’m always high and it’s hard for me to settle and be calm/quiet. I do find alone time to help.

    But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love that I’m a conversationalist, and forever curious 🙂

  •' joanna says:

    I am a Gemini rising and have a Gemini moon in my natal chart. It has been more of a curse than a blessing as of late…need to be at peace and live in the here and now versus freaking out about the future and how much work I have to do…

  •' Pamela says:

    Your Gemini friend described me perfectly. I have lived in this neighborhood for just 3 years and I think I know most of my neighbors in a 3 block radius.
    With my moon and sun both ruled by Mercury which is Cancer retrograde in the 12th house of Gemini, my mind wanders in such lovely places.

  •' Stacey says:

    Debra, I LOVE that you read the comments. Yes, you’re an amazing teacher but what gives you your greatness, your wonderfulness – in my opinion – is your ability to listen and to learn. Thank you for allowing me to be read/heard (says Scorp moon/Cancer rising who r just wanting to feel connected!). So happy to incarnate in this lifetime and have you as a teacher and student of life – whether I ever meet you or not! No direct Gemini in my chart here, but Jupiter in Third House (and lots of Mercury energy) must fuel part of my understanding of exactly what you mean when you talk about that detached busyness and overactive thinking and colors and sounds and shiny objects and unending curiosity. It’s so fascinating and fun, but sometimes its just plain exhausting. My busy mind lets go when I can tap into a key practice for me: a willingness to surrender (and sometimes I need to even take the step before that – the willingness to even be willing to surrender). Letting go and trusting is a daily challenge for me, but ultimately a daily reprieve. We live in an often crazy, heart-breaking world. I see Gemini as sprinkled with large doses of optimism and joy as well as one who needs to release her restlessness from time to time by getting comfy in her quiet, tranquil throne (aka the hub, the Observer :).

  •' Katie says:

    Half the time I don’t understand what you are talking about (haven’t taken your class yet) but I don’t really give a shit because I am curious too! I love hearing and reading new ideas, opinions and thoughts. I’m a 72 y o sag sun with lots of Virgo that grounds ( and sometimes grinds) me yet I’m learning and I love it. I am grateful for your outspokenness (is that a word?) about climate change (did my generation f that up or what) and other issues to educate those who will have to live and resolve our screw ups. Looking forward to taking your classes when they are open again.

  •' Kathryn says:

    You make me laugh & think. I am a Cancer with Gemini rising. I was know as “Chatty Kathy” & got in a lot of trouble for talking in class & being the class clown. I think I was forced to stop talking & lost that ability as I was growing up. But I have feelings that it is coming back. Thank you for the blogs. I really enjoy them and am always learning.

  •' Robin D. Feffer says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am a double gemini with a scorpio moon. Sometimes I feel so lost in myself. I get so many ideas running through my head but I execute none. I turn 40 on June 4th. I’m not sure of the numerical significance this year but turning 40 on 6/4/82 seems BIG. How do I cultivate and create and release what is within me without feeling the overwhelm of it all? How do I execute one thing at a time and see it through. I am starting a blog as a way to write what’s within me. Structure is helpful but then I question it, haha! Blessings, Gemini sister!

  •' Seb says:

    I am a Libra, with this Gemini mind : ) I do not have a birth time on my birth certificate. I do know I’m a Libra and look at astrology since an early teen. It felt like magic as I learned more about it. I’d like to learn more about myself. I don’t have the Gemini gift of gab, the thoughts swirls and slowly evaporates, not spoken.
    I have been told not to over think things and not to “recreate the wheel”. I love that I continue to find more like minded people.
    I’m ready for more discoveries in astrology and want more as I learn more. I love my AIR siblings and I want to thank you, for being you Debra. Love and Light.

  • I caught the day after birthday blog and tried to take the screen shots and such to no avail due to my inflated belief in my tech skills.
    You are a Gemini and I have a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. I thought it would be fun to look up your chart and have a look-see. I could not find your chart anywhere. Another thing I was interested in is that many places I looked it said no birth time. Another said 6am so a solar chart. I assume you have rectified your chart, maybe not to your feel confident. can remain ageless and mysterious if you want, but I would like to run your chart. Love your stuff. Lauri

  •' Adela Kunasz says:

    Hi Debra, I loved reading this blog because you’ve said all the things my Gemini mind (5/22 birthday) says all day and night long! I can jump, skip and hop from one thing to another in seconds, never mind minutes. My monkey mind is never quiet, even when I meditate, so I have learned to be OK with it and not listen to every single thing it suggests. Over time, I have learned to practice a pause between some of the suggestions and asked my Self, is this for my highest good. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes to receive the answer and when I do, I make the choice that’s best for me. It only took me a VERRRRYYYYY LOOOOOONNNNGGGG TIIIIIMMMMME to finally understand myself enough to not dive into every idea that came into my thoughts and I’m grateful I have. Thank you for all your insights and posts, I love reading them because they help me understand myself more and more!

  •' Julia says:

    Yessss I love this spin on it. I’m a gem sun, rising and Mercury & this really resonates. I am always asking the little questions, the tedious intricate questions. Someone makes a point and I don’t even acknowledge what they’re really wanting to talk about before I’ve asked about ten million niche questions and expressed 10 million hypotheses about it (thank god my partner is a Sag sun wbo loves to partake in this).

    I would not have even commented here if it wasn’t for his part >>> “‘I love to share my thoughts,’ said the Gemini.”. Im going to say this to myself because people love to hear my thoughts. Despite this & even though I have so many thoughts, sometimes my observer impedes me, personally. But probably due more so to self esteem.

    Thanks for sharing Debra x

  •' Donna Devens says:

    This Gemini turned 61 today and while journaling realized my never ending why and how questions with a little bit of judgement (ok a lot) and obsession with setting expectations. I just finished the missing element. I am a fire through and through and it’s so much work to be me. But I get the journey and love listening to your insights. We must shine our beautiful bright lights with compassion. You help us do that. ❤️

  •' MaryRose Regan says:

    Dear Deborah;

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    I love your inquiring Gemini Mind. I first met you through Astrology Answers videos and I still listen every day.
    Finding the observer in each of us allows for our individual progression as individuals on this planet. In some ways I believe that is the greatest purpose for humanity on this planet.

    I love that you also delve into other topics such as Tarot , other channellers such as Kryon, and other types of Astrology.
    My Leo Sun in the 8th house loves going deep. And my Sagittarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising make me the forever student.
    You continue to quench my thirst. In my 72 year I am still learning and grateful for your many seasons and seasonings as well!!!
    Blessings to you dear Deborah ❤ ? ?

  •' Susan Ayers says:

    Hello… I’m a Gemini too♥️ 6/9/57 no nothing of birth charts or risings but know I’m a communicator and the mothering type that sings and is endless in my thoughts. Lately I’ve been going backward in my past as if rehashing things I’ve done or said to people 30 or more years ago like I’m learning from those experiences all over! I’m back to the present thank goodness but was quite taken back that happened… anyone else go through this type of thing before? It felt like empowerment and pain I inflicted on others at times

  •' Kayla says:

    I’m Gemini too.

  •' Johanna says:

    Hi debra,
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring me with lack of air to comment !
    The air in my chart is Saturn and Mars conjunct in Aquarius , which doesn’t feel very airy to me , BUT with my descendant in gemini I attract gemini all the time, gemini suns gemini moons gemini ascendant etc etc. I like to feel things and sometimes they irritate me so much , why can’t you just be quite and stop talking and stop asking questions and just be ? Sometimes I tell them : can you please stop this wheel of going round and round and just quite your mind ? Haha , but then they help me put words on what I feel and help me communicate which I see as a gift because it’s something I’m struggling with. I like how gemini make jokes all the time, it’s always fun.

  •' Kathleen Bedell says:

    Happy Birthday Debra!!! You share a birthday with my son Colin ♊️?and we both love you to the moon & back!
    He’s a Gemini twin, so i was blessed to be able to raise 2 little air signs!!!!!
    Love, light & blessings!!!!!!

  • Deb,
    You inspire me every day! Pisces Sun, Libra moon, Scorpio Rising. I love Gemini Curiosity and the ability to talk and write. My North Node is in Sag so sometimes my Gemini comes to the surface especially when in the company of others who love to talk about all things Spiritual. Your work is so very important. It makes my heart sing to know you are there to cheer us on! Blessed Be!

  •' Lovise says:

    I read this blog because it makes me feel at home. Gemini in the fourth house 🙂 It’s not only that though. As you say yourself, you are able to download what’s in the zeitgeist – and every full moon and new moon you do exactly that in such a wonderful way. (Every single day actually) It’s like you write about stuff that people themselves don’t even know is on their mind. Thank you 🙂

  •' Rachel Salamone says:

    I read these because your insight helps me to make sense of my experience. I feel communion with someone who speaks my language. I feel entertained because I relate, and it is always interesting to relate.

  • Gemini, Libra, Libra here. I love the energy of exchanging ideas, thoughts, dreams. I love all the things related to sharing how we think and why we believe what we do. My mind constantly chatters. I turn to these blogs to remember to return to the observer.
    Your writing helps me return to the safe, calm, quiet voice of the observer. She gently asks, “Is this the truth, or are you telling yourself a story?”
    Thank you Debra

  •' Barbara says:

    Hi Debra. I’m so looking forward to your classes. I’m Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini, Virgo rising. Also have Uranus, North Node and Part of Fortune in Gemini in the tenth house. I feel the Gemini energy is a big blessing, but also a curse. The pro is that I can detach from emotional pain by letting my inquisitive mind take over and researching everything that arouses my curiosity. The con is that I can never stop thinking (!) and so far have a very hard time meditating because of that. By the way, are you familiar with Russell Brand? He has the same Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries combination as you. He’s a bit eccentric, but I just love his energy,

  •' Eden(Deborah) Henderson says:

    HiYa Debra.
    I too am a Debra tho I’m known as Eden. (call it my performance name!) Libra sun+merc+(think it’s north?) node all in 11th house+Sag rising (saturn in sag as well). Taurus moon and Mars in gemini 6th house. Then? Venus+Pluto in my 11th and 10th house but in virgo.
    I’m so busy/creative musically and lyrically. I’m a poet and I know it. LOL
    This blog was like an epiphany! OF COURSE I’m good with words etc. Just following my mercury (knowing virgo is ruled by mercury as well) turned a light on!
    I’ve always loved astrology but re-finding you today on this gemini new moon has felt like My Universe opening my eyes. I mean…now I actually LOOK @my chart I see that gemini mercury dominance. The only other influence is midheaven and uranus in leo/9th house (long distance travel) and I’m a kiwi living in UK. Today…just by connecting with this gemini blog I finally understand who I CAN be. And understanding THAT is just huge. Thank you fellow Deborah for truly helping me understand! Oh and happy birthday and new moon. Xx

  •' Anne says:

    I am a shy 29 degree Leo, Double Gemini, Grand Trine in Air. Thank You for your posts. They mean a lot to me. The explanation on the mind was healing, fun (as always! 😉 ) and information. I will reread this—Observer will whisper this ever so gently, prn, re-parenting ever so lovingly. 😀 Thank you for writing. It is a Joy!

    p.s. Your live meditations rock my mind, body & soul. 😀 Deep Gratitude for sharing with us…

  •' Sonya says:

    I read your writing because it penetrates the surface to the core of what matters. You are a gifted writer and teacher, and it has been a pleasure to learn new insights from you. You’ve developed the highest expression of Gemini through your work, and I honor you for being a light of inquiry into the problems that plague this generation. Keep shining that lantern so that your beautiful light takes hold in the darkness. Lead on!

  •' Jen Wood says:

    My wife is a Gemini sun with a stellium in the 3rd house and a Virgo moon. Her mind is non-stop. She often verbalizes all that goes through her mind. When it bothers me, I lovingly tel her to make a list to quiet her Gemini and appease her Virgo moon?… it works!

  •' Darlene Marshall says:

    I read your thought provoking words and it sends me into an aha moment. My mind can be mean so I’ve been putting her in a chair and telling her you don’t know everything there is to know because no one does, not even the divine creator. I’m reminded by your words of things I’ve forgotten and have been searching for. My birthday lands on the Full Moon this month. According to Astrology Answers June for cast, June’s Full Moon comes in like a cosmic dose of joy, faith, optimism, and hope for the future. I think I’ll let my mind think and focus on that.

  •' Deb Bryant says:

    Hi Deb,. I’m a Gemini moon, Aqua sun, Libra rising. My Mom was a Gemini Sun. She was a writer/contributor for a small town newspaper, a wonderful soprano & piano player—had so many gifts, but had to marry right out of high school. It’s on my mind all the time how talented she was, but never bragged about anything She was all about keeping a family happy & together in the small town where we grew up. She was always doing for other ppl, so that’s what I did, & I’m so pissed that she didn’t follow her IQ & her dreams. My parents were called the silent generation. Being the 4th child, I broke that mold, was the 1st to go to college, move away from small town, worked & became a lifelong learner in the medical/dental fields, & am considering more college (@ age 74). I’m so curious, & get bored with small town gossip—w a lot of things ! My Virgo husband hates it when I ask for every detail about something he’s telling me about. I luv to have time alone, but end up getting asked to do this or that—teaching or being a manager or supervisor, etc. I’d rather be sitting on the beach with a great book, but am always snagged to volunteer at some function, etc. I love parties where I can meet so many ppl, & talk, talk, talk. My Virgo husband can talk, talk, talk, but his stories get bigger everytime he tells them. I ask him why he can’t just tell things the way they happened !!! I think I just wanted to say that I grew up naive. Now I realize that I could accomplish anything I would want, & I miss the college days & fun of the past. Now I have to figure out some way to make up for what I consider lost, wasted time–to reach for the Stars. Cause now I’m confident & know it’s ok for me to excel & be more carefree !!

  •' Susan Greer says:

    I am a Gemini Sun with Pisces Moon and Cancer Rising. It is hard for me to shut down the mind and stop thinking and wandering. I do feel that I used the Gemini to be successful in my career as an executive assistant and project coordinator. I was a woman of many talents. I retired and became a health coach. But now I am focusing more on the rest of my chart so I consult it often. I really appreciate all that you do and have watched your videos for years. What an inspiration!

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