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The new cycle arrives with Sun AND Moon in Gemini this week. Double Gemini: what a gift.

Gemini asks this question: What did you do with your kid? Not the one you birthed or the one your raised — but the one who stands by your heart, waiting for attention. The part of you who is innocent and longs for love. Every kid just wants to be held, loved and cuddled.

I recently had this thought: what if you suggested to your primary relationship (your spouse/partner) that you are willing to take care of their inner child — if they will take care of yours. What if you could identify what your inner child needs? We are all kids at heart — and we get our feelings hurt every time someone close to us echoes or triggers an old wound.

I have a client who never got heard as a child, so when her partner forgets what she says or ignores her, she moves straight to anger.

I have a male client who learned his value was from excelling. He is a Harvard grad and identified himself as the ‘smart one,’ until his wife recently told him that his adult has no emotional intelligence whatsoever and she wanted a divorce. Voila — his inner child appeared in full swing as he resorted to anger, a stressful divorce and some serious therapy after everything broke.

We all have an inner child. Once triggered, it reverts to childhood behavior that will either pretend to be happy (which is what a double Gemini does: laughs in the face of pain), or simply goes to the pretense that nothing is wrong…until the relationship breaks and they come to see me.

What if you could speak straight up with your inner child’s needs during this new moon in Gemini? You could tell your partner: I hurt myself whenever you don’t shower me in love (a neglected child is endlessly needy). Or he could say: I go independent when I really want to reach out, but I never had anyone there for me so I set you up to fulfill my childhood memory.

What imprint did you have as a child that has you stuck in time, and even worse, shut down, because you are scared to never have a happy childhood?

I love that saying: it is never too late to have a happy childhood. But first you have to identify what wound you are carrying that keeps you safe and as far as from your healthy kid as you can get.

This new moon is a chance to share and talk about the truth of your innards, knowing that communication is the answer to all issues in relationship and only when there is an open heart and innocent desire to be ‘real’ and vulnerable, will your child be soothed and healed.


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