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Good Astrology Readings: is it time for you to get a reading…how do do you know who to go to?

Good Astrology Reading with Debra Silverman Astrology

There is no proper certification for astrologers;  astrologers are self ordained and mostly self taught until now: there are schools and even certification programs that are just now getting started.

In the past it was hard to know whether you are getting a credible reading that is worth your time and your money. Debra Silverman’s astrology school certifies, has been around a long time and promises you will find your session to be not only practical and grounded but valuable and shockingly accurate.

There is a board for psychologists in each state, and we know that doctors have to answer to AMA, but this is not true for astrologers; every astrologer is a independent freelancer. So, as a consumer you will want to know how to ask the right questions in order to get your needs met.

How can you prepare for a good astrology reading? Have some good questions: is this about the future, or will it assist me in the now? Can I get some information about the timing on my career or when I ought to move or have a baby? Ask your Astrologer how long they have been practicing and what their return policy is.

Debra Silverman School: Applied Astrology

“The way I teach it is not just about information just for information’s sake. My certified astrologer will address your life purpose and lessons and who you are at the deepest level.”

An astrologer is comparable to a detective seeking to unearth that which is hidden. A good session ought to help you find your purpose, and your strengths that you may have taken for granted allowing you to get unstuck. There’s an art to telling truth to someone without hurting them.

Debra Silverman is a seasoned truth teller–she will make you laugh at yourself. She makes crazy normal…by showing you where you are just being yourself as described by the stars. For 40 years she has helped people find their ability to fall in love with themselves—just the way they are.  And now she has certified astrologers who follow her formula and find the key to self-acknowledgement.

Perhaps you didn’t know that you have signed a contract  before you came into this lifetime but you are indeed carrying a promise to learn some lessons. Astrology provides the tools to help you follow through with that promise and do what you came to do and learn. This is the essence of what you learn in Debra Silverman’s course: Online Applied Astrology.

“Psychology will be a dinosaur science unless it uses astrology.”

This was said by Carl Jung who used the archetypes of astrology in his work. Everyone has an archetype they are embodying. The student, the teacher, the mother, the husband, the artist, the athlete, etc. Astrology articulates the archetypes in great detail thereby identifying the themes of your life that continually repeat themselves. This is how you discover what you are here learning. Using the evidence of your life, and the reflection of your chart to identify the storyline that you are carrying provides great insight.

In a good astrological reading no one will tell you what to do. It’s yours for the picking but you will understand your options and your patterns. Astrology clothes the unconscious impulses you have with words and understanding. After a good reading you should be able to see the patterns in your life that previously interrupted you as you judged yourself or wished you were different.

With Debra Silverman’s applied astrology style you receive the greatest  gift: someone can finally put words to your story from the largest angle carrying compassion, knowledge and understanding as the insights confirm that you are just perfect the way you are.

A Good Astrology Reading

Debra Silverman’s style provides a formula that’s tried and true. She has been developing it over the last 4 decades and it always starts off with the following:

  • Your birth date
  • Your birth time
  • Your birth location
  • And….voila! the chart is executed.

What are the major topics in everyone’s life: health, relationships, work—and the lessons therein. You’ll find yourself saying: “Wow, now, I get it. I feel so much better about myself and now I can follow my instincts and do what I love to do—or not.”

Conversely, you will know you haven’t had a good astrology reading if the so called astrologer has said things like: “You’re going to meet a tall dark handsome stranger who will be the love of your life…next month.” Or, “Don’t get in your car, you are accident prone this week.” Or, “Mercury is in retrograde so you cannot sign a contract now…” God does not have a bad day…there are just some times the lessons are stronger than others. Every day is a good day for all of us to learn something.

What astrology isn’t…well, it isn’t looking into a crystal ball (if that happens you should seriously run). It doesn’t tell you the hour and place of your death or how many kids you are going to have or that you shouldn’t go out of the house that day. That’s from Hogwarts imaginary school. A well-trained astrologer is not going to scare you.

Know When to Call for an Astrology Reading

You do not need to be in a bad way, or in a super good way get a reading if your appetite to learn about yourself has peaked. In fact, it’s really a gift you give yourself to indulge in self care not unlike a mani-pedi or spa day for the soul—you need to attend to your inner world just as you do to your outer.

Here are some of the top reasons to go get an astrology reading:

  • Things are going poorly in your life.
  • Things are picking up and you want to know how to make use of the increase of energy.
  • You just met someone.
  • You’re undecided in a relationship.
  • You don’t have relationships.
  • Your finances are on the upswing or the down swing.
  • You want to change.
  • You want to get clear about your destiny/purpose.
  • Birthdays: a “solar return” is a great time to do an astrological reading or a great gift to give someone!
  • You’re starting a new business.
  • You’re just getting married.
  • You’re having or just had a baby and want to know their charts so you can foster and support their purpose right from the get-go!
  • You are looking for the perfect gift to give someone for their birthday.

Good Astrology Readings Really Do Transform Lives

It’s not uncommon to hear: “Wow, that really changed my life,” not because you were given extensive, wild astrological information that you couldn’t follow—quite the contrary but because you heard pertinent psychological insights and or timing that you felt was true but you needed validation.

Too bad there hasn’t been astrology police to tell on the ones who speak too much jargon, scare you with sentences like, “This will never happen,” or diagnose your character incorrectly. Make it easy on yourself: watch Debra Silverman’s YouTube channel video series that are free daily and see if you can sense her authenticity. She and her students long to serve and give wisdom to one and all who are feeling more and more compelled to look up and look in.

“Maybe it’s time,” said the astrologer, “for you to take a chance and get an astrology reading and begin study with Debra.”

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  • pfiebaugh@msn.com' pamela says:

    For almost 50 years I have thought that I was born at 6:11am as is documented on my birth certificate. I was going through some old papers of my parents and found a notice from the hospital that was given to my mother while she was in the hospital after my birth and it states that my time of birth is 7:11am. No big deal, except for that would make my rising sign Leo instead of Cancer. I have read both rising sign descriptions and I still have not a clue. I have to say though that I like the idea of having a little fire in my chart because I just have Pluto in Leo…:)
    Do you have any ideas on how to clarify this?

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