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Everything in this world is cyclical—politics, weather, music, fashion—you name it. No matter how familiar grunge fashion may be, you’re a different person than you were the first time this fashion was trendy, and what worked decades ago may no longer suit you now. The same holds true for the planets and how they affect us. 

For the first time in nearly 30 years, Saturn will enter Capricorn and stay there for three years, demanding your attention and testing your limits. Debra knows how tricky this phase can be and has several tips to help you make the most of this phase.

Everything Old is New Again

Capricorn is a heavy hitter and Saturn (the planet that rules it) is no small potato, either (they do have humor on their side). Each planet is associated with a sign of the zodiac: Saturn is the ruling planet for the old sage like the sign of Capricorn. This is a serious conversation. As one of the outer planets, it moves slowly and shapes the big picture trends all of our lives.
Saturn was in Capricorn during these timeframes when there was intensity in the US on a grand scale:

  • December 1929 to November 1932 (Great Depression)
  • January 1959 to January 1962 (Vietnam War)
  • February 1988 to February 1991 (Gulf War)
All these periods were met with upheaval all around the world.

When Does Saturn Enter Capricorn?

This year, Saturn enters Capricorn on December 29th, 2017 and will stay there until March 21st, 2020.
Saturn is known as a teacher and even a taskmaster, so get ready to work, face your fears and (hopefully) come out of this cycle with better clarity, confidence and purpose. The up side is that this planet demands maturity and options that are practical and grounded. Saturn forces us to grow up. 

Saturn in Capricorn: A Survival Guide

When this happens will invite you to reevaluate your life. Are you happy in your job? Are you satisfied in your relationships? Are you living your best, most authentic life?  We must turn inward for those answers.
Here are the top seven ways to navigate life when this happens:
  1. Be Honest: Reflect on where you are in your life, and be honest with yourself. Do you have the career you hoped to have? What about your romantic relationship? How are your friendships and your relationship with your family? Being honest about where you are and what you want from your life will give you greater clarity about your life’s purpose.
  2. Tidy Up: Part of this next phase of Saturn is examining your own physical, mental and emotional space. Get rid of whatever no longer serves you. Purge your life of things that no longer reflect who you are, whether that’s clothes, ideas, friends or habits. Pare down your life to what’s essential.
  3. Adjust Your Focus: Maybe your life has turned out differently than you expected. Now is the perfect time to embrace what your life is, not what you thought it should or would be.
  4. Turn Inward: Saturn entering Capricorn is about honest self-reflection. Examine your dreams. Visualize where you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years. Will you be able to look back at your life and feel you’ve lived the life you always hoped for?
  5. Make a Plan: When Saturn enters Capricorn, it’s not the time to leave your life up to fate. Think about what you want from your job, your relationships and yourself, and then make a plan that can lead you to those goals. Saturn is the taskmaster and the patriarch of the zodiac, so it’ll demand your full attention and focus.
  6. Take Care of Yourself: Many of us spend time caring for others and not enough time caring for ourselves. Neglecting yourself may catch up with you during Saturn’s next phase, so make yourself a priority. Try meditation or yoga. Take a class you’ve always been curious about. Find a new hobby.
  7. Lean In: Saturn makes us face our fears, or deal with the consequences if we bury them. Identify those fears and weaknesses, and commit to working on them.
Saturn invites all of us to be grown up and serious about what matters most in order to make our mark, to fulfil our promise and do what will bring us purpose and fulfilment in our lives.
Contact Debra Silverman to learn about how to make the most of your life when Saturn enters Capricorn.

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