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2018 made a grand entrance with a full moon on January 1st.

Many of us counted the days until the mayhem and madness of 2017 was behind us, and the full moon on the first day of the new year is a powerful symbol for making a fresh start. Take advantage of 2018’s first full moon by making your goals clear and preparing for the failure that often comes with pursuing your dreams.

Howling at the Full Moon

A full moon happens when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, with Earth right in the middle of these two powerful forces. January’s full moon is called the Wolf Moon, which is named for the howling wolves that were often heard outside Native American villages every January. The full moon on New Year’s Day was also the second of three supermoons we’ll see between December 3, 2017 and January 31, 2018.

To optimize the power of the full moon on January 1st, think about the two elements at play: Earth and Water. This balanced, harmonious combination can make things happen and mixed together will form mud, a strong building material that can be the ideal foundation for your dreams. You can learn more about the characteristics of the four elements here.

Get Real with Resolutions

Take advantage of the New Year’s full moon and the powerful combination of Earth and Water by making some resolutions — simple, grounded resolutions that clear your life, your heart and your mind so you’re ready to live your dreams. Open your heart by staying positive and saying “yes” to everything. Declutter your life by resolving to keep your house clean, and reboot your body by eliminating sugar, which can clear your brain and your skin.

That full moon is also the optimal time to clear your conscience by promising yourself you’ll always tell the truth. Imagine how freeing it would be to live your life without any lies, even those little white lies. Instead of telling your friend you like her new boyfriend, what if you said, “I want the best for you, and I believe there’s someone better out there for you.” Being honest doesn’t mean you have to be cruel, it means you can just be authentic and real.

As you prepare to pursue your dreams, also prepare for failure. Life is not scripted, so be open to trying, failing and adjusting as you go. Earth and Water elements are simple, practical and grounded elements, so approach your 2018 resolutions at a slow, steady and reasonable pace.

Please send me your simple, grounded resolutions. I’d love to know your goals for 2018! I hope as you gazed at the full moon on January 1st, you’ll felt like it was gazing back at you and guiding you towards your dreams. Go outside at the end of January and take a moon bath soaking in the sun’s light reflecting off our moon.

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