Loving You, In Your Most Natural State

Let’s face it, we are all longing to be loved and understood. You deserve to fall in love with yourself, just as you are, in your most natural state…. and it all starts with you. When you get an astrology reading with me your big job is to open your eyes to who you truly are – warts and all – and to make peace with that clunky, wonderful person inside of you.

When we aren’t practicing loving ourselves we tend to feel disconnected from our “source” which is Love. Until we learn self-compassion, we aren’t practicing loving ourselves. Having self-compassion means to fully be with yourself in a deeply aware natural state, without judgment, as your most loyal and trustworthy friend. It’s not roses and sunshine all the time, because falling in love with yourself also means a willingness to be with yourself as a loving companion to your own pain.

Awakening compassion for oneself is an essential step in our healing and wellbeing, and once you get that softness flowing within you, it permeates your energy with acceptance, unconditional love and intimate understanding. Believe it or not, my astrology readings can help with this.

Astrology Readings & The 4 Elements Process

In my book The Missing Element: Compassion for the Human Condition I write about waking up “the Observer” in you, so you can experience the beauty and fullness of who you are, just as you are, far away from judgment. This allows the space to fall in love with your self, and will also allow you to have compassion for other people.

When getting your astrology readings with me you will also become acquainted with the Four Elements, as they exist inside you and my process. If you are interested in unraveling the mystery of you, the 4E Process is essential.

Understanding the 4 Elements in your life is pretty easy, because you, me, and everyone else walking around the planet are made of four basic elements which are: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. When these elements are out of balance in our lives it causes, problems, discomfort and even pain. During my astrology reading I am able to discern and explain your unique style.   

Astrology Readings: Fulfilling Our Purpose

The single most important goal in life that all of us have is to fulfill our purpose. Most of us realize it’s time to learn about our purpose when we feel like we have lost it. This is when the seeker emerges—and the astrologer appears! My job as your astrologer is to help you identify your purpose.

Getting an astrology reading from me is like when the tires of the airplane hit the ground; because you go from airy theory straight into reality. Here are my astrology reading selections:

Uniting the States Of Mind: Personality, Emotion And Soul OR Honest Astrology Readings

Uniting your states of mind means learning about your Sun Sign (your personality), Moon Sign (your emotion), and Ascendant/Rising Sign (your soul).

You know, so many people say to me, “Debra, you know me better then I do.” Really what I love so much about astrology is that it’s all there, it’s in your charts! With a frame of mind that is compassion and healing, I am able to name some hard truths and because of my psychology background I can give you specific directives to actually change your life.

Uniting anything makes it stronger and more able to do its job. When we are in the Observer state of mind—patient, non-judgmental and loving—it helps us to see things objectively, as they really are. Then when we are in the worrisome Ego state of mind-chatty, self-serving, endless quirkiness, compelling and distracting, there are dramas and stories. These two states of mind make you human, and while they appear to be completely different, they actually both want the very best for you…they just go about it in very different ways.

Some astrologers talk, but I like to listen—to you and your soul—so that you can find out about your purpose and timing. All you need are one or two sessions to get on with what you came here to do and unite your states of mind.