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Horoscope: June 15th – 17th


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  • Shelley@hicksmachine.com' Shelley says:

    I have always been interested in Asrology. I must have at least 20 different astrologist on my I-pad, however after listening by accident( yes I believe there are no accidents) to Debra Silverman I was hooked the first time I heard her speak, I felt she was speaking directly to me. I have erased all the other astrologist said from my pad. Debra is bright, funny, down to earth, and readily available. I just adore her. I am going to order her new book, but had to send for my birth certificate from another state so I would have my exact time of birth.
    I was born the first of five children and had to become a little mother at the age of five years old. My parents had a love hate relationship and I always new that because of this my our going personality changed due to their relationship and had to grow up more quickly and leave my childhood unfinished. When I was 36 I lost my son to suicide and buried him on my husband’s and my Wedding Anniversary. When I was 45 years old I suffered a massive brain aneurysm given only a 99% per chance I would survive and a 98% I would be a vegetable. Many more operations infections and two more aneurysm operations later. I lost myself. Took me 14 years to be able to read and write. My autonomy gone very difficult for an Aquarius to have to give up my freedom. I cannot drive, short term memory loss etc.etc. I have always believed I signed on for this life, choosing my parents and everything else I have endured for my karmic purpose. I am a little bit psychic knew all day at work there was something not right with my son. My neighbor called me at work to say there had been an accident.” I asked her if Christopher was dead” she was taken aback. I told her that I needed the truth in order to prepare myself for facing the rest of the family when I returned home. Still searching for my life’s purpose and NOW I KNOW WITH DEBRA’S HELP I MAY REACH MY GOAL. THANK YOU DEBRA FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART !!!!!

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