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Horoscope: September 12th – 14th



  • niinastkorkatti@gmail.com' Niina says:

    Thank you, this really makes sense. I was crying a lot yesterday! The fact that I am pisces, virgo rising, sag moon, must have added some extra to it. I have often thought that my combination is really very difficult and challenging, but “practical dreamer” sounds much better. I’m going to call myself that from now on, because that is kinda what I really am like, too. Thank you!

  • SUSANTKERRY@GMAIL.COM' Susan Kerrry says:

    Sag sun Aquarius moon Sat 14 Sept 2019; I have been so light today. Gratefully doing my homework – Kiki’s group -listening to Saturn with an open mind, researching placement of Mercury for everyone I know. Listening to Sat say ok, ok, slow down Rome wasn’t built in a day.Lots of energy until I saw my daughter’s post on FB. She has unfollowed me except for this montage of photos. What a beautiful family and life. Her father shows up frequently but, I don’t. My feelings are very, very, very hurt. Now I’m crying. Dry my tears and turn my attention to another subject. We create our own reality.

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