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How to be more disciplined is key to growth and achieving excellence. Do you know the true function of discipline beyond the negative connotation? Tune into this conversation with digital marketing expert Destinee Berman, whose own focus on discipline played a huge role as the catalyst of creating Debra’s Applied Astrology school.


Every Monday morning for many years, Debra had a conversation with destiny (aka Destinee) to dream up and manifest the structure of her business. In this episode, Destinee shares her formula for success is not just in the numbers and data-driven results, but in how she manages and stabilizes her energy and spiritual center.


Destinee shares about the effects of her intense and difficult entrance into this life during the Cambodian holocaust and as a result of growing up poor, while Debra shares about how the tremendous Capricorn influence in Destinee’s chart has gifted her with a potent perseverance towards excellence. Even more Astrological insights are shared by Debra using her unique method of Astrological interpretation, including a focus on Destinee’s Saturn on the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, as Destinee affirms Debra’s analysis to be true with concrete life examples. 


“I don’t believe in Astrology” was a phrase never in Destinee’s vocabulary, and working alongside Debra has only amplified her belief and application of this ancient language. 


If you’ve been looking for more discipline in your life, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for! 


Connect with Destinee on Instagram (@desberman)


Find out where discipline shows up in your own Astrological chart and sign up for Debra’s self-study course, Inner View: Discovery of YourSELF through the Stars. This course is similar to Level 1 of Applied Astrology, but you’ll study on your own, at your own pace, at a fraction of the price. Join now for instant access: http://innerview.info/ 


Key Highlights From The Episode

  • How to be more disciplined for more growth and achieving excellence
  • Dispelling the negative connotations around the word “discipline” and celebrating success
  • Destinee and Debra share keys to success and manifestation
  • Destinee’s entrance into Astrology and how it lead to working with Debra
  • The spectrum of a major Capricorn signature in someone’s chart


[00:53] Introduction of Destinee Berman, in Debra’s words as well as Destinee’s own words, as our guest on The I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast

[04:00] Debra pulls up and interprets Destinee’s Astrological chart

[05:45] How Debra and Destinee met and Destinee’s reflection of her reading with Debra

[07:00] Destinee shares about her intense entrance into this lifetime

[08:55] The karmic relationship between Destinee and Debra

[09:53] What drives Destinee

[11:22] Destinee shares her formula for manifestation

[13:15] How Cardinal energy plays out in business

[13:55] Destinee’s sense around the climate crisis

[15:24] The way Destinee’s Mercury in Scorpio consumes information

[16:29] How Destinee’s Capricorn Rising is a dominant energy in how she shows up in the world

[17:55] Destinee’s softening around her Moon in Cancer 

[18:22] Debra speaks to the permission present in the energy of Destinee

[19:09] Reflections on the word “discipline”

[21:22] How Destinee is preparing for her older age and how that notion shows up in her Astrological chart

[21:55] Destinee’s entrance into Astrology

[23:09] Debra shares something she always thought to be true about Destinee that also describes the nature of Capricorn energy

[24:42] Accepting the nature of your chart

[25:52] Debra shares about starting her business and being a single parent and how Destinee affected her

[26:56] Permission around success

[27:55] How Destinee describes her work ethic and the balance of motherhood

[29:25] If Destinee wasn’t talking about online marketing, what would she be doing instead?

[30:33] “I wish that people would ______.”

[31:09] What Destinee wouldn’t want to live without

[31:46] A person in history that Destinee would love to have a conversation with

[32:54] Destinee’s fundamental belief about the future

[34:33] What Destinee continues to know without question

[35:22] Debra reflects on Destinee’s example of excellence and perseverance 

[37:11] Debra shares about the gift of success

[37:54] “I don’t believe in Astrology’ is not in Destinee’s vocabulary

[38:26] Signing off with gratitude

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