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Enjoy this FREE snippet from the Chapter 2 Forward of my book The Missing Element: The Observer

If there is one cornerstone to all of my life’s work…

If there’s one repetitive word I use multiple times a day; a word that has liberated me and offered me joy…

It would be the Observer.

Some call it the Witness, others call it the Higher Self, and you can even call it your Soul.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you understand that Astrology’s primary function — and the study of the 4 Elements — all revolve around the Observer: the ability to stand back, neutralize a situation, and seek the voice of compassion. It distinguishes between someone being awake and aware, or sleepy and snoring.

Imagine you just had a fight with your partner and your emotional body is running hot. You are triggered, which creates an immediate reaction, and there will be no bypassing — you have to feel the feeling.

Without a doubt, you will react in the moment, and I can guarantee at the end of the bump, there will be some regret of a reaction you wish you hadn’t expressed.

Depending on your personality type, you will display different reaction patterns, but that’s not what we’re talking about here — we’re just looking at the ability to neutralize, step back and observe, no matter how you reacted.

There are times during the day when I hear myself say out loud, “Observer on.”

After the explosion, the emotions are released, and only once the emotions have been released, a way out is revealed so the voice of compassion/the Observer can kick in.

The art of being human is allowing ourselves to be messy, awkward, and even inadequate without shame. The Observer does not live in a world of judgement or criticism, in fact, quite the opposite. This is the part in all of us that looks over at the messy human and says… ‘Are you okay? Do you need help? I understand.’

Imagine what life would be like if you had this kind of voice constantly available to you, just a thought away, on automatic. That’s what this chapter is about. We are going to help you cultivate your Observer, and it starts with awareness.

I’m not saying the Observer will change your reactions. I’m not trying to tidy up your messy human. I just want to give you an alternative to that mean, judgmental voice that has you shut down in times of crisis.

You’re not alone — that impulse has all of us shut down at times. Every one of us reaches a pitch of anger, sadness, and disappointment where all we want to do is jump ship, contract or strike out.

The negative impulse is the opposite of the Observer. The Observer wants you to stop, pause, soften, open your heart, and take a moment to reflect on how hard it is to be alive.

Think of your Observer as a really good grandmother or grandfather. They have seen it all, and they’re not pretending to get it right all the time.

If everyone had access to this voice of wisdom as an instinctual reaction, and it came just as quickly as our anger or sadness, think of how the world would be different.

When I teach workshops I always ask… ‘Raise your hand if you have an ego.’ Everybody raises their hand. When I ask… ‘Raise your hand if you have an Observer, a Higher Self, a gentle Soul.’ They look at me funny. That’s how I know my life’s work is still needed on Earth.

This next chapter will help with the first step: simply becoming aware that the Observer is necessary to find your way to peace, kindness and compassion. Isn’t that what we all want?

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  • dango_dog@yahoo.ca' Lori Reynolds says:

    The four Elements and learning to recognize the high road and low road of them with the awareness and drive to balance them PLUS being able to step outside myself when I am triggered and turn on my higher self Observer, has started the journey to self mastery, peace and happiness. I feel like my higher self is in the drivers seat of my life now. I have a feeling of authority and confidence to handle anything that comes along. This work that you are doing is VERY important. I support and admire you for continuing it.

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