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How to make your next choice in life- the feeling of being frozen in fear of making the “wrong”  decision is something we have all wrestled with. What if you had guidance to help you unfreeze and get into flow with making the best decision? The answer lies within your intuition (and your Astrology chart) as evidenced by our guest, Julie Reisler.


Julie Reisler, a board-certified master life and wellness coach, is an interior designer for your soul. She’s a mentor to hundreds of coaches, change-makers, and soulful entrepreneurs. Julie is the host of The You-est You® podcast and the author of Get a PhD in YOU. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, Bustle, and Thrive Global for her work as a coach, teacher, and conscious business leader. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker and has spoken on stages throughout North America. She is also a popular course creator on Insight Timer, the number-one ranked mindfulness app.


Debra and Julie’s conversation is hinged on the importance of connecting with the truth of the divine and learning how to lean into your intuition. We all have intuitive abilities; some of us just come with a more easeful access, like Julie as evidenced by her Grand Trine in Water, which Debra breaks down using her method of Astrology in a way that resonates deeply with Julie. Julie loves Astrology yet has only dabbled in it, and this conversation with Debra around her Astrological chart has Julie ignited her eagerness to learn more through Debra’s work. 


Tune into this conversation to release any reluctance you have about your own intuitive gifts, and get insights into how to relax into soul-based decisions by accessing your inner knowing. 


Connect with Julie on Instagram (@juliereisler) and get Julie’s FREE 7-day workbook to design your best life:  juliereisler.com/toolset


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Key Highlights From The Episode

  • How to confidently make your next choice in life 
  • The one simple question that may be the game-changer the next time you are caught at a crossroad
  • Astrological markers that speak to the ability to reach a high level of success and a strong psychic ability (you may have them, too!)
  • The importance of listening to your gut or intuition
  • How Debra’s method of Astrology is igniting new excitement to learn Astrology for Julie


[00:42] Introduction Julie Reisler as our guest on The I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast

[02:47] Debra shows and interprets Julie’s Astrological chart

[05:15] The quality about Julie that makes her standapart, and Julie identifies a quality of herself that she has never said out loud before

[06:20] Debra speaking to the invitation and permission of the podcast and of Debra’s Applied Astrology school

[07:05] Debra Astrologically breaking down Julie’s gift and Julie affirming Debra’s cosmic translation of her chart

[08:37] The vision or visual that Julie has seen that shows her gifts

[09:17] The turning point of Julie waking up to a greater spiritual connection and new way of living

[12:40] A question from a coach that shifted Julie’s perspective completely

[14:08] How Julie’s family reacted to her big life shift (and Debra describes the Astrological connection to their reaction)

[15:46] Jumping back into Julie’s chart to speak to her Grand Trine, an Astrological component that for Julie indicates a strong psychic, intuitive ability

[16:35] Julie’s excitement for Debra’s Astrological gift and Debra’s method for breaking it down so simply

[17:16] Julie’s life lesson, mental body, and intuitive nature as its shown by her Grand Trine in Water

[18:12] The first book Julie wrote, Get a PhD In You

[19:40] Another book that Julie has started and a new idea that has come through for Julie that is calling to her

[20:46] What Julie wishes people would do

[22:17] Julie’s intuitive knowing about her current husband and a knowing about her previous husband

[23:41] Another description of Julie and her intuitive gift as told by her Astrological chart

[24:28] The reluctancy of owning our spiritual gifts and Julie’s take on foundational spiritual teachings that bridge and transcend religions

[26:40] The recognizable master teachers that have connected with Julie

[27:15] What recapitulation means and how it is ever present in Julie

[27:58] What Julie couldn’t live without in this life

[28:41] The gift that came out of Julie’s lower spine injury

[29:38] About Julie’s women-led business and being a professor at Georgetown University

[31:30] One thing Julie would change about herself

[32:30] Debra speaks to the Astrology and coaching connection and Julie’s need for movement each day

[34:07] What Julie sees and senses about the climate crisis

[36:35] How the inner work we do can change our outer world

[37:13] Julie speaking to materialism, fighting, and lack of compassion that is prevalent in humanity and the mirror of it in the climate crisis

[38:21] The inspiration that Julie provides and how we can all see that within ourselves

[39:37] The best way to connect with Julie

[40:07] Julie’s obsession with her work and how it shows up in her natal Astrological chart

[40:44] Signing off with gratitude for connection and Julie’s energy of light and love

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