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How to receive your inner riches, whether or not the outer world matches. Debra sits down with Preston Smiles, conscious businessman, trailblazer, personal freedom coach, experiential speaker, author, and “badass messenger of love,” sharing the formula for living more fully and fulfilled. 


If you’re not happy with how abundance shows up in your life right now, give this interview a listen to be steeped in appreciation for the riches in your life and wisdom for getting out of your head and into your true essence. Do you have the courage to listen beyond your mind? Do you know the power of deep listening?


Preston shares his personal experiences with his capacity for deep listening- how it has led to catalytic moments in his life, from “profane to the profound” as he describes. Preston tells an incredible story about intuitive nudges he received while in New York City that lead him to play a part in a perspective-changing event. 


Debra explains the roles Preston’s Mercury in Cancer and Cancer Rising play in his connection to intuition, as well as musings on his double Fire energetics and the reason the Astrological theme Preston has picked up on makes so much sense based on his Astrological chart. 


Learn more about Preston, his daily mantra, and his messages of love, all echoed by Debra’s remarks on being open to perspectives beyond the constructs of your mind, the universal human wound, and a challenge to us all… be ready to receive!


Find Preston on Instagram: @prestonsmiles

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Key Highlights From The Episode

  • How to open yourself up to receive your inner riches
  • The power of deep listening and how it can manifest into profound life moments and lessons
  • How Preston identified an Astrological theme in his life that Debra had the explanation for
  • The shifts that gratitude and saying “yes to the yes” can have in your life
  • The mantras that Preston and Debra start their day with and how it helps them experience life beyond the small constructs of the human mind

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