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How to see beyond fear and find wisdom when the future looks bleak should be a reason alone to listen to this podcast episode. Beyond that message, this interview is steeped in practical mysticism and science, understanding the evolution of the human species, and acceptance of the natural cycles of Earth.


Chemistry occurs seating our guest, Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd, in between Debra Silverman and Carla Johnson. The trio shares how they met and bounces effortlessly through a conversation about the fear culture of climate change and the importance of sinking into wisdom and faith in moments of angst and uncertainty.


Richard Rudd is an international spiritual teacher, writer and award-winning poet. In 2002 when he began to write and receive the Gene Keys – a vast synthesis exploring the miraculous possibilities inherent in human DNA. Richard shares the Gene Keys connection to our future and his views on how Astrology not only works, but can aid us in our transitions as we meet our next evolutionary point.


Carla Johnson is a geologist, hydrologist, environmental engineer, and entrepreneur, one of Debra’s dearest friends, sharing a deep appreciation for Debra’s method of Astrology.


Debra shares the Astrological connection between Richard and Carla, with Carla also chiming in about Richard’s Saturn in Aries and how it translates into his purpose.


This is a conversation rooted in mysticism, science, radical honesty, and consciousness, with reminders of the importance of self-awareness, meditation, studying, intimacy, transition planning, and keeping your faith as we move towards our next evolution.


Find Richard on Instagram: @genekeys

Check out Richard’s offerings: https://genekeys.com/debra-silverman/


Listen to Carla’s IDBIA episode, Just a Page In Earth’s Book :https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/podcast

Key Highlights From The Episode

  • How to see beyond the fear and find wisdom in an unsettled world

  • The difference between knowledge and wisdom

  • How Richard’s Gene Keys and Debra’s method of Astrology work in tandem

  • The imminence of cycles of extinction and evolution

  • What we can do to help steady the Earth and steady ourselves (there is a connection!)

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