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Learning how to understand your dreams can help you connect to the language of your soul and the spirit world. Our dream time is sacred, and there are benevolent messages even in our scariest nightmares. Debra sits with Athena Laz, Spiritual Dream Teacher, Depth Psychologist, and author of The Alchemy of Your Dreams and The Deliberate Dreamer’s Journal, to discuss the powerful root of your dreams and their messages. 

Athena explains that everyone dreams, and everyone has the ability to create a deeper connection to their dream world and intuition, enhancing our connection to nature, the collective, and ultimately our own souls.

Debra describes how Athena’s Astrological chart points exactly to Athena’s life work, and Athena echoes Debra’s Astrological interpretations with excitement and an enthusiastic interest in joining Debra’s Applied Astrology school.

Tune into this episode to learn more about the connection between dreaming and major collective events (like the pandemic and natural disasters), what repetitive dreams really mean, and what practices you can start to better understand your dreams and expand the horizons of your dream world and intuition.

Find Athena on Instagram: @athena_laz

Get a copy of Athena’s book, The Alchemy of Your Dreams: https://amzn.to/3JsCxUP

Start your dream journaling journey with Athena’s The Deliberate Dreamer’s Journal:  https://amzn.to/3NKUws6 

Key Highlights From The Episode

  • How to understand your dreams to connect to the language of your soul and the spirit world
  • How a dream journaling practice will enhance your dream world
  • The mere practice of putting your awareness on the potential of your dream experience can increase your dream frequency, even for those people that don’t remember their dreams
  • Athena’s first experience with Astrology and her renewed interest in the subject as evidenced by her excitement around Debra’s interpretation of her Astrological chart and enrolling in Debra’s Applied Astrology school

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