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Take a dive with a double Gemini into the nature of destiny, what’s beyond the veil, and how everything is medicine and everything serves. Be ready to enjoy heartfelt depth delivered by lyrical prowess and divine wisdom.

In this episode, we meet Ash Ruiz. Ash and Debra met at a memorial for a mutual friend, which Ash shares about in this podcast. An immediate Gemini-to-Gemini connection was sparked, and the rest is history… with the future ever so bright together.

Ash details his life thus far, having performed in his teens for millions of screaming fans across the planet with Latin-sensation band, Menudo, which led him to experiences in Peru that changed everything.

With an intensely vivid clarity spiked by constant spasms of rolling laughter, Ash’s workshops, talks, plant medicine ceremonies and music have been featured at The United Nations, on ABC’s Good Morning America, and in large spiritual communities and performance venues throughout the World. He has shared the stage with Deepak Chopra, The Oracle of Tibet, Neale Donald Walsch, Byron Katie, Ravi Shankar, Adyashanti, Gangaji, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Don Miguel Ruiz … and now he is here, delighted to be of service to your ever-opening heart, on your adventurous freefall into vivid clarity.

You’ll walk away from this “hitchhiking trip” with Ash and Debra with a more peaceful perspective, and a yearning for more truth knowing destiny is directing the show, not the ego.

Enjoy more of Ash in Debra’s Astrological Immersion, happening now through early February! http://astrologicalimmersion.com

Key Highlights From The Episode

  • How the energy of Neptune has influenced Ash’s life
  • Bite-sized musings on the nature of destiny
  • Finding magic in the mundane moments
  • Everything has a place in the Universe
  • What Debra calls “13th zodiac sign”

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