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How do we stay confident through uncertainty? Normal is no longer working; we have to be ready for change. The future is written and we are living it now. This podcast conversation goes where few are willing to go by discussing the uncertain reality of life on Earth, a parallel to how we can lean into confidence during any uncertainty in our own lives. Combine Aquarian spiritual journeys with Capricornian practical application and you get a solutions expert who goes on vision quests!

Your mind will be on fire after listening to this intellectual conversation with fast-moving futurist Brenna Simmons-St. Onge, executive director of The Alliance Center in Denver, Colorado. Brenna is working to bring sustainability and regeneration to humanity, not only with environmental stewardship, but with a collaborative effort between all human systems. Debra interviews Brenna about her work and her passion (uncovered by a major accident) for creating lasting change through tackling the world’s multi-faceted problems.

Discussing everything from how The Alliance Center’s Regenerative Recovery Coalition was born from a vision in meditation, to how humanity got here 10,000 years ago to the modern-day consequences of separating ourselves from Nature, Spirit and each other, this podcast really shoots straight to the heart of the matter.

Tune in to learn about how meditation and spirituality (including Astrology) are keys to saving humanity, along with Debra and Brenna’s predictions for the future in our challenging times.

Key Highlights From The Episode

  • Birthing a new humanity
  • Healing the harm that has been done through regenerative systems
  • Catching up to the futurist vision in the Age of Aquarius
  • Brenna’s lessons from a major accident
  • How meditation and spirituality (including Astrology) are keys to saving humanity

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