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Everyday devotion is something Debra and our TWO very special guests hold with the utmost importance.This episode is like the slumber party we all want to be invited to! Both fun and profound, it’s the perfect podcast to grab a beverage and sink into a comfy chair. Take in the wisdom of these mystical dynamos who go deep but also bring the fun factor!

Debra Silverman and Colin Bedell, with bonus guest Colette Baron-Reid, come together to discuss their daily rituals, their commitment to service and, no surprise, to have a little fun!

Colin Bedell, Astrologer and author currently featured on Written In The Stars, found his calling during a personal crisis which led him to make significant adjustments in his life to put himself on the path of his Divine Destiny. His playful yet hard-hitting approach to Astrology blends universal spiritual principles with interpersonal health.

The perfect match to Debra’s Gemini Sun, Colin is a Gemini Sun and an actual twin to boot! And Colette Baron-Reid, one of Debra’s dearest friends, adds her Cancer Sun energy to the convivial flow. From speaking Italian to singing to psychic premonitions, this trio discusses the pleasures of life and how they find beauty in every moment.

Staying upbeat in the midst of tension and struggle is the path of the spiritualist. Even the most advanced mystics have bad days, but that’s where the daily practices come in handy, to keep the soul on course. Try not to feel uplifted and inspired after listening to this episode, we dare you! Take a listen for an instant mood lifter.

Key Highlights From The Episode

  • Everyday devotion practices are the foundation to overall growth
  • Why keeping daily rituals simple and authentic to you are important
  • The drive within us to be in service
  • How Astrology helps you in acknowledging the impact you have
  • How connection is a vital human trait

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