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An open mind that releases all assumptions is the pathway to a diversity of ideas. Science, spirituality, gender identity, queerness, human evolution- this episode delves into all of these topics and beyond, allowing us to drop preconceived notions about what we think we know. We welcome you to a profoundly unique discussion that explores the depths of a Pisces and Gemini mind that award-winning author, filmmaker, and producer Kristen Wolf embodies.

Tune in as Debra and Kristen discuss how they create new realities by seeing the world through the eyes of an explorer, and offer permission to all people to open themselves up to the endless possibilities on this planet.

With strength and vulnerability, Kristen opens up about her own journey as a queer person and the development of her innate creative talent as a writer and producer. Her first novel, The Way, beautifully explores gender identity and divinity in a compelling way, with a twist that will blow the minds of readers and critics. It’s a novel that got the attention of O Magazine, which recommended The Way as a “title to pick up now.” Kristen’s second novel, The Escapement, has also won multiple awards and numerous accolades from readers and writers alike.

As an endless dreamer, Kristen has a special gift for getting people to push beyond boundaries of thought and expression; a very Pisces gift. Her honesty is penetrating yet gentle, and through her own explorations and writings, she shines a light on how one can cultivate a pathway of self discovery. With striking realness, Debra and Kristen dive into the fluidity of releasing attachment and avoiding the trap of fixed ideas.

This is a powerful conversation you’ll want to repeat again and again as it gently guides you to look beyond your own assumptions about truth and possibility.

Key Highlights From The Episode

  • Questioning what you think you know
  • Approaching new things with a sense of wonder, creating new realities
  • Queer identity and unpacking/celebrating the parts that are genuinely “you”
  • Assume anything is possible in all of science and spirituality
  • Accept and explore the different sides of yourself, honor them in others

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