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The importance of finding joy- that’s one of the messages of this episode with author and writer, Laura Lentz. Laura’s gift of weaving words to create the beautiful tapestry of a story is at the forefront of her impact in this life, and it’s on display in this conversation as she shares a beautiful piece she wrote about dying.

As Debra and Laura discuss, inevitably death is stalking us all, yet it’s how we live and thrive in this life that is up to us. Laura shares about how she dramatically shifted the gears in her life when given a cancer diagnosis; she let her illness be an invitation for change.

Debra dives into Laura’s natal chart chart, discussing how Laura has prominent Virgo and Cancer energies at play, along with a calling within her chart to get serious and be jubilant.

As Laura discusses, we all have a story, and it’s in sharing and listening to these stories that we rediscover our humanity and compassion. From Laura’s own fight to live and find joy in the face of death, to meeting Carrie Fisher, to a story about a man named Jesus in Kauai, this episode is brimming with tales meant to encourage us all to put our phones down and connect with ourselves and each other.

Key Highlights From The Episode

  • The importance of finding joy
  • The importance of storytelling for each of us
  • How the Universe tries to get our attention
  • The nature of Virgo and Cancer in a natal chart
  • The value of listening that we all need to come back to

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