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This is it, everyone. The event we have both been waiting for and slightly dreading (for no good reason): Jupiter has once again entered Scorpio on October 10th.

What does that mean for you? When was the last time this happened, and how did it effect the world at large? Debra Silverman has all the answers to these questions and more that will be revealed so buckle up, and let’s begin.

What Does It Mean for Jupiter to be in Scorpio?

From October 10th, 2017 until November 9th, 2018, Jupiter will be in Scorpio. Jupiter is a planet that represents growth and expansion. While it has a reputation for good luck, that luck often appears in subtle, powerful ways. The most important qualities this planet brings to the equation are growth and expansion. Since it’s a gaseous planet it also has a way of taking on the qualities of the zodiac and amplifying them. The sign of Scorpio is filled with mystery, intensity and deeper desire.
Once Jupiter enters Scorpio, it will exaggerate the captivating qualities of Scorpio and force us all to explore the mysteries of life, contemplate our own existence and search within ourselves for inner truths and untapped energies. We will have no choice but to face the things we have been ignoring and find both reconciliation as well as problem solving tactics.

How Does This Celestial Event Affect Us?

In this time, at best, the deeper inner world will call your name. This life is a journey to go deep, when we skid along at the superficial, life has to hit us hard to get us to go in and face our shadow. So be aware, this time period has shown up with tragic deaths, and high profile bloodshed: The Rwandan Genocide, Black Dalia Murder, etc. Jupiter entering Scorpio is such an immensely powerful event that it has both the potential for personal and psychological growth, as well as life-shattering hardship.

Each of us has the power to use transformative energy for better or for worse. If we harness this time period’s energy, we find a better, honest version of ourselves. Which reminds us…are you following Debra’s horoscope videos? Consider the calm and reassurance she can offer through these on-point, in-depth videos that harness the truth of the zodiac.

There Is Always Light In Darkness

It has been nearly 12 years since the last time Jupiter entered Scorpio (the last time was October 26th, 2005 where it stayed until November 23rd, 2006). A few months before Jupiter entered Scorpio, Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana—look at all the horrific events that occurred as Jupiter just entered Scorpio this time: Puerto Rico, Florida, California. During the actual time period of Jupiter in Scorpio, the world witnessed the Iran nuclear standoff, the Enron trial and the terrible Mumbai train blast, to name a few worldwide tragedies. There was so much energy and tension that occurred during that time period, and we can feel the same sense of energy now.
It seems everywhere you turn there is a new thing to be afraid of, a new cause that needs your support, and not any energy left to protect yourself. This simply means that we—as a collective—are on the precipice of change. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to find ways to protect your positive energy and feel safe through this cosmic event.

What Do You Do To Feel Safe?

Debra Silverman reminds us that the best thing you can do for yourself when Jupiter enters Scorpio is to create healthy, daily mantras to protect yourself and create positive, powerful manifestation in your world. Let these words flow to you, in you, through you and outwards into the world. Then repeat. Then breathe. Then repeat them again and again until they’re ingrained in your being:
Im safe. Im protected. I’m loved, and I will give all my problems to the universe to help guide me through this time. I have the power within me.

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