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Many cars have a warning light that alert us when our tires are low. If one tire is deflated, the car won’t be balanced and will be more difficult to steer. The same issue arises for people when one of the elements is out of whack. Each of us has a constitution with all four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire. While one element may be dominant, it’s important to keep all four balanced.

The dominant element is very obvious in some people. In big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton’s case, you can tell he’s a Water sign: he has an obsessive capacity to be one with the water. He’s a great example of the importance of understanding your elemental makeup, harnessing the power of your natural rhythm and finding your missing element.

Harnessing the Power of Nature

To understand how important mixing elements is, look no further than Laird Hamilton. An athlete, surfer, inventor, model, husband, father and Hawaiian, Laird is also a Pisces who, as a typical Water sign, has an amazing ability to blend in with the water and lose his boundary lines. Water signs are fearless and give themselves over to their experiences. They lose themselves in their pursuit, transcend boundaries and become masterful in their element. Other famous Water signs include Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, infamous Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, classical composer Frederic Chopin and scientist Albert Einstein. You can learn more about all four elements.

While each of us is guided by a dominant element, we can achieve balance by finding ways of mixing elements. For Laird Hamilton, mixing elements has been a challenge. As a kid growing up in Hawaii, he got into a lot of trouble. He has Aries in his natal chart, which means he is always pushing the envelope, is fearless in breaking new ground and is consistently exceeding past experiences. Drawn to the intensity of Mother Nature, Laird Hamilton has been called many things: pioneer, maverick, controversial, incorrigible, radical and obnoxious.

He’s also a visionary who’s redefined what it means to be a surfer and has ridden waves that were 80 to 100 feet high. Every time someone told him “no,” Laird channeled his Aries energy – that fiery spirit – and carved his own path, usually right through the water. In his new documentary, Take Every Wave, Laird Hamilton says, “The ocean was where I could hide. I could get away from the land. That was where all the trouble was.” Ride the wave of Laird’s life in his new documentary.

Driven to forge new paths in big-wave surfing, Laird invented a hydrofoil surfboard to catch bigger, faster waves and has said he feels most alive when taking on the forces of nature. Like many of us, however, Laird Hamilton needs to find balance among the four elements.

Finding the Missing Element

Laird Hamilton has proven that he’s harnessed the power of his natural rhythm and dominant element, Water. So, what’s missing? Most likely, he needs more of the Earth element in his life. Earth people are focused, disciplined and organized, which Laird most certainly is, but they’re also practical and grounded. They like dependable routines. Of course, Laird Hamilton may not have become the big-wave surfing pioneer he is today with too much Earth element weighing him down, but the challenge for each of us is finding the right balance.

Remember…we need to learn to balance those tires, so we can continue on the journey.

Do you have a hard time connecting emotionally with others or even accessing your own emotions? Your Water element may be lacking. Has anyone ever said you’re too “out there,” floating intellectually and emotionally in another space from most people? Your dominant element may be Air, so you could use more grounding in reality and practicality, like Laird Hamilton. Do you feel you need more passion, fun and even a little drama in your life? Maybe you need a healthy dose of the Fire element to balance your elemental energy.

Want to learn more about your constitution and your elemental makeup? Want to live a balanced life rich in harmony? Reach out to Debra Silverman to find your missing element and get back on the road to balance.

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