Astrology Certification Program

I would not walk, I would run to register for this class. Why would you want to be a mystery to yourself. Debra's commitment to us, her students, went above and beyond the call of duty. Her drive was to show us ours.

Ann G.

I was shocked and amazed at the way Debra taught the class in the perfect increments of information. At times, I was thinking that some thing we were doing was too easy then I realized that in those 'easy' moments, I learned the most!

Pamela C.

It has been one of the best experiences of my life. This class has made me know and love myself more by helping me to understand who I really am.

Mark M.

I just want to put it out there, that after years of coaching, and seeing many therapists, this is some of the most comprehensive, important and deep work I've done on myself. Ever. I am so grateful to be given an opportunity to do this important work along side all of you and as guided by Debra.

Sebastian L.

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Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology Program is comprised of three levels. After completing all three levels, you may apply to become certified, so that you can tell people you are trained by Debra and ready to do readings confidently and consistently.

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Level 1

Designed for students interested in deep personal growth, who want to learn more about their own astrological chart and learn the language of astrology.

Learn about:

  • The basics of reading an astrology chart
  • The 4 Elements
  • Mercury and Mindset
  • The signs and planets, and what they all mean
  • The Shortcut to Enlightenment: North and South Nodes
  • What Saturn tells you about your life purpose

Level 2

Designed for students who want to take their astrology skills to a more advanced level. By the end of Level 2, you’ll understand your own chart better, but you’ll also be ready to start confidently giving readings to friends, family members, and clients.

Learn about:

  • Aspects
  • Houses
  • Transits and progressions
  • Where to enter an astrology chart
  • How to really listen to your clients and their charts, and how to prescribe them the psychological medicine their chart describes

Level 3

Designed for those who want to be astrologers, want to add astrology to their business, or want to master the art of giving readings. You’ll join Debra and your classmates live for three full days of deep learning.

After completing this level, you may apply to be a Debra Silverman Certified Astrologer, which means you will receive:

  • Certificate to place on your marketing materials and website
  • A Certified Astrologer listing on Debra’s website
  • Direct phone and email access to Debra on a regular basis

Be the First to Hear When Registration Opens

Join the list to be the first to know when the program opens for enrollment.

More About The Online Astrology Program

Too often people think: I can’t learn astrology. It’s too big, too complicated and too cosmic. Not the way Debra teaches. In Applied Astrology, you’ll get downloads in bite-sized bits and be able to apply material after the very first class.

In a matter of weeks, you’ll be guided through the meaning behind your chart, and you will discover what your life purpose is, what you have to stop avoiding, and what you need to change to get through your stuck-ness.

You can be a very beginner or have studied astrology for years for this class to work for you. Debra combines her years of psychotherapy and astrology to help you gain insight that is applicable and practical about your own chart, while learning the language of astrology so that you can share your gift with others.

Registration opening again soon.