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What happens as the years go by?

One thing’s for sure: gravity takes over. They call it aging: gravity coming to your body, face, ideas… Two stubborn persistent truths: gravity and reality.

As you age, you will find that you care less and less about what others will say. You learn that what YOU think about ME–is none of my business. This truth is liberating.

When you finally get to be you, life begins. Staying true without making excuses to please the ‘other’, is actually energizing and fun. For those of you how have lost your fire, here is how to rekindle it.

Welcome to this full moon where you are allowed to show up as YOU (which too often is called ‘selfish’). Selfishness can often be thrown as an accusation at Leo. At it’s worst, Leo is self-centered; at best, Leo is free to show up, show off and have a big fat life.

This full moon combo of Leo and Aquarius is anything but boring. How are you doing with your freedom to be–dare I say it–selfish?

It took me years to know that if I was true to my taste buds, if I followed my energy, if I made no excuses when I didn’t want to go to the dinner party or hang out with people (because I am an introvert), that I had no obligations to people for its own sake, that that would free up my spirit and walk me straight into my soul, cultivating the freedom and expression of my true self.

This combo is telling YOU to try to practice self-FULL-ness–distinct from selfishness. It’s easy for me to say, said the seasoned Astrologer, but I want you to know how to find your unique self and live it fully!!

Tell me: when is the last time you allowed yourself to be naked and unashamed? This is an opening that can happen with this full moon.

Mercury retrograde is here, too. See if you can revert back to some old innocence you left behindwhen you didn’t judge your body, gravity and reality. When the clay was wet and you still had hope. Pick back up the part of you that is young and willing to be you no matter what. I have never let my kid go too far away.

Where is your kid? Bring it back out and feel the authentic self snuggling up to those you love.



  •' Suue says:

    What a great description for this fire alir moon time! ??

  •' jeanette bona says:

    Thanks good advice not easy to do though.???

  •' Terrie Munoz says:

    You don’t know how much I needed this today. I just lost a big part of my heart yesterday.. my kitty Onyx. But he is inn kitty heaven no more pain. I feel like I really need to make some changes in my life. His brother Blue and I are here missing him. It’s time to live for me, him, and Onyx. They have been the only consistency in my life. Not sure what is going to happen… but things have to change. My children have their own lives and I’m alone. Too much else to say.. just trying not to feel so lost.

    •' Skylark says:

      I feel you… i’m alone now too… the man I fell in love with just couldn’t commit. The good part is I’m getting to know myself and be OK with myself now. And as Debra says really listening to me what I like who I am and letting that be and acting on that as much as absolutely possible in my life. It feels liberating not to kowtow to someone else’s wishes or try to be squeezed into their little box of how they think I should be in order to love me, want to be with me, etc. Just be myself. I encourage you to try to do this as much as you can because it really feels good. We are all sisters and we need to be there for one another. ❤️

    • Terrie, have you heard about Tree Sisters? Working to retree the planet, women around the world are devoted to saving the lungs of the planet, generating a global network of people who care about this blessed earth – coming together to heal, explore and celebrate the life we share, in the fertile forest floor of our world. They do some wonderful guided meditations I find to be inspiring, with local groves forming, and a fb page for people to share their experience of the Inner Journey … a lot of love, sipport and inspiration is flowering there! Here’s a link and a blurb for you to explore, if you like:


      Becoming a member of TreeSisters is about more than giving to trees. It’s about stepping into your feminine leadership and relating to yourself and the world in a whole new way. By embracing our wild feminine nature, we move into our planetary role as a restorer species. We move from emergency into emergence. We breathe life into a future we are proud to give to our children and grandchildren.

      … so, we may be alone, only, we don’t have to be lonely … we are so connected in the body of life … it feels good to recognize and embrace that truth ….

      Best wishes to you,


    •' Jackie says:

      Oh Terrie I am so sorry or your loss. I can relate, and get along with animals more than people these days with little family left, none near or in much of a way to offer support in return and had to create some distance so I wasn’t overwhelmed with caretaking. Either way I have my 1 persian boy and he is my child and best friend, animals always have been, so I know how heartbreaking the loss can be. Glad you and Blue have each other to get through it together. It’s ok to be lost, you experienced a loss and need time to heal and in some way honor his memory then care for you and Blue. RIP Sweet Onyx kitty and gentle hugs to you and Blue <3

  •' Lisa says:

    That is beautiful , Debra!
    Really looking forward to the lunar eclipse tomorrow night! It’s supposed to be great weather here in Europe.

  •' Nancy says:

    Thank you for YOU !

  •' rocci disopa says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for those nuggets… I am a Leo Rising, with my moon in Aquarius conjuncting the eclipse and Mars retrograde. Heavens abound!

  •' Marilyn says:

    THANKYOU Debra! Happy Happy Birthday sWEet Soul!!! Sending mega love and light!!!

  •' Raylene Johnston says:

    Oh my my!?
    I’m a 53 year old Aquarius and I just met up with an old friend who is going to be a 55 year old Leo, and we are on fire right now??
    The universe doesn’t lie!❤❤❤

  • Thanks Debra!

    It is so true…that we seem to have a new set of rules when we hit a certain age. I have always been a, so-called, “outspoken” person and when I was a child, in England, I thought it was a bad thing, being this outspoken, and so I think I ‘shut up for while, or at least tried to hold back my Ps and Qs. But then I learned that it is not a bad thing, it being totally honest and truthful. I came into this world with vigor and an honest way of being. I thought life was fun, exciting and I loved to talk to everyone. I even used to entertain passengers on bus rides home, with my mum, singing my heart out! It was in my DNA..I just had to sing. Why did i ever curb that enthusiasm? Life made me self-conscious, or some of the words directed towards me were unkind (or jealous maybe). The boys in school said my hair was “like a bird’s nest” (it was super curly and really lovely) but I believed what they said. The girls who walked behind me criticizing my ‘teenage’ legs. And so it goes…. Well, you know what -, these days, I am so focused on giving gratitude to this amazing body of mine, my nice skin (which I got handed down from a French grandma – I reckon) which ages so slowly, so no one guesses my age! I love my hair and, for the first time in years, I let my hair dry naturally, add a little of the right product so it can shine and the curls look like ocean waves about my head. I get compliments on my style. Who’d have thought! Just went I thought my polite dignity, my lady-like ways has been dulled-down by life, the physio assistant told me, “you are always so Queenly, Ms. P”. Last night, I had a dream, a dream so real…it Was real. My old, and dearest lover manifested in my bedroom, he smiled that smile he used to do, and fell into my arms (and I his) and lifted me up and placed me gently on the bed. Who cares what real life dishes, when you can regain the sweetest feelings in dreams. I am lucky this Pisces can do that. I still dare to dream in my old age and I will do whatever i am driven to do, or say by that kid inside my soul. No excuses, no looking for forgiveness for simply being me…..It is time! I have learned my lessons, come through some bad stuff and rediscovered gratitude. Look out world….I am being my true self and I am so happy!

  •' Elenor Hjalmarsson says:

    Thank you so mutch that is spot on? you have give me so mutch. How mutch do the chart cost? I am not so god in english just saying❤️
    Love Elenor

  •' Diane says:

    I had to retire early due to health problems. I was a special education teacher for 25 years when I realized I had lost my kid and I just wanted my life back. It’s been 2 years now and with psychotherapy and your help, I am experiencing great relief. I am a bipolar Pisces, moon in Capricorn, with Aquarious rising. This transition is effecting my husband and I greatly right now. We are happy and feeling grounded! I don’t dye my hair anymore. Going to go gray! Turning into the smart hippie kid that I used to be! Thank you for all your videos! You’re helping me accept me again. So grateful. Blessings, Diane

  •' Jennifer says:

    I’d really like to take your course. I’m a little past beginner but not an intermediate yet. How much time during my week is required? That is what has held me off.

  •' Barbara Sarni says:

    I have mars and the sun in Aquarius. . Tomorrow I will return to the store where I admired that Wonder Woman lunch box and buy it for my (selfish) self. I thought I was too old for it. But I am only 71!
    Thanks ❣️

  •' Margo says:

    Thank you. A leo through and through. Never had a full chart for me. Always regal and classy with a little spice thrown in. Intuitive. Getting back into my fun filled kid. Way past what others think. 70 on the 30th.
    Always enjoy your words of wisdom.❤❤

  •' Joyce says:

    Debra thank you for being such a shining light!
    I am 63 and right now I have a big crush on myself – loving who I am, where all i’ve been like never before. Perfect? Yes, in my divine imperfection that is Joyce:)

  •' Cindy Richardson says:

    I am an introvert as well and have always been made to feel guilty whenI I do not meet the expectations of the extroverts…Thank you for helping me to feel it is ok to be me:)

  •' Kassandra Helderman says:

    Love it! I have done the internal work to love the person that I am. It has allowed me to be free of the burden of others judgement, it’s truly “who cares?” I don’t mean that In a negative way but as a “I won’t let others internal stuff weigh me down.” It is so important when you are a empath and introvert to give yourself the space to reenergize. Showing up and being present with yourself and to yourself is just as important as it is to be present with others. Maybe this Leo:Aquarius moon will have us catching fire flies like we did when we were kids.

  •' Donna McCabe says:

    Thanks Debra. You’re inspiring as always. After listening to your progressed moon webinar, I’ve realised nearly all the planets are back where they started, including my Aquarius moon. Looking forward to a very exciting lunar eclipse and working on being me. Having nearly finished Inner View – I’m getting closer. Love and blessings. Donna

  • Thanks Debra, a worthy remonder – your perspectives are appreciated!

  •' Corinna says:

    Love this – my birthday today and think I need to follow this advice 🙂

  • I refuse to apologize for my expression of my soul and my humanness! I’m a crazy and liberating aquarian with that Leo rising. Love me or leave. Either way, I’m free to be me and express myself through creativity and joy. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.

  •' Fran Rogallo MacEachren says:

    I am still studying the first level course but have been so busy this summer. Its all there so I’ll get to it in late August. I keep all these inspiring emails from you and will get to read them soon. I’m looking forward to the full moon tonight even if its clouded over. Thanks so much for these words which give me the courage to let me be me!

    Cheers! Fran

  •' Minna Polhemus says:

    Thank you for that message, Debra! I love the term Self-FULL-ness! It’s way more accurate! And I welcome the idea of not being apologetic or feeling guilty (or “lame”) for being an introvert!

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