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This week’s full moon in Leo/Aquarius is not an easy one — let’s start there. There is too much fixed energy in the sky to not have the sounds of a celestial disagreement.

In other words, there are several energies vying for attention.

For those of you with planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), you may be feeling this full moon big time.

I am going to use a personal example to illustrate the contrasting energies; pretend you are me as you listen…

Leo is the part in us (specifically me) that felt compelled to go to graduate school. It’s the part of me that left high school to do a summer program at Harvard in 1975. It’s the part of me that became a radio personality in Vancouver on the 5pm drive home — a very popular show, at a very early age, which propelled my success (back then we didn’t have the Internet). Leo is the part in all of us that follows the highest path for ‘success.’

Success meant I had to learn how to talk to anyone who has a chart (that’s funny: that is literally every human on Earth). My challenge was to speak to them on their terms.

I specialized in listening deeply to you, listening deeply to your chart, and finding a way to untie the knot in your psyche that had you believing that something was wrong with you. I have been successful in doing so (says my Leo self). I have offered Astrological wisdom for 45 years. Now here comes the opposite…

A full moon in Aquarius: the right to not follow the group, to turn off expected behavior and just walk away from what others want/need — in other words, ‘to thine own self be true’ — at all costs. Even if professionally, it was not acceptable to be an ‘Astrologer’ while being a therapist, it did not stop me.

I was the only person who would insert a cosmic point of view into traditional classes when studying clinical psychology. I even did a study on chronic mental illness using statistics to prove there were some consistent correlations between a chart and mental illness. I did find some; however, I met great resistance.

This polarity of wanting classical success but not taking a classical approach was not easy. Astrology took me right off Main Street.

I remember sneaking into a scientific meeting with advanced scientists (I was invited by a good friend), who were gathering to consider what we needed to change for our evolving times (this was over 10 years ago). I introduced myself as an astronomer to sound more official.

We had a great meeting. I joined the heated intellectual discussions. We broke for lunch and when we came back, I had to confess, “really, you guys — I am an Astrologer.” The guy sitting next me replied: “What?! Your comments were so interesting. I can’t believe you believe in that stuff.” And never made eye contact with me again.

The stigma of being different is easy for an Aquarian, but the Leo in us seeks approval and acceptance.

It seems to me that this new generation we are seeing is so much more comfortable in speaking on everything from their love for metaphysics to their unusual sexual preferences. There was a time we were so scared to show up. Now, you look at TikTok or Instagram and see that everything is acceptable.

This is good news! We as a species, in the name of spirituality and open mindedness are growing all the time. It’s so easy to hear someone ask now: ‘What sign are you? Do you meditate?’ This was not true in the past.

So in honor of this tense sky, let’s stop for a moment and celebrate (that’s what full moons invite) how much easier it is to be weird. Celebrate that you are allowed to study Astrology. (By the way, our school opens next week! This only happens twice a year and this will be the last time this year.)

Now here is a personal disclosure, I am evolving: I am now studying ETs. Please go watch Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind and know that this full moon is a strange one if you are willing to open your mind even more. I will be interviewing Dr. Steve Greer very soon on my podcast.

I am so intrigued by the next generation of wisdom waiting for our times.

Comment below and let me know how you feel about ETs? I’m so interested! Do you have enough Aquarius to open your mind to topics that others find different?



  •' Christie says:

    Your right we should celebrate that we can be ourselves and what we can do with our witchy selves! I also believe in aliens their out there for sure

    •' CHRISTINE BOLES says:

      As I was growing up my friends always thought I was different because I have always read and studied things on witches and ET’S I would tell my kids to watch the skies for flying saucers, when we took cross country road trips, I still sit in my backyard at night watching the skies. As far as witches, I’ve gotten more involved as a Wiccan now more than ever before, I’am Earth and I understand now why I did what I did when I was growing up, make sense now, and I’m not ashamed to call myself a wiccan anymore….. Christine

  •' Diane Wilmot says:

    I’m an Aries with Aquarius moon. I am really struggling this week, and not sure if the Lion’s Gate or full moon are causing this upset, or what. I met a man two years ago in August that has more in common with me than anyone I’ve ever met. It freaked everyone out when I listed it all. We said we loved each other. Then he broke up with me. He returned in July and I was so happy! Yesterday he posted photos of a model he had dated off and on, and they were dated last month when he was seeing me! He wrote that she is his better half after telling me she drives him crazy. He is a Taurus. My husband died seven years ago on August 24th, my mother died last year on August 9th. Her birthday was August 13th and my mil’s was August 29th. Even two of my cats died in August after my husband. This month is horrible!

  •' Kathleen says:

    I am intrigued by your commentary. Seems like a lot of us were considered unconventional in our times. I have been studying reincarnation and I am literally flipping out!! Another taboo topic now very accepted. What’s your thoughts?

  •' Brenda David says:

    Hello Debra,
    I have very much enjoyed your immersion class. I try to join the live as much as possible. Loved “choosing Earth” and ” Close Encounters of the 5th Kind.” I am open to connecting in all things for the highest and greatest good of humanity. Thank you for always bringing the positive forward.
    Namaste ☮

  •' Giselle says:


    When you live with an open mind and open heart, life has endless possibilities. You are the living example of both.
    The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.

  •' Becky Brownlie says:

    How arrogant and egotistical to NOT believe in ET’s. I’m of the mind if you believe in physics and mathematics that of course there are infinite realities, worlds and life forms. Some interface depending on similarities between the vibrational qualities of their atoms (we are all energy) which for instance allows us to see the material world and sense the unseen energies around us eg barometric pressure and your dead grandmother! I look forward to this new era where we expand our minds enough to remember the wisdom of the ancient ways while looking forward with unbiased curiosity to new possibilities! Perhaps we are cocreating reality in the imaginal realm and life IS but a dream✨

    •' Moni says:

      Infinitely resonate with every word you said Becky!!
      So wonderful to know how many like minded kindred spirits we have here in Debra’s post!! And Im sure out there too in the big vast world,just many keep these beliefs or knowings to themselves in fear of ridicule.The Aquarian age is going to change all this!!

  •' Erica says:

    As someone with ETs as part of my spirit team, I love them!

  •' Kathryn says:

    I would say I am curious about ET’s.

  •' Barbara Yeargin says:

    I’ve always believed in ET’s – have read endless accounts of people who’ve been abducted, etc. Yes some stories are scary, but I think if we can take a deep breath, we can move forward and understand that with all of the stars in the sky, why would a creator just create on one planet. I look forward to meeting them and hope our planet can accept their help in dealing with the problems we have today.

  •' Lisa Gagnon says:

    I do believe there are ET’s. I think they have been with us for thousands of years to assist us with our evolvement as a species and introduced us to technology. I think their interest in us, the “higher” energetic ones anyway is to help us evolve our planet to a higher dimension so their species can complete their Spiritual Ascension. It is my understanding that their success depends on our success of this if that makes sense. I learned a lot about ET’s from Corey Goode and David Wilcock. They did a series together on Gaia and you can find both of them on youtube. As for Astrology, I love it! I am not an expert, but I find it fascinating how the energies of the planets assist each one of us in our spiritual growth. I am an Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, and a Leo Rising. Thank you for your recent broadcast with Collette Baron Reid explaining the energies that we will be experiencing for the last six months of this year. It looks like we have a lot energies to navigate our way through. Thank you for all that you do! Have a wonderful and very blessed day.
    Lisa Gagnon

  •' Barb says:

    I have believed in ET since I was young and looked up at night! How could we be so crazy to think we are alone in the universe! I love your blogs Debra . Thanks so much for your light!

  • With four planets (Moon, Pluto, Saturn, Mars) in the 11th house, it’s only natural that I’ve believed in ETs forever. I don’t have any physical or personal proof of them, but I know from the depth of my soul they exist and are here among us, maybe in forms that are familiar to us so we don’t panic. It’s impossible for me to think we are the only “beings” in the Universe. I also don’t think ETs are territorial or combative like we are. I think they are curious and observe and study us, perhaps helping us or advising us from time to time in non-intrusive ways. I like to think they are wiser than us. What if Earth is the training school for wherever ETs come from? What if ETs are what earthlings are destined to become once we graduate from here?

  •' L says:

    Hi Debra,

    I think this is why the polarities between the two signs (as well as the rest) really show the uniqueness of each sign, while also demonstrating the clear as day similarities. It’s just executed differently. I too, am on the road to becoming a therapist and believe understanding chart can be incredibly helpful. I have more Leo (Sun/Mercury/Chiron) than Aquarius (Saturn), but I’ve learned to appreciate the qualities they bring through my oldest child, a Aquarius Sun/Mercury with a Leo rising.

  •' Michele Rickert says:

    I think it’s foolish to think we are the only ones here. There is just so much we don’t know

  •' Michele Rickert says:

    I think it’s foolish to think we are the only ones here. There is just so much we don’t know

  • Hello Debra, I am “Roger in Tucson”. I am attending your ten day immersion class.

    Officially in August 1986 I attended a seminar on UFO’s on National UFO Day. Within just a few weeks I had been recruited to become a public relations spokes person for the Foundation for UFO Research. Quickly I became an investigator of everything having to do with the UFO/ET topic. In the early 90s I was investigating a married couple who had had direct contact with Grey’s.
    It was less than 12 hours after their contact. We were sitting in their apartment living room discussing what they had both experienced. After listening to them and asking as many questions as possible that part of visit was concluded. The they started asking me questions.

    The very instant I started to speak about the human “space faring people” who were and are popularly known as “The Pleiadians”, the echo from our conversation in the room ceased. They were sitting opposite me facing east, I was facing west. Their dining room was to my right do north and had a window facing the mountains. It was obvious to all three of us, that three people had just materialized in their dining room area. That is we could see their shape but the light was bending around them in some fashion cloaking them. It was like being on a hot summer road and the road was simmering from a series of mirages. They as me if I saw what they did? I said, Yes. I know who they are and I kept on speaking. After talking about our guests for about six or seven minutes I shifted the topic to speak about another race of visitors. Instantly the echo returned to the room and the three visitors left.

    So yes I know who they were and why they were visiting. factually they had been tracking my contact research for sometime. And yes ETs are real. More another time.

    Roger in Tucson

    •' Moni says:

      Hi Roger
      I believe I had contact with a grey late one night coming home from a friends place,on a quiet dark back country road,about 34 years ago.(in Oz)Its a long story and I dont have time to write it now.But strange things started to happen for years after it.I didnt actually realize till about 10 years after the encounter that that was what had happened,after reading the book Communion by Whitley Streiber.There was one particular chapter in the book that triggered my memory and I froze,paralyzed in fear when I realized what the encounter on the road and everything afterwards that occurred meant.
      I believe the universe is teeming with life! Our earth is a tiny speck on the outer arm of one of the spirals in the milky way galaxy.The universe is mind bogglingly vast.Its hard to get your head around just how vast!! Or that there is the possibility of multi universes!!
      Perhaps earth was colonized by the space faring races and thats why historians say their is a missing link in the theory of evolution,that man suddenly appeared just as he is!

  •' Lena says:

    That’s how I feel! I have nothing in Aquarius though ! I have sun, Moon, Pluto in Leo. Jupiter Mercury, Uranus in 5:house Peixes rising.
    I recognize the Leo Me and also the other arc type! I have struggled my whole life by daring be ME.
    Love you Debra
    Ps: we met some years ago here in Stockholm?‍❤️‍?

  •' wendy Sager - Evanson says:

    Thank you
    Finding the dance with these seemingly opposing aspects of ourselves and our patches is the most juicy and challenging of adventures in wholeness and loving our uniqueness…whooo hooo

  •' Lyuba says:

    D— I too am intrigued by the next generation of wisdom!!! I will be borrowing that line from you! Thank you.

  •' Kimmberly Cobaugh says:

    Well well well…..with 11 degrees Aqua rising conjunct Saturn and Mercury Retro exact opposite Pluto AND moon mars exact conjunct leo in the 7th you are speaking my language.

    This full moon is activating my chart in SO MANY WAYS!

    Just today re-committed to publicizing my astrology and spiritual direction services. Thanks for your insights!

  • I just love this Debra. And you. I got a lot of degrees (2 Master’s and a PhD) so when I talked about my dreams and visions I might be taken seriously! Asking guides for a book title, month after month, I finally dreamed a one word answer: WEIRD – in huge neon-light letters! I was so pissed off. That’s exactly the problem, I wailed. Later that day, no kidding, a book fell on to my desk where I was writing. Janie Sam’s book on The 12 Clan Mothers. Opening randomly, Iveead a paragraph on following the Way of Wyrd. It’s a thing. Celtic. Anglo-Saxon. Following the way of God, soul’s path. In a book on Native American spirituality. And so on. Secretly studying astrology as a Jungian psychologist, more and more it leads the way. I love astrology and astrologers! And now I am apparently in touch with a Galactic vision and flooding with light, after rolling my eyes just a year or two ago when a speaker mentioned the “photon belt (what’s a photon?) and thinning magnetic shields of the Earth. So weird! So wondrous! Imtwith you, sista! Mahalo nui! Marilyn

  • I am Karen, an 83 yr. old female. Metaphysics have been a part of my life for many years. I studied for a number of years with Saki, learning Tarot, delving into astrology, psychic phenomena,
    and metaphysics in general. I met many like minded people in a metaphysical church I attended for a few years. My friend, Carolan is a hybrid from the Pleiades who captains a space ship at night. My daughter wears an ethereal blue ring put on her finger by El Morya and she is the queen of a space colony during her sleeping hours. Another friend sits on the Board of Karma to review passing souls. I look forward to your writings and usually put a few notes in my collection of what’s important to me.

  •' Ju says:

    Aquarius sun 19 degrees here , 22 degrees mercury… I c 21 degrees.
    ET ‘s yes Debra no problem.
    And fairies, devas and elves.

  •' Theresa Anne Chalkley says:

    I do believe in ETs.

    I recently read a book about Atlantis & Lemuria. Toss in the Jupiter/Neptune on April 12 (which was conjunct my South Node, Moon & Mercury) in my sun sign of Pisces ♓️.

    Now, whenever I look at the sky, whether it is day or night – the world seems so much smaller. Oh, & I cannot forget the new Webb telescope pics…. (They make me want to go out and find a huge Star Sapphire.)

    Sometimes I do feel like we are on a set (compliments of DSA)

    I understand the polarity too. For me, it was wanting the traditional things, but doing it all ass backwards (job then degree, baby then family). I also learned this from you as well (Capricorn rising with Saturn sitting right on it).

    Thanks for having the courage to be you! I am grateful for everything you have taught me and activated.

    Theresa Anne

    BTW – My 2nd Grandson was born yesterday morning. It is so funny because I had run his chart for his due date, then they were going to induce, so I ran that. Then he decided, nope. I will come now. I was showing my daughter how different the charts were..

    Anyway, instead of a traditional card, I gave mama & papa 2 handouts from class so they could read some general characteristics about the individuals in their tribe.

  •' Natalie Barrows says:

    Debra! I’d love to learn more about your chart. I think it is amazing that you are both a psychologist and an astrologer. I know how hard it is to be considered “credible” in this world. But I have linked my mental illness to my chart and it’s actually helped me heal to understand why. I try to explain to my boyfriend how reading my chart and diving deeper is tremendously healing but it doesn’t seem to click for him like it does for me. Which I also realized was a result of our charts. Is there an easier way to explain who we are is the chart and the chart is us without making it seem like we’re trying to make it fit. Hopefully that makes sense. Good day

  •' Lauren says:

    I can relate to the being different & not going with the “norm” with my Sun (Taurus) in the 11th House-so Aquarian influence there:) Then my Libra moon can often seek approval or at least everyone being at peace & happy with me! And yes, I believe in ETs & find that interesting, although I don’t necessarily go out of my way to study them right now.

  •' Nina says:

    ETs!! My favorite topic!!

  • That is what is so satisfying about the different races and backgrounds. The world needs to embrace and appreciate these differences.

  •' Shannon says:

    This really resonated with me! I’m a Leo sun, Taurus moon, and leo rising. I also have 6 planets in Earth (5 in Virgo) and 5 planets in Fire. I grew up with Astrology (my mother had my chart done when I was little) but I never got deeper than sun, moon, and rising signs. I also began reading tarot cards at 12 and meditating at 15, But I have never told anyone! Not even my closest friends! However something clicked just a few weeks ago and I decided to ‘come out’ and let my freak flag fly! I found you and jumped into Astrology with both feet and I can’t get enough! This post made a lot of sense to me, as does everything you talk about. (I would love to join your academy, but even the immersion discount and payment plan are a bit beyond my means right now) But thanks so much for these posts, it’s helping me put together all the little pieces I’ve observed and felt over the years!
    And yes! Dr Stephen Greer is amazing! I found Close Encounters of the 5th Kind on the Gaia network about a year ago. Everyone should see it! Love you, Debra!

  •' Maureen Johnson says:

    Oh Debra! As aTaurus sun. Leo AC and Aquarius moon, this week feels like a cosmic rodeo ride ? inside the 5th galaxy.
    I’m all in with ETs. There are others and I’ve always known that. It is so interesting that there is legitimate conversation around this now. In this time of great transformation anything is possible. I just watched CONTACT again and it filled my head with “what ifs”. I can’t wait to hear more about your studies.

  •' Kathleen says:

    I don’t have Aquarius in chart but have an incredible Aquarius son, who speaks to my soul.

  •' Carol Knoll says:

    Of course there is life, ETs, on other planets in this universe. They are just in other dimensions. We think that the 3rd dimension is all that there is and if you can’t prove it with our 3D methods, then it just doesn’t exist. Surprise surprise! The Arcturians come from a 5D planet and many of them walk among us. Mer people come from their own water planet which is light and peaceful. I t is 6D. And even here they love to swim using 2 legs and not a tail. ETs are not all reptilians out to suck us and this planet dry. Reptilians walk among us also and they are actually not nice, even those that appear to be benevolent. They fool us and are destructive and we never know what happened. Things are not as they appear here on earth.
    I seemed to skip right over the fourth and how can that be since everyone knows you have to follow linear progression, said she who is in 3D. LOL! The fourth is where the ghosts go and most dreams come from. It is very crowded. The ghosts don’t have to stay there. They can choose to return to earth (brave souls) or go on out into the universe and be free.
    I have my moon at 20 Aquarius in the 8th so I am speaking up today. Just having fun. I am glad you are putting this subject out there. Some of our critics are the same souls that KNEW the earth was flat the last time.
    Much love to you Deb. I don’t have your fire so I am glad you speak up. (Lots of Virgo and Cancer rising.)

  •' Katie says:

    My Venus is Aquarius and Leo in the Midheaven. I have learned so much this past week about myself. Feeling amazing today! ?✨☀️?? ?? Thank you for sharing your knowledge & wisdom!

  •' Kate says:

    I have Mars in Aquarius and I think that helps balance out my MANY placements in Capricorn. It’s the rebellious part of myself who just wants to be unique. I used to only believe what I could see physical evidence of, but as I’ve gotten older (now almost 40) I’ve become so much more open to the “woo woo” stuff and I’m now the weirdo who is excited for disclosure. Go figure! But life sure is much more interesting this way

  •' Rose Heart says:

    Debra, I love your posts! You really bring to ground what is happening “up there.”
    Thanks for telling us your story.

    It is so much easier to be weird now! haha than it was ~ even in my 28 years I am noticing the ease in which the younger kids share how they are feeling and what they believe in.

  •' dawn meyer says:

    I definitely believe in ET’S. On Facebook and Instagram Tom T Moore discusses this topic. His newsletter The Gentle Way News has a section dedicated to it in every edition. He’s also author to The Gentle Way books.

  •' Lori says:

    I am in a CE5 group locally and love it. Dr. Greer is amazing and i have had ETs visit in my dreams and even take me on an out of body experience. Im excited to hear your take on ETs.

  •' Brenda Orozco says:

    I’m so enjoying the Astrology Immersion! Thank you so much. I watched Close Encounters of the 5th Kind and found it fascinating. As a true Aquarius, I’ve done alot of research on the subject.

  •' anne says:

    I feel ET’s exist.
    I’ve been researching Pleiades on and off for years. I dunno much and figure when time is right I will find out more.

  •' Irene Baldwin says:


  • Love reading your insights…
    So with taurus ascendent , moon and mars in scorpio, mercury in leo and midhaven and lilith in aquarius …this is going to be intresting..although ifeel very centered and peaceful and full of optimism…

  •' Karen Whalley says:

    This is amazing.

  •' Rachel Gardner says:

    Hi Debra! I loved this article of yours for this up coming full moon in Aquarius. It’s interesting to note that I do not have any air in my chart besides chiron and black Lilith… obstacles and wounds. I have absolutely zero Aquarius in my chart.
    I’m also very interested in knowing more about your studies regarding mental health and our natal charts! Fascinating! I have suffered from severe depression since childhood. My mom can recall me being “melancholy ” since a very young age. I believe I came into this world sad. Perhaps a past life issue? What I do know is I have overcome a great many obstacles in my life (I am a life path 5). They say your second half of life as a path 5 is much easier. I’m 36 now and my progressed moon is getting ready to enter Taurus in November. Perhaps a sign of more stability and success.
    Regarding your comment on ETs. I’m a complete and total believer. I believe we are from the stars, after all we are made up of the same compositions as stars. I have also followed Dr. Steven Greer for quite some time now. I believe that soon we will see more of our cosmic friends. Here’s to hoping humanity is open enough to not want war. Thank you for all you do!

  •' Reina M Ortega says:

    I’ve always believed there were other beings around; whether they blend in with the human race, live somewhere on our planet we aren’t aware of, like the ocean, or are on their own planet zipping around space and being social butterflies.
    Here’s something I haven’t shared with more than a few people in my lifetime. As a child (who grew up with the paranormal in all of our homes), I would go in the backyard, look in the sky, and let the aliens know they could come to my house. I’d talk to the air letting them know I’d keep them safe. Funny enough after taking your course, I realized most of my childhood I didn’t feel safe and secure. Any hoot, I remember crying at times because I really wanted them to come down. I even had the thought about this the other day wondering where the rest of my family was when I did this. I remember doing it like it was last week. I’ll be 60 next month. I’m going to enjoy this Full Moon and embody it to my core. It’s not about me, it’s about US. Signing off, Libra, Virgo, Virgo here.

    •' Moni says:

      Oh Reina your post here resonated with me soo much!! I used to do exactly as you did when I was a child.I was a lover of astronomy and astrology from a very young age.I used to lie in bed every night with the curtains open so I could see the night sky and urge the aliens to come and land in my backyard to take me for a ride through space or to their home planet.
      I did later in my life have an experience where I lost 4hrs on a road coming home late at night on a dark quiet back country road from a friends house.I now know it was an encounter with an ET;but for 10 years post the encounter I wasnt aware.It wasnt till I happened across a book by Whitley Streiber -Communion,that triggered my memory after reading a certain chapter of the book.The actual realisation of the reality of it really frightened me at first.
      Anyway sooo much more to this story! Too long to write all here.
      Just wanted you to know that Im a Libra sun,Gemini rising and Virgo moon.Stelliums in Virgo& Scorpio.Natal Saturn retrograde in Aquarius(only Aquarian placement).Will be 59 in 2 months.Enjoyed reading your post!!

  •' Adela Kunasz says:

    Hi Debra, yes l believe in ETs & have some nice I saw the movie ET. I’ve also had what l feel are meetings with Them, and they felt perfectly comfortable. And the interesting thing is that l have no planets in Aquarius.

  •' Kamala Chapman says:

    Of course there are ETs all throughout the cosmos. ….. Some are good and want nothing but the best for us but some are not so good. They may even walk amongst us. It’s infuriating that the United States government thinks we’re stupid enough to believe their crap about the non-existence or questionable existence of ETs. How do you think the pyramids got built……? Virgo, Libra, Gemini 🙂

  •' Ann Hewitt says:

    I was in college studying psychology when i discovered a book by Liz Greene. Astrological Tarot the relationship combos answered my mother, with my father .brother,half -sister and step-dad. I wrote it all out, replacing the planes with their name . Mind blowing and lifechanging.

  •' Jazmin says:

    Scorpio, Scorpio, Libra. I’m feeling the pull of fitting in and standing out in a weirdo way. Do I keep paying to try to make my intuition course and healing sessions full time or go look for a steady job? I too went to school for psychology.
    And ET’s… love talking about this! Some of my clients have wanted past life readings to see if they have had lives as ET’s. It’s so fun!

  •' Natalie Wagner says:

    My moon is in Aquarius (if I have that correct) so that above rings true to me. I am a Scorpio with Aries Rising. I am in your Astrological Immersion course and actually watched Close Encounters of the Fifth kind last night. I love ET’s! We are not alone in this beautiful universe. How important Steven’s work is to educate the humans on planet Earth that ET’s are not malicious and in fact they come in peace. Supreme Master Ching Hai explained in one of her video conferences recently that the ET’s were drawn to planet Earth because of all the cries of suffering from humanity when the Ukraine war broke out. They came to find out what the distress calls were about. But they can’t intervene…because if they top this war another will break out somewhere else because humanity is not at peace. We still kill for food when there is an abundance in the plant kingdom that can sustain the human body in a far superior way than killing an innocent animal can. How phenomenal it will be when we have a normal relationship with our brothers and sisters from the stars. Looking so forward to your podcast too! Wishing you good health, deep joy and bliss on this beautiful Thursday morning. xxx

  •' Nelle says:

    As a Leo rising, Aquarius moon, Scorpio sun, i feel the fuck outta this.

    I have been studying ETs since I got my first computer when I was 12- lol. Right now, my biggest fear is fame, the fear of success, but I feel it’s inevitable as we enter this Aquarian Age and im feeling propelled and thrusted into speaking my “crazy” truths. Love you Debra.

  •' Suzy Woo says:

    We have ET energy in our DNA, that is what transitioned us from a ‘slave race’ to a ‘seeking’ race… where are my spiritual parents? I feel freaking amazing in this full moon, this grand fixed cross is smack on top of me, as a 22 degree Leo, Scorpio Rising at 16 degrees, and Taurus descendant at 16, Taurus moon at 19 degrees just inside the 7th house cusp! Super lit up by the Uranus/North Node/Mars conjuction. I am LIT UP! Love astrology, love working with the ETs when I do Star Magic Healing (energy healing modality) and love to feel this and I love YOU DEBRA!! I took your Level 1 and did the signed book/chart, and do share your elemental survey! LOVE that you are stretching out to explore more! <3

  •' Leonor says:

    I totally agree with your comments on this freedom of expression the younger generations have. Now, my concern is their disrespect and lack of interest for the elderly and the past. They have become sort of uninteresting and at worst, disposable. I take it it is part of the shift in values, etc., but some traditions matter because they help us to be grounded. Sun in Taurus, Capricorn ascendant, moon in Pisces…

  •' Darlene Marshall says:

    Well I have my Sun at 23 Gemini in the 11th house, does that count? and my relationship house is Aquarius…. lots of planets and placement active for this Full Moon. It’s ok to be different, what I mean is I’m ok with being different. I am not a sheep, that’s for sure. As for ET, pretty sure we are not the only “intelligent” ( I use that word lightly), in this universe. Happy Full Aquarius Moon!

  •' M. Ledgister says:

    My sun is Leo and my moon is Aquarius and Jupiter was retrograde when I was born. I believe in ETs because I talk to my star mother all the time only a handful of people know me fully and I am here to help the planet ascend. I have been communicating with spirits since Avery young child but my siblings think that I demonized and need “deliverance “ so I try not to embarrass them. Being a student of Kabbalah helped me to accept who I truly am.

  •' Celisse says:

    My Moon and Mars in Aquarius is so in love with this article! ? Thank you for your wisdom and I’m looking forward to taking your class in the near future!

  •' tammy says:

    Im a sag with capricorn moon, aries ascendant and libra decendant. I think that we should celebrate our selves and our lives every day, no matter what sign we are.
    Ets go, wish you would listen to the BBS radio broadcast white knights faction 3. The admiral and captain are here, saying no more war. Stay in your high heart and blaze the violet flame. We still have our sun goin thru this major solar flare anytime. There will not be and extinction event this time around. 8/8 liions gate I hope everyone meditates daily as much as they can to keep love and peace in the quantum field. We have et brothers and sisters, that is how we got here.And now they are all here, ready and watching. Love and light to all, much love.

  •' Claire says:

    Finally, at 66y, 11m, 3w of age, I know understand why I have always felt so divided, split if you like, almost scared to do what I wanted, because that would make me “different” from others – school was hell for me! Thank Debra, you always know exactly what to tell me.

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