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This month’s full moon is in the sun sign of Aquarius, making it a Leo moon. When the moon is full, it is always opposite the Sun. Oh yeah, and this is the second eclipse this month. This one is a lunar eclipse, so you may have noticed some issues standing by, needing your attention. Eclipses always happen in twos: one during the new moon and the other during the full.

So, here is the theme of this full moon…

On the one hand, we have this love for all things weird. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested in weird. Let’s face it: Astrology is not for the ordinary. You have to be willing to step off of classical science to find comfort in meta-science such as Astrology, Reiki, Energy work, Chakras etc. We love weird—welcome Aquarius. Meanwhile, the opposite sign (Leo) is far more interested in fitting in and being–the opposite of weird—’normal’.

It’s true that normal is just a setting on the dryer. We ought to know by now: there is no such thing as normal. However, a Leo Moon has a very distinct need to look good, know what music is hip, what car to drive and how to take a really good Instagram photo for public display.

One part of this dualistic archetype myth is to stand away from the ‘norm’ while the other says: let’s check out what is ‘cool’ and make sure we are on the right page with that. How do we reconcile these two voices? Follow the group and then rebel…two opposite impulses.

I recently spent time with a Leo millennial who was knee-deep in family issues. As I, the therapist, began to dig into the strange ways her family was terribly dysfunctional and touched her pain points, her Leo said: “Can’t we just ignore this, dress up for dinner and just have fun?”

Her love for ‘normal’ and to be what she imagined was the ‘happy’ family was greater than her concern for hard reality. She wanted to look good and ignore the mess. I had to stand by with my insights and talk to myself.

I carried the Aquarian energy having to let everything go that I thought was real. At worst, a typical Aquarian would leave the
scene, exit stage left and not participate with family at all. One wants to pretend; the other wants to escape.

Can you see the duality of Aquarius/Leo? One part attempts to show up with what appears as acceptable ‘fun’ (Leo) while the other part is ready to abandon ship rather then pretend and go off by themselves (Aquarius).

I have far too much Aquarius in my chart to ever be able to pretend. I know the feeling of being left out, standing apart, not fitting in and feeling alone. Over the years I have come to redefine that energy as my gift of being REAL. It doesn’t hurt me as it once did. I know I am the black sheep and I like it that way.

What was once awkward and disconnected from my family of origin has become the doorway to me finding my family of choice and a life of freedom from what is ‘expected’.

I know you know the feeling of standing apart. I know you have wanted to talk about Astrology and perhaps you have gotten those looks. You were the odd wo/man left standing as you spoke your truth. So what?

We are the ones who love the woo woo (Aquarius). We are the ones who dance with the dark (stargazers). We are the ones who are looking for connection/family/fun (Leo) in our own way.

We just finished a retreat this last week called Self-Transformation. I watched each lady go from being uncomfortable in her skin, to finding her unique voice waiting in the wings. We all have had that sad feeling of being separate, yet what we always see is that we all have the ability to turn it around.

So many students say: I have always felt so different, I have always hated groups. I have never felt I belonged BUT this group of Astro-maniacs is so different. I fit in because of my differences.

Yes, you do. You fit in because you are uniquely you as described by your chart. Come study with us to find out what that exactly means.

This full moon is a chance to celebrate (all full moon ask us to celebrate) how we are stand-out STAR people who just plain love what and who you are—just as you are.

Enjoy this full moon: this eclipse and use this time to say: yes—to ________.



  •' Danielle Park says:

    I am aquarius sun, leo moon and when I was born the moon was full. You so just explained me.

  •' Lavinia Lindsay says:

    I love the way you bring Astrology to life and make it real and living. I appreciate how your words opens up a deeper inquiry for me. You’re so zesty and fiery, articulate and zany. I am getting hooked…..

  •' Hilda Sitges says:

    Reading you is always a great pleasure!!! Blessings for your not being normal!!! Otherwise you would not have done so much good for the world with your studies and information on the stars!!! Please send me info on your retreats! Would love to attend one.
    Big hug, hilda from mexico city

  •' Lisa Francis says:

    Dear Debra,
    thank you .. I loved this .. it explains me a bit more .. I am that aquarius sun leo moon capricorn saturn mix

    I suspect this will be an interesting year .. 2018 finished off with me having dental surgery to remove impacted eye teeth that were growing in >> I thought i had an infection turned out to be teeth growing in .. so off I am to a start that couldn’t be predicted. I am healing my mouth now.

    I have found your videos helpful as I navigate this time .. and when I heard you say teeth in your video with Carrie, well I felt that whatever I am going through with my mouth is right on schedule.


  •' linda says:

    this is a gorgeous, wisdom-filled, soul massage. love ya, debra! thank you.

  •' Ang says:

    This hit me HARD! I needed this! I just started reading my chart through your mini web series and I found out my rising sign is aquarius, I’m sure I’ve been told this many of times but never truly looked into it until now. This pieces I felt to the core. Thank you for all that you do! Many blessings

  •' Brandy Ledford says:

    My husband is an Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising. My sun sign is in the house of Aquarius and soon my Rising sign will be progressed into Leo. We always planned to get married (about two months in we were informally committed to eachother) but as soon as our families started pushing the issue we were reluctant. We finally decided after 12 years that it was time.

  • You are awesome Miss Debra!! A trailblazer indeed.
    Keep up your good work. There are many, I’m sure, that appreciate your “Twinkley” way of of sharing your wisdom. Of course, me too!
    Sending you light, love and Angels!
    Ms. Hansen Highland
    San Carlos, California

  •' Amy says:

    All. Of. This. Transformation is a word seemingly becoming overused now – but omg – it’s the only term fitting for all the selfactualizing we go through! And certainly been a theme in my world the past several years. Whether we are aware or not…patterns are continually being expressed in our lives. And until I learned astrology, I had no language to express what was occurring in my inner world. I began writing in a journal in mid 2016 for the first time ever in my life just to mark the astrological monthly moon cycles and then began noticing the synchronized timing of the heavens mirroring my world. I wasn’t writing and ‘waiting for planets to cause things to happen’ – rather I looked back and noticed the patterns…then during the great American solar eclipse in August 2017 I signed up for your course! Another synchronized moment in my journey from my head to my heart. It’s been such a mind blowing experience and gift! Really getting to know myself. Astrology links our inner and outer worlds! Much gratitude to you for teaching all of us about what is ‘normal’ and encouraging us to appreciate our unique settings!

  •' Kristine says:

    Thank you Debrah for a wonderful e-mail. Enjoy the full moon and celebrate life! Blessings, Kristine from Sweden.

  •' Carol Knoll says:

    Raised by a Leo Mom, I am (almost) always graceful and appropriate, and having an Aquarian moon, and an Aquarian Dad, a son and grandson, (love them all. They are the best!) I can watch myself walk away from situations that “don’t have anything to do with me. It is their problem. I am not getting involved.” So, there is this moon. Nice. Something switched a few days ago and I am happy and full of myself. She/me is wonderful and dear and I am so glad she is me. I am finally beginning to relax instead of always striving. “Have to be better. Find out how to be better.” Does that sound like a Virgo?
    I am going to just love and enjoy this beautiful moon tonight – and watch how this plays out in my life over this next year. I can be an odd happy hermit who feels the importance of holding and using my light for the good of the whole.
    Mom was Leo sun, Cancer moon and Cancer rising I have Cancer rising also. We called her the queen mother long before I ever knew about astrology. People loved being around her. She made them just feel good.
    Thank you Debra for this write up.

  •' Cindy Bone says:

    I find this funny and opposite for me. I’m a Leo July 23, my brother is Aquarius Jan 23. Talk about exact opposites, that don’t even speak. I refuse to pretend! I’d rather walk away and exclude myself from the drama.
    With 2 Leo’s for parents, I can say there is alot of disfunction!

  •' Uschi says:

    Hallo Debra
    yes, this is my life,I am different
    i have been affected from the moon when he started to go big and now he is bright and light .
    I wake up and get hot restless and worried.
    I speak to my angels lay my cards,try to be calm.
    Thank you for telling this
    I am born in Heidelberg Germany 21. 08.1946 , had a Horoscope done but can not find it.looked every were
    I am a Leo with scorpion
    I live now in Portugal
    You are a very nice bubbling full of live women
    greetings Uschi

  •' Cathy Corn says:

    Woo woo is part of each person’s makeup, so those who deny that are cutting off the richness of their journey. For me, woo woo is the new normal. Thanks, Debra, for the amazing information.

  •' Joyce Ruzanka says:

    Thank you so much Debra! Then think about it too much to a fault, and just had a reading yesterday which was amazing because I had a lot of questions about am I ever going to be happy if I’m not leading this ‘normal’ life or with one person instead of jumping around from relationship to relationship. But what I found is I do so much better with lots of friends in my life… I mean who needs a man to hold them down you can have your pick of any! But it does get scary thinking about getting older and being ‘alone’. But I’m realizing is that I am happier by myself been having to be stuck in a relationship where things get stagnant and I get irritated. I made realizations to really work on being present, owning my unique quirkiness, only inviting friends that lift me up into my Circle, and I do the same for them! I’m rambling but wanted to say thank you so much and I’m going to be following you more!
    All the best to you!
    Joyce Ruzanka

  • Debra, I love reading your posts. I was one of the first star students. I am old and have many responsibilities that I never thought would be mine.

    I do not have the time. nor the want to, to be a student any more. I want to just have a connection that I can connect with from time to time to tell me what I believe is happening is truly happening.

    Do you have a program where I can sign up for a year. Get my annual reading done and then have an up date sent once a month and maybe allow 1 or 2 questions.

    Bettye Rae Francis
    2711 Palo Alto Drive NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87112

  •' Justine says:

    Thank you sooo much. I am a Senior 1940 on Social Security only so my $$$ are tight. I wish I could afford your classes so I enjoy your posting only. Thank you

  •' Kathy Martin says:

    thanks for all you share…

  •' Kathy L Sexton says:

    I am an a Aquarian through and through with a touch of Leo and Cancer. I am the escape artist and my dream has never involved others that much but I am opening up my heart a little having done some growth but I will always have a big junk of the James Dean persona in me….

  •' Sam says:

    This is so relevant to my life reguarding trying to fit in but also staying true to myself, which is unique and weird. I can resonate with this theme a lot because I now understand what are the nodes and how they form a dance throughto ones my chart, I have ketu in aquarias and Leo in Rahu, which is why throughout my life , I have periods of isolation and outkast mentality,but also I ride to the shadow of trying to fit in to this crazy society and want my ego to look great for others to accept me. But when I get hurt, I can always fall back on aquarias. Now, i’m Striving to live in the 5 th dimension of love, and conquer my fears,which Leo is teaching me. Thanks for all the knowledge and guidance you taught me and to the masses. Forever greatful

  •' Norma Joyce says:

    I made a decision to retire as a High Priestess of WICCA (Women I Conscious Creative Action) Wrote an meal and sent it to the Priestess’ – 1 out of 3 answered.. then I rewrote it to send out..both disappeared on the computer. Then we had given, free, our newsletter to people incarcerated.. stopped about 2 years ago getting inquires, and near the same time we stopped publishing. Yesterday went to PO.. there 2 letters of inquires. Many swear words coming out of my mouth (thought that was only for having Trump!). Okay now we will see what I am being told next. No retirement now! crap 87.45 years old… Will call my Aq daughter tonight and whine a bit. She was born 2/14/62!!!!!!
    I love you.. thank you.. and… and Norma Joyce.. and all Earth signs.. well there is that Leo Mars….

  •' Diane Derenzis says:

    Thank you so much , I truly resonate with what you wrote . I now know I belong . Thank you Thank you Thank you ?

  •' Jessica says:

    Yes to happiness and peace and self love. Thank you.
    Interesting info in Leo Aquarius my daughters are these polarities and itll be interesting to watch them develope. Already my leo wants to be a part of everything while my Aquarius chants “no want” all day and even said “no BA” to the baby while he bababa beside her.

  •' Casey Gannon says:

    Hi Debra,
    Before I get to my point, I just want to establish my love and appreciation for you. I believe in you. Your words and your school have helped change my life in amazingly positive ways. In immediate ways, yes, but more importantly in ways that are going to last me for the rest of my life! I am forever grateful and loyal.
    BUT, you probably don’t remember but I had and have some issue with your handling of the man/ woman or woman/ man “thing” in Debra World. After chatting with you about it I realized you were more aware of it than I thought and my input was not going to speed anything up. So, I took my ball and went home. Then, while reading this I noticed something that I appreciated and thought you should know. It’s small but so big to me. A little slash between “wo” and “man”….wo/man. My heart melted. Of course, man/wo would have been better but…..ha ha! I couldn’t resist! My point is, a little thing like that can be done in so many instances. No harm to the sisterhood and a little bone for the bristerhood(brother/ sisterhood).
    Okay, okay already! I’m done! Stop the eye rolling and heavy sighs! I still love you!

  •' Marta says:

    Hello, Debra , i am Scorpio with my raisin sing in Leo.
    Is this eclipse in Leo how is going to affect me?
    I love the way you teach, is awesome, happy ..
    You have a lot of air in your chart, I am the opposite.
    Just water, and a little bit of fire….thanks

  •' Terri House says:

    Thank you so much for all of your magical insight. I can always connect with what you say and how you say it. I have finally learned to love myself for me and to walk outside of my ego and that is thanks to your guidance and many short courses you offer. Thank you for spreading so much loving energy.

  •' Dorothy Thompson says:

    Debra, I’m in awe, again, as always!!! I actually stopped reading (very briefly) and thought, “what? Debra is talking about me/to me?” I’ve always walked to the beat of a different drum made more difficult by being in a conventional Asian Catholic family! From the age of 13, I was fascinated with Astrology/Numerology = the occult and in bed with satan by my very concerned family!? I started consulting psychics! I was Abi-Normal (ie abnormal) so I exited stage left and migrated to Australia at 28 and never looked back! ‘Family” need not be through your bloodline!
    Thanks so much Debra. I signed up for the all 3 levels and am honestly, terrified! Oh what the hell.

  •' Kris says:

    As an Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon who has just started learning astrology, this explanation of the Aquarius/Leo dichotomy helped me understand the polarity between these two very personal signs and make some sense of the conflicting pulls they exert on me. Great post!

  •' constance crumley says:

    Looking forward to working with you, are scholarships still available?

  •' Ramona Jarvis says:

    Hi Debra,
    I really enjoy your site, letters and videos…especially the funny ones!
    I’m a Scorpio ( 11-11-45 at 5:45 pm) and have the moon in Aquarius with Gemini rising and Uranus in my first house. So yes, I love astrology and yes, with mars and Pluto. In Leo there is that dichotomy and sometimes the feeling of being on the outside looking in. And with Uranus in Gemini and mercury in Sagittarius,
    giggling a lot in the process. I also have Neptune ( in Libra) exactly trine the moon in Aquarius so am a tad psychic. But being a Scorpio I’m able to camouflage how weird i really am and actually have frequently helped my friends and family when they can’t figures things out without them being afraid I’ve become
    one of those “woo woo” people…… you know how people usually say that and twirl their fingers around and point knowingly at their heads?

    Fortunately there are wonderful people like you who are reaching a lot of people out there and changing a lot of the misconceptions about Astrology l
    Bless you too, wend keep up the good work!

    Sincerely ,
    Ramona Jarvis

  •' Patricia Eastwood says:

    Dearest Debra:

    This is a deeply transformative time for me. Your every word is an accomplice to my change and transformation. Astrology just keeps opening yet another door for me to pass through with greater understanding and wisdom.

    Thanks for being you and for sharing your true spirit with us all. I know this is part of the greater scheme, the plan for not only personal transformation, but rather the entire world, as it moves into a greater era of awareness, understanding and purpose.

    Bless you!

    Patricia in Toronto

  •' Patricia says:

    Always love reading your posts! I am an aquarius sun and moon and really enjoy being different. I am looking forward to taking your second astrology course this spring. Thank you for making astrology so much fun. Tricia

  •' Danielle says:

    You’re my inspiration, Debra! As an Aquarius sun/mercury/MC your description of Aquarius resonates with me as does most of your writings/teachings. Thank you for helping me to further my love of astrology. I hope to study with you in the future!

    Happy Aquarius season!

  •' Mia says:

    Thanks Debra, I can relate to the feeling being an outsider that’s left out, standing apart, not fitting in and feeling alone – I like how you have come to redefine that energy as a gift of being REAL!

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