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Can you imagine a Mom saying: I am a great mom?

Or a painter saying: I am masterful; I have the gift?

Or a singer knowing: Yes, my voice is a gift from the Gods?

These sentences would all be described as either having really good self-esteem, or some might not say them out loud in fear of being ‘conceited’ or too self confident. This is the theme of this full moon.

Any sincere student of life knows that one of the single most important factors to success is self-esteem. A successful person seeks a constant expression of excellence and even when achieved, will continue to pursue excellence.

Enter Aquarius—the experts in their field. The Moon, as always during a full moon, is in its opposite sign—in this case, Leo. Leo can feel bad when they are accused of being too much, too loud, or too confident, and are often called obnoxious or even arrogant. It’s such a delicate balance between being good at something without being a ‘showoff.’

Is there something in your life you can confidently say: I am really good at ______ (fill in the blank)? Is there a time in your life when you could feel a passion driving you toward an outstanding example of your art? Maybe it’s not something obvious: the way you take care of your animals, the way you are a mom/dad, the way you clean or cook? You deserve to feel really good about that.

What part of your life can you say out loud: I know that I can do ______ well? It’s a hard question because we too often deflect compliments and yet we long to be seen and acknowledged. This polarity is not an easy one to find comfort with.

It took me well into my 50’s before I actually knew I was good at Astrology. I played out the classical conservative inner dialogue that said: I might be good—but I am not that good. I had good reasons to think perhaps I was a success. I had increasing financial freedom. My rates for my work slowly went up without any coach or guidance from ‘others.’ I just worked so hard and so long it was a natural occurrence. I had a strong sense of self-esteem as a therapist, based on my track record, but it is still hard to say that. We shy away from owning our gifts, don’t we?

This is the theme of this full moon:

  1. The topic of your genius (Aquarius)
  2. The part of us that wants to be seen, yet is shy, scared, and even unsure if we are really good at something (Leo)

Maybe you think you are just medium. Perhaps it’s because you are not getting the feedback you feel you deserve.

What would it take for you to realize you are really good at what you do? That you deserve the compliment? And so, you could feel good about raising your prices, asking for a raise, seeking more for your hard work? When does that happen and why is it easy for some and others not so much?

Think of a mom’s job—mothers never say to their kid, “pay me for the ride to school, give me a raise, tell me I am the best mom in the neighborhood and bring me home the first place ribbon.” No, mothers give from the Aquarian impulse—they serve because they just have to—it’s their soul’s impulse—as natural as breathing. The love is enough.

My prayer for this full moon under the solar cycle of Aquarius is:

Let me see my gifts.

Let me acknowledge my gifts and be celebrated from the outside out.

I can love who I am.

This is why it is SO important we study Astrology—to fall in love with me, and to increase my comfort level and ability to receive, because I love what I do and I deserve to be appreciated.

I want this for all of you. To realize how much you are lovable for the simplest of acts. That your genius may just be in care-taking, cooking, or cleaning, or how about being a partner or a friend? May you find your genius and celebrate it.

This full moon is all about you celebrating you just as you are.

Our school just closed its doors. We had numbers that surpassed all the other launches. Thank you for being on my mailing list and loving this Astrology shit.

I sure do. Sending love during this Aquarius time for all of us who love to look up and find love right there in the stars.


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