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Tell me if I am crazy…

I do not see any reason for fear.

The worst has happened.

We have lost our rudder, our true north, our ability to be civilized citizens.

“Not all of us,” says the Aquarian Sun. There are always exceptions to every rule. Some of us are changing and reestablishing what matters most; others are not.

How about this crazy truth: we cannot stop the Trump-lovers and the Trump-haters. There’s no way that human nature impulse will ever be changed. No matter how much this Aquarius/Leo sky wants us to change, the nature of this reality cannot be moved.

However, if we are interested in Astrology (and I know you are — by virtue of getting this newsletter), then we can take the time under this full moon to pray for the collective.

Why not just stop talking about politics and all that? It is distracting us toward fear.

We can’t. It’s like driving by a bad accident on the road — no one can just drive by without looking. We are all seduced by a scary story.

Astrology and the study of the stars show us how to see from a distance, to find the voice of the observer. This is the best setup I know of to cultivate compassion.

Announcement: The full moon this month lives in a stress-filled sky. There is a perfect T-square in the heavens — the Sun is in Aquarius, opposite the Moon in Leo (the Sun and Moon are always opposite during a full moon), with Mars in Taurus, 90 degrees from both. (It literally looks like a capital T.)

If there was a fourth point (which would make a perfect square instead of just a T), it would be in the sign of Scorpio. As astrologers, we look to that point as the means to release the Tension.

What does that mean? Scorpio sounds scary. We are going to have to figure out fear, and there are SO many theories about it… False Evidence Appearing Real. Or Fuck Everything And Run. Even with all the spiritual funnies, they don’t relieve the anxiety running through our zeitgeist’s bloodstream right now.

Wait: didn’t I just say there is no reason for fear? I did. The worst has happened. But guess what? This whole month continues to suggest that the worst has yet to come.

This duality and this scary time we live in never goes away (at least until we get to Pisces—can’t wait for the end of February). Right now, the energies in the collective during this full moon are at an all-time high—and will continue.

I have studied Scorpio. I had to learn how to love Scorpio. This is where my North Node lives; I realized I had to befriend this energy to find my way to peace and happiness.

So I learned to go through difficulties while trying not to complain (the high road of Scorpio). Get done what is needed now. Stay soft, kind and quiet. I suggest going slow these days.

The best way I have learned to deal with fear and anxiety was by studying — and then practicing — Astrology and the Elements, to be forewarned by following the Moon each day. I know you know that we produce free videos every day on social media, so you can track, too.

If you have been reading my previous newsletters, you knew January was going to be a tough month. I have been telling/writing about this for a long time.

If you want to learn how to ease your fear with Astrology, please come join our school—doors are only open twice a year, and from January 19-February 3, 2021, we are taking registrations. Come study with us.

You can get a sneak preview of what is needed from you to manage fear.

How do you manage fear? It’s such a great question. Some people thrive in times like this, while others shrink. What about you?

Come to our school this semester to show you your way of dealing with fear. I can’t wait to talk more about Astrology.


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  •' Sage S Ira says:

    Debra, you are all the right types of “crazy.” Fuck fear! I left that behind a few months ago when I started paying more attention to the moon and her cycles. I resonate so much with the things you speak and write of…you are a blessing to those of us who are called to listen, learn and work with you. I’m beyond excited to have the opportunity to take all 3 levels of AA, so much so that I am beside myself in anticipation for level1 to begin. Much Love and Blessings!!!

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